iPad Cover


Today Mom got a package that made her really happy.  My Aunt Lisa, my brother Dante’s mother, sent the iPad cover that Mom won in the Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty Health Fund Auction.  In other words, Mom donated money to help keep Berners healthy, and she also won the iPad cover.

Lisa helped by bidding on items while Mom stayed here with me.  They used FaceTime to confer so Mom could tell Lisa when to bid and when to stop bidding.  Mom even paid online!  Technology is really cool!

Anyway, even though Dante is still recovering from his emergency surgery due to his eating a sock, Lisa took the time to get this in the mail to Mom.  I think it made Mom really happy to see it, and she took it as an omen that I was going to do well on Saturday because the Berner puppy is focusing on something (probably his Mom).

I warned Atlas and Rico to stay away and not lick and especially not chew on it.  I’m pretty sure that would be a bad omen.


Coyotes Are Among Us


Mom was reading that there have been sightings of coyotes only a few blocks from us.  I have not personally seen any of them, but this does inspire me to see if I can convince Mom to walk me at night.  I think that there are times when Rico might hear them at night, but since he’s busy hogging the bed, I think I might need to go on patrol to see if I can get more information.

Mozzie doesn’t hear anything at night because of the white noise machine.  I think he and Mom both find that noise soothing.  Sometimes I do, too.  But when she sets it to the “environmental sounds,” I can’t think of anything but hunting possums.  Maybe thinking about coyotes will help.


Sports Psychology

6894_Sports Psych Book_large


I think Mom might be a little nervous about Tres de Mayo.  I’m not sure why.  I’m totally ready for my time in the ring.  I’m excellent at all the necessary skills, and Mom knows that.  She’s seen it.  Still, I know she’s a little worried I might decide to leave the ring this Saturday.  I guess maybe I had a little, teeny tiny bit to do with that.

Anyway, I think Mom might need a sports psychologist to help her get ready and to remain confident.  We went to a session last year at Berner University about “ring nerves.”  The instructor, Mary-Ann Bowman, was fantastic.  She said the best thing to get rid of ring nerves was to make sure you’ve practiced enough and are really ready.  Check.  She said that it’s important not to let what anyone else thinks or says bother us because if Mom gets nervous, I’ll definitely be worried and be looking to see what’s happening….probably outside the ring.  Last, but not least, she did remind everyone that a bad day in the ring (or out of it in my case) is still better than the day I will have to go to Rainbow Bridge.  Mom can’t even think about that without getting choked up.

Anyway, I am going to be on my best behavior to help boost Mom’s confidence.  I do wonder, though, if there will be any cute girls I need to visit at the show.


Chilly Dog Vest


It was a beautiful day today when I was out practicing with Seamus, but Mom said it is supposed to get really warm this week.  I think she said it was going to be 665 degrees, in dog temperature.  (That’s 95 for humans).  When it’s that hot, I can’t work hard because I don’t want to overheat.  Since we live somewhere that gets hot during the summer, Mom decide I should get something to help keep me cool.

I know she and Dad spent some time shopping online and doing research to find just the right thing, and she finally found it and ordered it.  I’m going to have a cooling vest that has high visibility so I can walk in any temperature and any time of day!  It also has chill packs.  They aren’t ice, so I won’t be freezing, but they are cool, so I can be outside even when it’s over 700 dog degrees!  Apparently it’s the kind of vest that military dogs wear.  I wonder what rank I’ll be.

Anyway, I hope it gets here this week so I don’t have to miss any days of being outside with Mom.


Are You a Professional?


After a long evening yesterday where my parents went out to dinner and did not bring back ANYTHING for me, today was better.  The giant scab on my ear is gone now, and it was a good walk day.  It was windy, but that was okay.  After handling pee-mail, I got to see lots of interesting people on the walk.

A couple of women on bikes talked to me and then wanted to give Mom a picture of Jesus and talk about the book of MoonMen or something.  This was not interesting, so we kept walking.

I was working to do my best because next week is my big Tres de Mayo event.  I ignored some of the runners, bikers, and dogs.  I got hot dogs for my good recalls, and I got some nice off-leash time.

The best thing was this group of three women who told Mom they thought I was very handsome.  They asked Mom if she was a professional dog trainer.  I put my paw over my mouth and laughed.  A lot.  They talked about how well-behaved I was and asked if they could pet me.  I figured I didn’t want to embarrass Mom, so I sat still while they all got a chance to pet me.

When we were wrapping up with that, one of the women asked if she could take my picture.  As my readers know, this is not unusual for me because I am very handsome.  I did a good stand/stay/look while my picture was taken, and then we continued on our walk.  Later someone asked if I was a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  Of course I’m not.  I’m a Bernese Mountain Dog; however, I do think I am a BETTER Swiss Mountain Dog.  Maybe that’s what they meant.

All in all, it was a good day.  I need to rest now because I have a session with Seamus tomorrow morning.




Mozzie wrote another song today:



Atlas chases possums like it’s all a race
Rico is the strangest in the land
Atlas says to Rico, “Go ahead and make your case”
And Rico says this as he shakes off excess sand

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah
La la how the life goes on
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah
La la how the life goes on

Atlas takes a break out through the doggie door
Looks to kill off every living thing
Comes back through to Rico who finds this all a bore
And as he comes in Rico starts to sing

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah
La la how the life goes on
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah
La la how the life goes on

In a couple of days they have buried a big shank bone
With a couple of toys sitting in the yard
Of Bernese Mountain Dogs

Happy ever after in the backyard space
Atlas says no toy is every banned
Rico stays inside and perfects his nervous pace
And in the morning he still sings it like he planned

Yeah, ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah
La la how the life goes on
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah
La la how the life goes on

In a couple of days they have buried a big shank bone
With a couple of toys sitting in the yard
Of Bernese Mountain Dogs

Happy ever after in the backyard space
Atlas says no toy is every banned
Rico stays inside and perfects his nervous pace
And in the morning he still sings it like he planned

Yeah, ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah
La la how the life goes on
Yeah, ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah
La la how the life goes on

And if you want some fun take ob-la-di-bla-da




Today my Dad found a picture of a spider that was able to eat a snake.  I know Mom was creeped out by the picture, but I was in awe.    I was thinking….if the spider is lots smaller than the snake, but he was able to kill and eat him, what does that mean for me?

I am pretty sure that means I could upgrade from hunting possums to hunting something much bigger — a raccoon?  Not big enough.  A goat?  Nope.  I know how much Mozzie and I (and Dad) enjoy those shank bones.  I think I need to hunt a cow.  Sure, I know my parents use to live in Indiana and there were lots of cows, but I know there are some here in California.  I even SAW some last week when we were headed toward the beach.

I know we aren’t going back there soon, so I have some time to strategize.  Spider eats snake; Atlas eats cow.  Yep, I like how that sounds.


The Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth


Mom says that dogs and their people frequently begin to look more alike over time.  I’m pretty sure that’s why Mom and her Golden Retriever Russ had the same color fur.

Dad says Mozzie has the biggest head in the house.  I think he means that literally, but it is also true figuratively.  Anyway, his head is about the same size as Mom’s (maybe a smidge bigger).  Mom doesn’t drool, except around really good chocolate or great wine, so she and Mozzie only have a passing similarity in this area.

I think that Dad may have taken this whole being alike thing a bit too far.   About a year ago, the vet told me and my parents that I was not allowed to have frozen bones because I had an issue with one of my teeth.  It had something to do with missing enamel.  I thought that was a type of paint, and I’ve never painted my teeth.  I digress.  Today Dad had to go to the dentist because he also had an issue with one of his teeth.  Apparently it broke.

I think I know how this happened.  Back on Valentine’s Day, dad got a BONE at dinner at some fancy restaurant.  I don’t know if he told the dentist about that, but I’ll bet if she knew, she’d tell him he can’t have anymore bones either.


Our First Bark Box Arrived!!


Mom signed us up for Bark Box, and our first shipment arrived today!  We all waited patiently for Mom to get home and open it for us, and when she did, she showed us our treasures for this month:

Dogs Love Kale, Peanut and Kale (wheat free) treats

Bocce’s Bakery Beef Bourguinon treats (only hormone-free beef, carrots, rye flour, and parsley)

Mr. Barksmith’s Carrot Cake smoothie (Mom will freeze it so we can eat it later)

Barkworthies (100% beef bladder) like bully sticks

AND a toy:  Specter from Loopies!

Mom made us promise we would share our new things.  I bet we’ll run out before next month because we’re pretty sure the box was intended for one dog, not three.  Of course we are lucky Bark Box is not our only source of good stuff.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t already looking forward to next month!

-Rico, Mozzie, Atlas

Easter Bunny


Today is Easter, and I’ve heard all about how the Easter Bunny comes to visit and bring good kids all kinds of treats.  Mozzie told me some of these treats are usually chocolate, and I can’t eat chocolate, so I knew I wouldn’t get chocolate.

I know I’m able to eat eggs, so I thought maybe I’d get some of those really colorful eggs, but Mozzie told me that was also unlikely.

Okay, so no chocolate and no eggs, but what about jelly beans?  Mozzie said no.  A basket with grass in it?  Nope.

I wasn’t sure why the Easter Bunny wasn’t going to bring me anything, but then it hit me.  I think he knows about the dead possums.  The chasing of squirrels, seagulls, geese, bunnies, ducks, frogs, dogs, and well, everything.  I think he’s afraid of me.  I wouldn’t ever hurt the Easter Bunny, but I guess he knows about my prey drive, and he knows that sometimes I get distracted and carried away with my excitement.  Maybe he was shaking in his fur with fear.

It is kind of unfair.  Why can’t there be an Easter Wagon or something else that doesn’t have to be afraid of me.  I wonder if I appealed to Mom if she’d get me some belated Easter items.  Maybe just a few bully sticks or some grain-free cookies.  Maybe I’ll work on Santa now to let him know his reindeer will be okay so that by December, he’ll know he can come bring me stuff.