Hot Dogs?

hotdogoctopus1I don’t know what Mozzie had to do, but he got to have HOT DOGS as a treat tonight at agility class.  He must have really liked them because when Mom got home from class tonight, she had a bandaid on her thumb.  I asked Mozzie about it, and he said something about being really excited about getting a jackpot of treats after walking across that evil Teeter.  Apparently the instructors helped hold it so it didn’t go crash, but he STILL got treats!

I think I want to try this agility thing.


Tunnels Everywhere


hide-me-tent-tunnelToday’s walk was interesting.  I was supposed to practice “go around,” so Mom took off my leash and asked me to go around a tree, clockwise.  Check.  Then she asked me to go counterclockwise.  Well, you know there were some very interesting smells in the air, and I wanted to just go sniff.  My hearing faded momentarily, but then I heard Mom sounding annoyed so I stood still and realized I was about 10 feet from where I was supposed to be.  Oops!  I had to have my leash on again.

It was super busy out there today, but I was very excited when we turned a corner and saw a TUNNEL!  I looked at Mom and asked if I could go through it, but she would not let me.  There were little kids going through it.  What the heck?  It  was a dinky tunnel attached to some silly tent thing.  That is not how a tunnel is supposed to look!  I asked if I could at least go send the kid a pee-mail, but Mom nixed that idea, too.

On our way home, I was trying to be a little better, so Mom let me walk off-leash a long way.  She did put my leash back on when she saw some little furry kids coming our way.  One of them named Holly obviously thought I was too handsome to pass by, so she came running after me.  I really wanted to sniff her when she got close, but her mom was freaking out.  Hey, now, I did not run up to her; she followed me!  I was good.  I didn’t even drool on her.

Tomorrow night is another agility class.  I better rest up!


Davis, Maybe?

davis-caI saw Mom looking at upcoming dog shows that have both Beginner Novice obedience and Rally Advanced trials coming up.  There’s one on May 3rd in Davis, and I think she’s getting closer to entering me in it.  It won’t be as busy as the Regional Specialty in Vallejo in June, so she’s thinking I won’t be as likely to go crazy and leave the ring.  Or pee on it.  Or, well, some other thing I haven’t tried yet.

I’m not sure what will push her over the edge to get her to enter me.  I think she’s not 100% confident I will behave that day even though she knows I CAN be excellent, even off-leash.    One nice thing about Rally Advanced is that there WILL be a jump.  I’d really, really like that part.

To be (entered) or not to be (entered) — that is the question.


Practice on a Friday

sitdownsitMy buddies, Seamus and Scout, came over to practice today.  We decided to practice this evening because it is supposed to rain tomorrow, and Mom knew I didn’t want to miss out on seeing my pals.

While Mom and Mike (Seamus’ Dad) were setting up, a woman on a bicycle came over and asked if she could take my picture.  Of course I said yes.  I held still and let her take pictures of me.  I know it’s rare to see a dog as handsome as I am, so I wanted her to have something to remember me.

There were lots of dogs and kids out this evening.  I did pretty well at my heeling pattern.  I didn’t just keep my nose on the ground sniffing.  I even did that silly figure 8 thing.

I did a great front for Mom, an I didn’t even go see Seamus on my recall.  I practiced  a jump both directions and then going over it and catching up with Mom in “heel” position.  That wasn’t too bad.

THEN I got to practice a Rally course OFF-LEASH.  Yes, I did!  I did the whole practice course with only a little bit of lagging, and I was off-leash with 2 people playing football right there in my line of sight!

After Scout and Seamus practiced, it was time for the super boring sits and downs.  When we first did our sits, I was pretty sure Mom forgot to tell me to stay (or maybe I was distracted), so I started to walk over, but she made me go back.  We sat there for 4 whole minutes!  That’s longer than I’ll ever need to do that.  Then it was time to practice our downs.  I was ready for that, even though there were dogs walking by, joggers, etc. It seemed like about an hour, but it was really only six minutes.  That is a LONG time.  I only have to do 3 minutes when I get to Novice.

I am pretty sure Mom was impressed.  I feel a dog show in my future.


Off-leash Practice

logoMy plan to convince Mom I am ready to go back in the ring (and then I can race out and see girls) is coming along really well!  The last couple of days, Mom has let me walk off-leash on part of our walk!  She still knows I can’t really be trusted when other dogs are coming our way, but she let me walk off leash even with people not too far away.  I really like being off-leash.  I’m not sure what it is, but somehow everything is better when my leash is not attached.

I also got to practice this “go around” thing.  Mom would periodically stop and make me stay and then tell me to go around a tree in a circle both left and right.  I was going to go crazy and run farther away, but then I realized if I do that, she’ll never enter me in a trial so I can go see the girls, so I decided to just look really happy and return to Mom.

My evil plot continues!


I Go Out Walking

For Zoey, Abbey, Sundae, and all the other girls I love:

I go out walking with my Mommy
Out on the greenbelt to practice heeling
I’m always walking with my Mommy sniffing for you
I pee for miles along the tall trees
Well that’s just my way of saying I own you
I’m always walking with my Mommy sniffing for you
I stopped to smell an empty trash can
Saw the UPS man,  maybe he’s waving at me
And as the kids run zoomy
Mom says “leave it” to me, I’m heads up as I can be
I go out walking with my Mommy out on the greenbelt
Just hoping you maybe somewhere walking with your Mommy searching for me
I stopped to smell an empty trash can
Saw the UPS man, maybe he’s waving at me
And as the skies turn gloomy
Night winds whisper to me I’m handsome as I can be
I go walking with my Mommy out in the starlight
Just hoping you maybe somewhere walking with your Mommy searching for me


High Walking!

dog-walkAnother night at Beginner 1 agility was filled with mostly fun.  That evil teeter is still there.  I’m not afraid of the really loud noise it makes, but I know it will attack me if I walk on it, so I really don’t want to do that.  I did agree to get ON the teeter and walk a few steps, and Mom said that was all I had to do tonight.

We added a high walk tonight.  I understood that right away and did what I was supposed to do.  I ran right up, across, and down, and then I stood with my front feet on the ground.  Bonus peanut butter treats for that.

We also had something that was really confusing for Mom.  We did something called wraps.  Between that and the front crosses, I think Mom might not pass this class.  I understood it right away.  Go through the hoop, turn around and go the way I came then over a jump.  Easy.  Mom on the other hand was supposed to do some fancy footwork.  I don’t know if she signed a waiver for the facility, but she’s likely to fall down tripping over her own feet if this keeps up.

Anyway, I did an AWESOME job tonight when we had to do THREE obstacles in a  row.  Yes, I did!  I went jump, chute, tunnel.  Then I went tire, chute, jump.  I even went back to Mom like I was supposed to.  I’m getting closer to having her convinced that I will do what I’m supposed to and not run around.  As soon as she is set on that, I know she’ll enter me in a dog show, and THEN I can run around and see the girls.

I am really tired though.  By the end of class, I didn’t really want to sit.  I just wanted to go home.  I just stood there and gave Mom that “REALLY?!? Sit AGAIN?!?” look.  I really like the class though, so I did sit like she asked.  After I rest, I’ll be ready to practice again.  I can’t wait until next week’s class!


License Plate

1040455_10153190745715107_342465771_oMom always says it pays to advertise.  She has a license plate that points out that she loves me.  Well, Bernese Mountain Dogs, but especially me.

Apparently when she was at Starbucks the other day on her way to work, some lady flagged her down.  She thought it was a little freaky, but the woman told Mom she used to own a Berner, and she asked Mom if she also had Berners.  Mom told her all about how fabulous I am.  I think she might have also mentioned Atlas and Freako.  She showed the lady, Michelle, a picture of me next to a wine barrel.  Michelle said I was very handsome.  Apparently strangers at Starbucks have good taste.

She asked Mom about finding a reputable breeder, so Mom gave her that whole  lecture about being very careful, and she gave her a long list of things to look for in a breeder.  She also told Michelle about Amy who bred Atlas and my dad, Tucker.  Mom HATES puppy mills, so she always gives people who are looking for dogs a long lecture about that.  Apparently puppy mill people are worse than opossums.


Seamus Has a Sister

kid-plays-with-dog-1d4aa5Today I had another session to practice with Mom.  We hiked over to the area we practiced last week, and when Seamus and his dad arrived, there was a Borderline Collie in the car.  AND HER name was Scout.  Seamus didn’t tell me he had a sister!

Practice was going to be a lot more fun with a GIRL.  At first, she had to wait, so I made sure I did a great figure 8 pattern (looking at Mom), but I kept my peripheral vision on Scout.  I wanted her to know I was smart and talented.  I forgot that she was watching a little bit when we did our heeling pattern, and then later I got distracted looking at her, so when Mom did a right turn, I was in her way.  OOPS!

I did do a very nice “front” for mom today.  I think she might not trust me though because she made me wear that really, really long leash.  She called it the long line, but it was a leash.  I think I might have to do that for a few weeks before I’ve convinced her I can do “front” off-leash.  As soon as that happens, I’ll be free to go chase quail again!

We also practiced a Rally course.  I got to go first, and I remembered all my stuff.  Then Scout went through the course, and she was good at that, too.  I sure hope she comes back next week.  I told Seamus that, but he just rolled his eyes at me.

There were all kinds of my friends running around off-leash, and there were human puppies running around, geese flying, goose poop, etc.  Still, I was very good.  Even strangers passing by complimented me on how good I was being.  When Seamus and I did our long sits, I was pretty tired.  I kept sliding into a down position, but Mom noticed and made me sit again.  Thankfully when we practiced downs, I was too tired to get up and chase the geese or the other dogs.  I did watch them, but I did not even move a paw.

I sure hope Scout comes again next week.  She was pretty cute!