Pupcake Coma


Rico:  Where’s Mozzie?  I thought he was supposed to be writing his blog.

Atlas:  I saw him near the wine cabinet.

Rico:  Was he awake?

Atlas:  No.

Rico:  Did he move?

Atlas:  No, and his breath still smells like stripes and pupcake.

Rico:  It’s TRIPE, not stripes.  Anyway, this is what we call a pupcake coma.

Atlas:  Will he be okay?

Rico:  Yes.  Just let him sleep it off.  His birthday celebration was pretty eventful.

Atlas:  Will he be ready to play with me again tomorrow?

Rico:  As long as you don’t kill any possums tonight, he’ll be fine.  Possum breath only makes his pupcake coma last longer.

Atlas: Sigh.

Birthday Celebration!


Today was FINALLY my birthday.  I was excited when Mom got up so I could get my presents and treats.  I got to start the day with my Happy Birthday cookie.  It was about the size of a postcard, and it was yummy!  Next I got my presents:    a ball that looks like a globe and a Tuffy tug toy with three areas for tugging.  I think Atlas and I will have fun with that!

Next, I got go on a walk with Mom, Atlas, and Dad.  We had fun, even if we are still on-leash because of that evil $150 ticket guy.  As usual, people talked about how handsome I am (okay, and how cute Atlas is).  I came home and had a tripe treat (not a stripe).  It was great!

I rested up this afternoon while Mom did errands.  After dinner, it was time for my birthday cake.  It was about the size of the inside of the dinner plate, and it was very yummy.  I did leave some crumbs for my brothers because I’m a very nice brother.

This was a great day!  Happy birthday to me!


Stars and Stripes


Atlas:  It took forever for Mom to finish grooming me today.

Mozzie:  It’s because you are part yak.

Rico:  I love the massage I get when I’m on the grooming table.

Atlas:  That was okay, but I don’t think it’s as much fun as going to the store today to get Mozzie’s presents.

Mozzie:  I deserve presents.  In addition to my birthday being tomorrow, I got on the grooming table by myself, WILLINGLY.

Rico:  I saw that.  What happened?  You used to have to be literally dragged to the the table.

Mozzie:  I know, but I’m going to be an adult tomorrow, so I figured it was time.

Atlas:  I’m not an adult yet, so I don’t have to get up there on my own.

Rico:  But did you see those nice treats Mom got for Mozzie to share with us tomorrow?

Atlas:  Yes, but I think she left half of them at the store.

Mozzie:  What do you mean?  She bought the treats and toy I wanted for my birthday.

Atlas:  She left the stars there.  She only bought the stripes.

Rico:  Did you get a blow to the head on the grooming table?

Atlas:  No.  I saw her.  She only bought the stripes, but not stars.

Mozzie:  No, she bought TRIPE, not stripes.

Atlas:  Never mind.

Birthday, T-2



Only two days left until my real birthday celebration.  I saw Mom come home today with a lots of things that smelled fantastic.  One of her bags also had a paw print on it, so I’m 99% sure it’s for me.

Just to warm up, we went on a short (2-mile) walk this evening.  When I got home, I got a little cha-ching of goodies.  I got a cranberry cookie, a beef liver and banana treat, and an ice cube.  Then I got a belly rub, and Mom promised I would NOT have to get groomed on my birthday.  I was really pleased until I thought….if I’m not getting groomed on my birthday, I better be on the lookout tomorrow.  I hate being groomed.  It’s enough to give me nightmares.

It’s a good week to have a birthday.  One of the most beautiful girls I know has a birthday this week.  Her name is Rosebud.  She will be in double digits tomorrow.  I hope Mom got me some treats to celebrate Rosebud’s birthday, too.  Or MAYBE she could get me Rosebud for my birthday.  That would be even better!


Birthday Countdown!


My birthday is only three human days away, and I’m getting to celebrate all three days!  Today I got a cupcake from Paws and the Palette!  It smelled so good that I thought Mom might eat it.

It was great!  Since I liked it so much, Mom is going to take me there.  They have baked goods AND toys.  She said I could pick whatever I want up to three things.  I heard Atlas saying he wanted to come along.  I’m okay with having him there as long as he doesn’t try to get MY stuff.

I’ll definitely need to rest up because there will be tough decisions to make.  Maybe I could have meatloaf for dinner and a cupcake for dessert.  Or maybe two cupcakes for dinner and a meatloaf for dessert.  Or….OK, I need a nap.


Wish List


Mozzie:  Next week is my birthday.  I’ll be 21, finally!

Atlas:  That’s twice as old as I am.

Rico:  I remember being 21.  I’m twice that old now.

Mozzie:  I wonder if Mom’s already gotten my presents.

Rico:  Presents?  As in plural?

Mozzie:  Well, yes!

Atlas:  What are we getting?

Mozzie:  WE aren’t getting anything.  It’s MY birthday.

Rico:  Don’t worry, he can’t play with more than one toy at a time.

Mozzie:  First, I hope I get a super long walk, off-leash.  Then, I want a giant frozen bone from the grain-fed rancher.  And a Smart Pup frozen smoothie.  And the Tuggo toy from The Grommet.

Rico:  Isn’t that the tug of war toy?

Mozzie:  Yes.  I’ll let you guys play with it if Mom gets it for me.

Atlas:  Could she get you a possum?

Mozzie:  *I* don’t want a possum.

Rico:  And there is no way Mom would ever intentionally get a possum.

Atlas:  But if she does, will you let me have it?

Mozzie:  Yes, and if a purple unicorn with diamond encrusted hooves is one of my gifts, you can have that, too.

Atlas:  Wow!  Thanks, Moz.  I like being your little brother.

Rico:  *Sigh*

Cleaning the Laundry Room


Atlas:  Why did Mom mess up the laundry room?

Rico:  She didn’t mess it up.  She scrubbed it.

Mozzie:  Didn’t you see her with the cleaning supplies?

Atlas:  But she threw away my secret stash of snacks.

Rico:  Do you mean the fish oil capsules dad dropped?

Atlas:  Well, yes, AND the pieces of kibble Mozzie left hidden under his dish.

Mozzie:  They weren’t hidden, they were dropped.  They were probably stale.  Yuck!

Atlas:  It wasn’t as bad as the gross biscuits at the vet’s office.

Rico:  That’s not exactly a high standard.  You may not really be a gourmet after all.

Mozzie:  Right.  You’re more a gour-pet.

Atlas:  Is that another compliment?


The New Magic Shoes Work!



Mom’s new magic shoes arrived in the mail last night, and even though she refused to walk me when she got home and it was 97 degrees and she had worked 12 hours, she agreed to break out the new magic shoes this morning as long as I promised not to wake her up while the first number on the clock was a 4, 5, or 6, and if I was willing to wait until it was an 7 or 8, she promised I’d get a long walk.

So I did.  Right after the clock had an 8 as the first number, I hopped on the bed and pretended I wanted to get petted.  Mom was on to my approach, so she got up.

Mom made me wear my leash because of that stupid ticketing thing going on, but once we were on the trail, she texted her friend Norman and asked if he wanted to join us on our walk.  He texted back and said yes, and I knew this meant we would get a LONG walk, not a short 1 or 2 mile thing.

I got to walk out past the geese, the Starbucks, and across two big streets.  I got to see baby ducks, and herons, and lots of people told me how handsome I am.  Finally we met up with Norman.  I noticed he had magic shoes, too.  They were the same brand, Brooks, and type, GTS Adrenaline, as Mom wears.  I took it as a good sign.

While they gabbed about work, I sniffed and enjoyed being out, even if I was on that stupid leash.  By the time we got home, I was ready to come in and get a drink and cool off.  Mom checked her RunKeeper app, and it said we walked more than four miles.  That is AWESOME. I think we need to walk with Norman more often.  The double magic shoes made my walk even better!




Mom can be kind of sneaky.  She sometimes just decides to send something or give something to someone she knows without telling them.  It seems to make her really happy.  She only sends good stuff, so she must be sending or giving them to people she likes, but I’m not sure I understand that.

Even if I really liked someone, I can’t imagine getting excited to send them good stuff.  I tried to imagine helping Mom pack up a possum to send to one of my friends, and it did NOT make me happy.  It made me sad.  Mozzie and Rico said it was because I’m too young to understand, but that even if I understood, there’s NO ONE who would want one of my possums.  I was relieved because that means I don’t ever have to share.

I wonder if it’s just a strange human thing.  I sure hope Mom doesn’t decide to send me to someone.  I know she thinks I’m awesome, and who wouldn’t be happy to get me?


Bark Box #3


Rico:  I can’t believe you guys already killed the Monkey Silly Bum toy we got in our new Bark Box.

Mozzie:  I didn’t kill it; I just wanted to get to desqueaker it.

Atlas:  And I helped!  With no possums, I have to have something to kill.

Rico:  At least you had to share the Benny Bully’s Beef Liver and Banana treats.

Mozzie:  Those were yummy.

Atlas:  And Mom thought they smelled awful.  That’s always a sign of a great treat!

Rico:  The Green Bark Gummies Hip & Joint Treats smelled good.  I hope we get to try them later.

Mozzie:  I’d be willing to give those to you guys if I can have the Benebone Nylon Chew.  It smells like BACON!

Atlas:  That’s not fair!

Rico:  We get a new Bark Box each month.  You can have the leftover monkey butt toy.

Atlas:  But the squeaker is gone now.  It’s not fun anymore.

Mozzie:  You didn’t seem to mind the possum carcass when it stopped squeaking.

Rico:  He has a point.

Atlas:  I hate being the youngest!