Kong Tug Toy


Uh-oh.  We were all excited about the toys Mom got for us earlier this week, and we know she really likes for us to share.  We’ve been really working on sharing well, even Mr. Cranky Pants, Rico.

Unfortunately, tonight we decided we would play with the Kong Tug Toy.  We were having fun playing with it when Atlas realized he could chew through it.  I figured maybe we had misunderstood the purpose of the toy, so I decided to help him chew through the toy.  Rico joined us, and we figured we were doing what Mom wanted — sharing.

A few minutes later, Mom heard the chewing and called us.  We all went in to see her, and she seemed okay, so we went back into the bedroom to our toy.  About 15 minutes later, Mom was suspicious, so she came into the bedroom.  We could tell by the look on her face that we were not supposed to chew through the toy.  Oops!  Mom picked up all of the pieces and even reached into Atlas’ mouth to retrieve little pieces.  Then she threw it away.

At least we shared!

-Mozzie, Atlas, and Rico

I Love Modern Family!

imagesLast night as I was plotting how to take out my new hippo toy, Mom and Dad were watching Modern Family.  So what, you say?  Well, besides the fact that they think it’s fun, last night I heard Mom say something like, “ICK!  That’s an opossum!”  I figured she was just trying to get my attention.

A few minutes later, I heard it!  It was a real opossum sound!  I came RUNNING into the living room to see where he was.  Then I looked at the television, and there he was!  A real live opossum.  I know there’s a rule against drooling on the television screen, so I just stood back and watched.

I LOVE that show.  I’ve never seen another show bring on an opossum.  I think more of them should do that.  It would make television more interesting.

I wonder if a celebrity opossum can run any faster than the ones in my yard.  I’d like to meet the one I saw to find out.


My Private Safari



Today a BIG box of stuff from Coupaw arrived.  I knew it was for me but that Mom would make me share it with Mozzie and Rico.  What I didn’t know was what was inside.  I was really glad when Mom got home so she could open it.  It was like Christmas all over again!

First, there was a new DEER antler.  It was even a little fuzzy still.  Mozzie took it first (of course), but I already knew I’d stalk him and steal it back.  Next was a new Kong tug toy.  Dad is going to play with that with me.  Mom said Mozzie can’t play with it yet because she’s still working on Mozzie giving things back on command.

Last, but BEST, was a hippo.  It’s one of those Tuffy kind, so it is durable, but he also squeaks.  I pretended not to be too interested because I didn’t want Mozzie or Rico to steal it.  My plan is to wait until everyone is asleep, and then I’m going to kill that hippo.  I need to take him out.  Literally and figuratively.  As long as the opossums are too scared to come into my yard, I’ll have to keep my skills sharp by killing the hippo.  I think Mom bought two, so I should get lots of practice.  I like that Mom plans ahead like that.


Don’t Feed The Geese!



As my fans know, I really enjoy goose poop.  It’s such a great thing to find on my walks with Mom, but I do have to admit, we have too much of it on the sidewalks, especially on the sidewalks where Mom can see me try to grab it.

Our neighborhood has many signs up that tell people not to feed the geese, ducks, or any other wildlife.  Unfortunately, many humans ignore these signs.  They even make a point of stopping just to feed the geese and ducks.  Many times Mom will very nicely remind people that the geese are pests and that there are signs reminding people not to feed them.  Still, the problem persists.

Tonight, Mom had a different approach.  I’m pretty sure she said it was passive aggressive.  When we saw two women feeding the geese, Mom told me we were going to practice more than just figure 8s around the trees; we were going to walk along the area nearer the water.  As we walked that way, we worked on changing pace (fast, slow, normal), and you know what?!  The geese all started to leave.  As we approached any area where there were geese, they all flew off, leaving none left for the women to feed.  I wasn’t allowed to chase them, but this was really fun!  Mom even let me sneak a quick goose poop as a reward.  Okay, maybe she didn’t let me, but I managed to sneak some!

I think I like being passive aggressive.


Moving UP

UnknownI had another good day at pre-agility.  We got promoted to a bigger (and noisier) teeter-totter, and I thought it was a lot of fun.  Mom told me to “go teeter,” and I raced right down.  I didn’t even mind that it clunked when I got to the end.

I am also getting the hang of the “touch” command.  For some reason, Mom wants me to run to the end of the board and get my front feet off the board while my back feet stay on it.  It seems sort of odd, but I do it.

I do not understand the weave poles.  Mom told me to “go weave,” and I looked at her with my “Are you kidding?!?” look, but she said I had to go.  It is a LONG walk from one end of those poles through to the other.  Some show-off Borderline Collie in the class loves those things and flies through them like she’s had too much Starbucks.  I know better.  I only went through them because Mom said I could practice JUMP if I did.

I got to run through a U-shaped tunnel which was a blast!  We also got to practice the broad jump.  That is great!  I’m not a dumb little dog.  They walked across the boards when it’s clear we are supposed to jump.

There was a photographer there, and after class, she said I was a beautiful jumper.  My Aunt Jill will be very proud of me.  This lady also said she’s seen me on the walking trail with Mom.  Apparently I’m memorable.

Before we left, the instructors told Mom I was being PROMOTED to Beginner 1 agility in the next session, a few weeks from now.  Dad said I was probably not going to get promoted, but he thought it was good that I did.  He knows I get bored if I have to do the same thing over and over.  Anyway, Mom signed me up, so I’m going to get to keep going to agility!  My dream course would be Jump, Jump, Jump, Tunnel, Jump, Jump, Tire, Jump, Tunnel, Jump, Jump, Teeter, Jump.  I sure hope they have courses like that in Beginner 1.


So Handsome!

UnknownNormally on my walk with Mom, if someone asks, “Is that a BURMESE Mountain Dog,” mom says, “Yes, he is a BERNESE Mountain Dog,” and we continue along our way.  Occasionally, someone mistakes me for a Saint, but I think they mean Saint Bernard, and, of course, I am the former, but not the latter.

Today, some man with a camera asked Mom, “Is your dog a Bernese Mountain Dog?”  Mom was pleased that someone actually knew what breed I am, and she said, “Yes, he is!”  The man said, “He is a great looking dog!  May I take his picture?”  I looked at  Mom to let her know I would NOT jump on this guy, especially since he had an expensive camera, and she agreed it would be okay.  He was a very nice man, and he obviously has very good taste in dogs.

It’s good to be so handsome.  Atlas can be cutest, but I am most handsome.  Even strangers think so.


He’s Changed

dog-jumpingOn today’s walk, Mom and I saw someone we sometimes walked with when we first moved here almost two years ago.  The woman’s name is Michelle, and she and Mom talked about work and stuff.  It’s pretty boring, but they seem to be in the same profession, so that understand each other.  It’s like when I see a St. Bernard.  We have enough in common to want to say hello.

Anyway, Michelle came up to us and Mom made me do a down.  I don’t like that, but I did it.  Eventually she let me sit, and Michelle was telling Mom how grown up I am and how well-behaved I am now.  When we first got here, sometimes Mom would ask me if I was trying to pull off her arm, and I don’t do that anymore, so I think that’s what Michelle meant.

Before we continued on our walk, Michelle talked to me directly and told me how handsome I am and how it was fun to see how good I was being.  I was so proud that I couldn’t contain myself, so I started to jump on Michelle.  I think I saw Mom roll her eyes, but Michelle didn’t seem upset.  It’s hard to be calm when someone talks to me.  



Mom and the Three Berners

productimage-picture-6-inch-bully-sticks-33_jpg_314x314_crop_q85Truly, if we had our way, Mom would be retired, like Dad is.  The ONLY good thing about Mom leaving for work so early is that she gives us a bribe.  We know it’s a bribe, but that’s okay.  This all started last year when Dad was still waiting for the old house to sell and was living far, far away.  Mom would feel guilty that we had to be home without one of our people all day, so she got into the habit of giving each of us a bully stick each day before she leaves for work.  This tradition now continues.

As soon as Mom turns out the bathroom light and heads toward the living room, we all rush over to the Berner mailbox in the kitchen (where Mom stores the BEST treats) and wait for her to distribute the treats.  Atlas sits on Mom’s right, closest to the mailbox.  Rico sits on her right sort of behind Atlas, and I sit on Mom’s left, just like a good obedience dog should.

Mom opens the box, and Rico starts bobbing up and down like some fishing lure thing in a hurricane.  Atlas prances in place with his front feet, looking like he’s a car that is in neutral with its engine revving.  I, of course, sit calmly and drool.  Mom is careful to give Rico the thinnest bully stick because he has a tooth that is not as great as it should be.  Then it’s my turn.  Mom picks the best, thickest one for me because I’m the best.  Or because I’m the most active and burn off the calories.  Or both.  Anyway, Atlas gets his last.  He gets a middle sized one.

This works really well, even though mom is tired when she’s heading out (around 5:30 a.m.).  This morning, Atlas, the sneaky opossum killer, ran over to MY spot right after mom gave Rico his treat, and she gave him MY bully stick.  I looked at her with my “Oh, Mom, how could you?!?” look, and she realized her mistake.  Atlas knew he was being sneaky, and he started to leave, but mom made him stop and she took my treat out of his mouth and gave it to me.  I sort of snickered and ran off with my treat, but I heard her making Atlas do a “stay” practice session before she gave him his treat.  I love how Mom believes in justice!


#1 Fur-ever

113_10377795106_503_nI’m not usually one to bother with blogs, but I felt it would be appropriate to comment today.  You see, four years ago today, I crossed Rainbow Bridge.  It’s not all bad, but I do miss my Mom, and even though Rico, Mozzie, and Atlas have claimed her, she’s still mine, and I know for sure I’m still #1 with her.

Before I crossed Rainbow Bridge, I used to LOVE tennis balls and racquet balls.  I might have been a little obsessed.  You see, when the dogs who lived with me (who are also with me here at Rainbow Bridge) were around, I’d feel the need to gather all the balls to keep them from stealing them.  I was good.  I counted them, so I always knew if there were any missing.

In an effort to keep them away, sometimes I’d even try to swallow the balls and then spit them back up when the danger of having them stolen had passed.  I know it used to scare Mom to death.  She finally refused to let me have racquet balls because of this.

I did love tennis balls though.  I remember when I was a youngster, I went on a visit to a nursing home, and I saw the tennis balls on the bottom of someone’s walker.  I did a quick “down” and then moved to try to get them.  Mom explained that it was not okay because I could knock over the person.  I still think it was a misuse of a valuable resource to put those tennis balls there, but I’m not in charge.

I also loved to chase the tennis balls at the dog park.  Mom used a Chuck-it to throw the balls far away, and I’d run and get them over and over.  Sometimes she’d make me stop and take a drink.

When a ball rolled under the bed or sofa, I’d always stare at it until someone retrieved it for me.  Sometimes Dad would say, “Russ, there’s nothing there,” but Mom would know if I was looking it was there, so she’d always get it for me.

Anyway, I have lots of fun stories about my life before Rainbow Bridge, so maybe I’ll find time to share them intermittently.  Mostly, I wanted to remind the furry kids living with Mom that I will always be her #1, Bestest Boy.


-Ruster Buster


Let Sleeping Ricola Lie

growling-dog-clipart-1024x761There’s all kinds of stuff that my brothers do.  Mozzie has all his obedience stuff, agility class, Precision Heeling class, blah, blah, blah.  Atlas works his cuteness angle all the time as if he had cornered the market on cuteness.  Usually I am very tolerant of all of this stuff.

Sometimes, however, I’ve just had enough.  I have Mozzie trained pretty well, so all I have to do is sort of grumble if he’s annoying me, and he looks at me funny and leaves me alone.  Atlas, however, doesn’t get it.  His body is like a miniature tank, and he has no clue how big he is, so he’s always bumping into me.  Normally, I’m just annoyed, and I get up and move, but you know how someone can just be on your last nerve?  His name is Atlas.

I try to get plenty of rest because I need it to have the energy to bark at all the dangers in the world.  Frequently, Atlas will just jump on me, crawl over me, or bump into me when I’m trying to rest.  This is unacceptable.  When I just grumble, he doesn’t even slow down.  I’ve had to resort to my snarly face, and sometimes even that doesn’t get through that thick puppy head.  I have be careful, though, because if I go all the way to growly and cantankerous, Mom tells me to knock it off.  If I stay at a little snarly, she tells Atlas to leave his big brother alone.

Now if only he wouldn’t try to steal my toys, treats, and food… I used to think Mozzie was annoying.  I guess it is all relatives.