It is very hot outside, 721 dog degrees, but Mom and I still went down to Lodi to practice obedience and Rally.  We had a ring time to go practice obedience first.

I was pretty happy to get to Lodi, and I was busy using their network to send pee-mail when SUNDAE arrived with her mom.  I LOVE Sundae.  She is the girl of my dreams.  She’s a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, and I LOVE her.  I wanted her to know I was interested, but she was kind of aloof.

I had to lick the ground she walked on.  Mom told me to stop because I was embarrassing myself, but I could not stop.  Sundae is so beautiful.  I know her coat wasn’t as beautiful as normal because she had puppies, but she was perfect.  She was hanging out in her ex-pen outside the obedience practice ring.  I had to keep watching her.

Mom decided I had to practice recall FIRST, and I did.  I ran right to Mom next to the exit, and I did NOT leave to go see Sundae.  I was hoping she was watching so she could be impressed by my skills.  I know she’s won a million titles, so it would be hard to impress her, but there’s no harm in trying.

Anyway, I did well on all of the obedience work.  I sniffed just a little, but I would have gotten a qualifying score if this had been a real show.

Next we did Rally outside.  I really wanted to sniff the grass and the fence near the first few signs, but once we got past that, I was on track.  I did my jump; I did stand/stay.  I did figure 8 and spiral.  I even did 90 degree left pivot.  That is not easy.  I got lots of good treats, but Mom said no matter how I did, I was not going to get to go hang out with Sundae.

I think I’ll see if Mom will enter me in the show down in Lodi in September because I’m sure Sundae would be there.  That would be better than Reno, for sure.




Atlas:  Mozzie, I have a question.

Mozzie:  Is it about possums?

Atlas:  Not this time.

Mozzie:  Okay, go ahead.

Atlas:  Is Rico a real dog?

Mozzie:  Of course he’s a real dog.

Atlas:  Are you sure?

Mozzie:  Yes, what else would he be?

Atlas:  I’m pretty sure Mom said he’s some sort of sponge.

Mozzie:  No, she never said Rico was a sponge.

Atlas:  Do you think he’s just a sponge when people come to visit?

Mozzie:  Did you eat something strange in the yard that is causing you to hallucinate?

Atlas:  NO!  I know I heard Mom say that Rico is a sponge when people visit.

Mozzie:  No, she has never, ever said Rico was a sponge.

Atlas:  Don’t you remember, she said he was a loofah?

Mozzie:  ALOOF, Atlas, Mom said he was aloof.

Atlas:  Is that different?



Atlas:  Mom signed us up for a show in Reno in a few weeks.

Mozzie:  I know.  You will be only doing the pretty boy ring.  I’ll be doing that AND obedience AND rally.

Atlas:  Don’t forget having to get groomed.

Mozzie:  That’s the worst part!

Atlas:  I agree.  You can’t sleep standing up.

Mozzie:  If anyone could, you could.

Atlas:  We get to see some of our relatives there, too!

Mozzie:  And LOTS of girls.

Atlas:  I heard that I get to have treats when I am in the ring.

Mozzie:  It is completely unfair.  You get to have treats for just standing there looking cute, and I can’t have treats when I’m busy working hard.

Atlas:  I wonder why that is.

Mozzie:  Don’t even try to understand the AKC and their rules.  They keep changing them, and even humans have trouble figuring them out.


Practice at Class


Atlas:  What did you do in class last night, Mozzie?

Mozzie:  I practiced working off-leash in the ring.

Atlas:  Did you get to do jumps?

Mozzie:  Yes, I got to do a high jump and a broad jump.  I like that part.  I sort of fly.

Atlas:  Did you have to do a recall?

Mozzie:  Yes, twice.

Rico:  Did you leave the ring both times?

Mozzie:  Hey, now, Freako, I did NOT leave the ring at all.

Atlas:  Was it closed?

Mozzie:  NO!  In fact, the recall was to Mom right next to the OPEN gate.  I didn’t even think about leaving.

Atlas:  Are you saving that up for Reno?

Mozzie:  At-yak, we will both be in Reno.  You’ll get to see how awesome I am.

Atlas:  Did you do anything else?

Mozzie:  We did sits and downs.

Atlas:  Puppy pushups?

Mozzie:  No.  In a line with 4 other dogs.  All of us were off-leash, too.

Atlas:  That sounds hard.

Mozzie:  I’ve had to practice that a lot.

Atlas:  I don’t mind the down/stays.  I can take a nap.

Mozzie:  I don’t nap.  I keep an eye on Mom because I want to be sure she’s coming back.

Rico:  I’m the best at stays.  I stay home for HOURS while you are at class.

Mozzie:  That sounds really boring to me.  I am already looking forward to my fun match AND class next week.

Atlas:  Can I go, too?

Mozzie:  No, but you can go to Reno and run around in the pretty boy ring next month.

Atlas:  That sounds perfect.  Will you run out of the ring to come see me?

Mozzie:  Be careful.  I might have to send you an instant message.  It’s more direct than pee-mail.

Atlas:  Never mind.

New AKC Rules


I heard Mom talking to Dad about some proposed changes to the AKC obedience rules  I was hoping one of them would be that eventually you get a title even if you decide to sniff, but apparently that is not on the list.

I did find out, however, that they have a new thing called “Run-Off Procedure.”  Mom told me that as soon as she saw that, she thought of me.  I’m very proud!  It sure sounds like something I could do.  I could even train others in how to run off.  Mom says I’m a blue ribbon winner on that count.  I was getting pretty excited about our next obedience trial!

But then… turns out this “Run-Off Procedure” has nothing to do with running off.  It has to do with seeing who wins when there’s a tie.  I think they should have called it, “How to decide who wins if there’s a tie procedure.”  Maybe I should recommend that to the AKC.  I wonder if they’d take my input.  After all, I do know something about the difference between ties and running off.

Mom says they also proposed adding a SECOND recall (over a jump) in Beginner Novice, my current level.  How awesome would that be?!?  TWO recalls.  Double chances to run past Mom and leave the ring!  I’m excited again!


Reply All?


Atlas:  Thanks for letting me go with you on a walk today.

Mozzie:  Sure thing, At-yak.

Atlas:  I was watching you, and I have a question.

Mozzie:  Go ahead.

Atlas:  How do you know when you should reply to private pee-mail, reply all, or just like someone’s post?

Mozzie:  Good question.  First, always make sure you have a big drink before you leave so you are ready.

Atlas:  Okay.

Mozzie:  You know that tree at the very beginning of the path in the greenbelt?

Atlas:  Yes.

Mozzie:  That is a group discussion board.  You really should always make sure you add to that.

Atlas:  Okay.  A lot or a little?

Mozzie:  Well, you need to pace yourself, so I suggest a short pee-mail, and then if the walk isn’t a long one, you can add more on your way home.

Atlas:  Got it!

Mozzie:  The tree right after that is really usually just spam, so I don’t  bother to check it very often; however, there is a tree a little farther down, and that usually has more private pee-mail.  I try to be sure to respond to those.

Atlas:  Should I be taking notes?

Mozzie:  Probably.  So you should always reply all on important posts, especially if it’s been awhile since you sent any pee-mail.

Atlas:  What about that cactus in front of Abby’s house?

Mozzie:  NOT YOURS.  That is a private conversation between me and Abby.  Keep all four of your paws on the ground when you go by there.  And NO squatting.

Atlas:  Will I get to send private pee-mail?

Mozzie:  Not with me, but maybe if Dad takes you out, you can find your own friends.

Atlas:  Do you think possums check pee-mail?

Rico:  What are you guys discussing.

Mozzie:  At-yak’s need for a PEA meeting.

Rico:  PEA?

Mozzie:  Possum Eaters Anonymous.

Rally Class


Atlas:  Why don’t I get to go to Rally class with you, Mozzie?

Mozzie:  Because I’m in Rally ADVANCED, and you are not.

Atlas:  I miss you when you go to class.  I’m stuck at home with Rico.

Rico:  Hey, now, I wish you’d go, too!

Mozzie:  Maybe you can go to a beginner class some day.

Atlas:  What do you get to do in class?

Mozzie:  First of all, it’s all off-leash.

Atlas:  I like being off-leash.

Mozzie:  But you have to stay WITH Mom through the course.

Atlas:  That sounds boring.

Mozzie:  It’s actually fun.  There’s even a jump!

Atlas:  I like jumping!

Mozzie:  You have to jump over obstacles, not just jump up and down like you do when there are bully sticks coming.

Atlas:  Do you think Dad would take me so I could watch?

Rico:  Hey, now, you need to leave Dad home to pet me.

Mozzie:  You might enjoy coming to class.

Atlas:  Are there possums?

Rico:  You’ll be home with me forever.

Friends to Visit


Atlas:  Wasn’t it nice that Mom had friends over to pet me last night?

Rico:  That isn’t why they came over.

Mozzie:  They came over to have dinner with Mom and Dad.

Atlas:  Are you sure because they seemed really happy to see me and to get to pet me.

Rico:  They pet Mozzie, too.

Mozzie:  And gave me some steak.

Atlas:  Oh, that was a good part, too.

Rico:  I got some, too.  It was very good.

Mozzie:  I got some cheese as well.

Atlas:  CHEESE?!?

Rico:  Get over it.  You hogged most of the petting.

Mozzie:  The cheese was super yummy.

Rico:  Don’t get too cocky.  Princess Skye used to get wine.

Atlas:  I’d rather get petted than get wine.  I hope Mom invites those nice people back to pet me again soon.

Bully Bites!


Mozzie:  Rico, will you be on door patrol for the next few days?

Atlas:  When isn’t Rico on door patrol?

Rico:  Hey possum-breath, I am protecting this family!

Mozzie:  Don’t protect us too well.  We have a package coming.

Atlas:  We do?

Mozzie:  Yes.

Rico:  UPS or FedEx?

Mozzie:  UPS

Rico:  Good thing.  I don’t like those FedEx people.  The UPS people are nice.

Atlas:  What are we getting?

Mozzie:  You don’t know?

Atlas:  No.  Mom didn’t tell me.

Rico:  Don’t tell him.  We don’t have to share if he doesn’t know.

Mozzie:  We need to share.  Mom knows if we don’t.

Rico:  Okay.

Atlas:  What are we getting?

Mozzie:  Bully Bites.

Atlas:  For real?

Rico:  Yes.

Atlas:  Instead of bully sticks?

Mozzie:  Of course not.  Mom would never fail us on bully sticks.

Rico:  This is a BONUS treat.

Atlas:  Yippee!  I agree with Mozzie.  You need to stay on door patrol so we know when the Bully Bites arrive.

Mozzie:  They were on sale so Mom bought two bags!

Rico:  I hope they arrive in the same shipment.  Patrolling for UPS is hard work.

Another Fun Match?

sjdtc color logo

I’m pretty sure Mom signed us up for ANOTHER fun match down in Lodi in a couple of weeks.  I think she signed up for a run through a Rally ring and 10 minutes in an obedience ring.  I have a sneaking suspicion she will want to practice recalls.

You’d think by now she’d get the idea that I will NOT leave the ring at a practice session.  I save that for real shows.  In any event, at least it will mean another fun evening with Mom.

I am also starting a new class on Thursday.  I can’t wait!  I always like going to class.  It’s a great chance to meet new friends and get yummy training treats.  Plus, you never know when there will be a GIRL in class.  The class is for Rally (off-leash) and some more work on obedience skills.  I may have to wear my cooling vest since it will be hot, but I think girls would be able see how handsome I am, even if I’m wearing that vest.  It is hard to hide handsomeness of the magnitude I have.

I think Mom is also thinking about entering me in a real match in Reno next month.  A friend of hers told her she was convinced I’d get another ribbon this year.  I don’t know if she meant this human year or this dog year.  Don’t tell Mom.  I think she might have meant this dog year.