13541105-the-word-surprise-in-3d-letters-shooting-out-of-a-burst-of-colorful-stars-or-fireworks-illustrating Atlas:  Mozzie, why did YOU get a special treat today?

Rico:  We got special treats, too.

Atlas:  I know, we got stripes, but Mozzie got that REALLY GOOD treat.

Mozzie:  Yes, that venison hide crepe with liver was outstanding!

Atlas:  You didn’t really share.

Mozzie:  It was my celebration for my success in Reno.

Atlas:  But you already celebrated your second place in obedience.

Rico:  I do recall hearing about that.

Mozzie:  But this was for my second place in Rally Advanced.

Atlas:  But I thought you didn’t qualify with a 70.

Rico:  That’s what Mom said.

Mozzie:  It turns out that my sniffing did NOT disqualify me.  In fact, I got second place!

Atlas:  No way! Rico:  Really?!?  How did that happen?

Mozzie:  I *earned* it in Reno.  Mom just thought that because I did all that sniffing, the judge would have counted off too many points for me to have 70 or more.

Atlas:  So you got 70?

Mozzie:  No, I got 83.

Rico:  That sounds like a B- to me.

Mozzie:  It sounds like a venison hide with liver to me.

Atlas:  It sounds like you’re mom’s favorite to me.

Fire House Dog


Atlas:  Did you guys hear that Mom is getting a new dog at work?

Mozzie:  WHAT?!?!

Rico:  No way.  She would not do that.

Atlas:  I think she is getting a dalmatian.

Mozzie:  Mom would not get a dalmatian.  She prefers big fluffy dogs.  Like me.

Atlas:  And me, too!

Rico:  She would not get a dalmatian.  What even gave you that idea?

Atlas:  Mom said she was putting out fires all day and need a chief’s hat.  And fire chiefs have dalmatians.

Mozzie:  I know she had a very crazy day today, and I did hear her talk about putting out fires, but nothing about a dalmatian.

Rico:  I know it would help her to have a dog at the office, but not a dalmatian.

Atlas:  I could go!

Mozzie:  No chance At-yak.  If anyone is going to the office, it will be me.

Atlas:  How come dalmatians get to be dogs at fire stations?  I’m pretty sure they couldn’t put out as many fires as Mozzie.

Mozzie:  You’ve got that right!

Rico:  Nevertheless, Mom will not be getting a dalmatian.

Atlas:  Do you think we could get a baby Berner?

Mozzie:  Not a chance, fancy pants.  Mom doesn’t have time for another Berner.

Atlas:  But that means I’ll always be the youngest.

Rico & Mozzie:  YEP!

Atlas:  *Sigh*

Clicker Training


I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make Mom’s job easier.  She works with a LOT of really nice people.  Some of them have even met me and know how awesome I am.  Some haven’t, but I know they’d like me because Mom says they are smart.  I’m not worried about those people.

I’m thinking I need to find a way to help with the people who apparently haven’t been well-trained.  I’m not exactly sure what they do, but I think it must be worse than leaving the ring.  It seems even worse than sending pee-mail in the ring based on what Mom says.

Maybe she should take a clicker to work with her and click-treat desired behaviors.  But if they won’t present a desired behavior, I’m not sure.  Mom is into positive training, but it seems like sometimes Mom should put a shock collar on someone to see if she can get them to stop doing whatever it is they are doing.

Maybe she should take a BIG bag of bully sticks to reward her good people and just a couple of shock collars to help with the others.  I think that might work.  If it doesn’t, I wonder if she could re-home them.

Of course the best solution might just be for her to take me to work with her every day.  I know that would help because I’m pretty awesome.


Lobster Treats!


Rico:  It’s always nice when our Bark Box arrives.

Mozzie:  I know!  We got some great stuff this month.

Atlas:  We did?  What did we get?

Rico:  Ummmm, we got a Pet Rageous Lobster toy.

11046_Louie the Lobster

Atlas:  Oh boy!  A LOBSTER!  Can I chase him?

Mozzie:  It’s a stuffed toy.

Rico:  But it floats!

Atlas:  Do you think Mom would let me play with it in the tub?

Rico:  Sure.  I think she put it on her calendar for September 31st.

Mozzie:  Yes, I think that’s right.

Atlas:  Is that soon?

Mozzie:  Relatively.  But since you are getting that toy, Rico and I will split the Bocce’s Bakery Lobster Roll treats.

Atlas:  But I might like those!

Rico:  We’ll share the Grandma Bowser’s Cheddar Biscuits.

Mozzie:  And the Jolly Pets Romp n’ Roll.


Atlas:  Is that the ball with the rope toy through it?

Rico:  Yes, but you can only play with it under supervision.

Atlas:  Where is that?

Mozzie:  It isn’t a place; it’s a thing.

Atlas:  I don’t understand.

Rico:  Figures.

Mozzie:  It means you can only play with it when Mom is watching.

Atlas:  Can she give me a belly rub at the same time?

Rico:  Yes.

Atlas:  Then we have a deal!

Mozzie:  Rico, should we tell him September only has 30 days?

Rico:  And share the Bocce’s Lobster Roll treats?

Mozzie:  Never mind.

Dog Taxi


Atlas:  Mom bought me a car!

Rico:  No, she did not buy YOU a car.

Mozzie:  She bought US a car.

Atlas:  She said it has great air conditioning.

Rico:  Since you are a yak, it’s good that it will be able to keep you cool.

Mozzie:  I’ll finally be able to stretch out without having someone encroaching on my space!

Atlas:  Are you calling me a roach?

Rico:  En-CROACH, not roach.

Mozzie:  But you are sort of a pest.

Rico:  Good one, Moz.

Atlas:  When do we get to go for a ride?

Mozzie:  Mom has to go to work tomorrow, and you can’t go.

Rico:  You have to stay home.

Atlas:  I know I do because it’s going to be too hot at work.

Rico:  No, because you aren’t invited.

Atlas:  Mom said it was going to be a super hot week.

Mozzie:  No, she said it was going to be busy.

Atlas:  She said it was going to be like a week from Hell.

Rico:  Every week with you is like that.



Toy Car


Atlas:  Do you guys like playing with toy cars?

Mozzie:  You mean like stuffed toys cars?

Rico:  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one.

Atlas:  I’m not sure what kind, but just a toy.

Mozzie:  Not really.  I like the elk antlers.

Rico:  And I like bully sticks.

Atlas:  Me, too.

Rico:  I’m afraid to ask, but WHY do you care if we like playing with toy cars?

Atlas:  Mom said she was going to get one for us, maybe as soon as this weekend.

Mozzie:  I have a sneaking suspicion that you have misunderstood something again.

Rico:  I feel the need for a drink coming.

Atlas:  Mom said she was getting the toy car for us specifically, even though it was a big expense.

Mozzie:  Sigh.  She wasn’t talking about a TOY car.  Do you mean a mini-van?

Atlas:  Yes!  That’s what she said.  A mini-van.

Rico:  It’s not a toy; it’s a new car.

Atlas: Oh.  So will we go far, far away in it?

Rico:  I’m out; I see where this is going.

Mozzie:  Well, no, but we will go to dog shows and stuff.

Atlas:  Mom said we would be going on an Odyssey.

Mozzie:  No, she said we’d be going IN an Odyssey.

Atlas:  How do you travel IN an Odyssey instead of ON an Odyssey?

Rico:  Good question, At-yak.  Maybe YOU could go ON an Odyssey.

Atlas:  Sounds good to me!

Mozzie:  Rico, that was kind of mean.

Rico:  Whatever.  Younger brothers are a pain.



Rico:  I don’ t think you are going to be allowed to go on any more walks with Mom.

Atlas:  But I *like* going on walks, especially with Mom.

Mozzie:  I don’t like going on walks with you.

Rico:  Your walk last night was awfully short.

Atlas:  I thought it was about the right length.

Mozzie:  It was only about a half mile.  I like to go several miles.

Atlas:  You could have kept going after Mom got me home.

Rico:  I don’t think Mom felt like continuing.

Mozzie:  And it’s your fault.

Atlas:  What did I do?

Rico:  You don’t remember chasing the geese?

Atlas:  Yes, I remember that.

Mozzie:  Do you remember that Mom was on the other end of the leash?

Atlas:  Ummmm, sort of.  She wasn’t there the whole time.

Rico:  She was until you went after the geese.

Atlas:  I know she let go of the leash at some point.

Mozzie:  That point was when you pulled her off her feet.

Atlas:  You mean she wasn’t trying to take a quick nap on the sidewalk?

Rico:  Her nose was bleeding.

Atlas:  I remember that.  How did that happen?

Mozzie:  Because Mom was holding the leash when you went psycho after the geese, and she landed face first on the sidewalk.

Rico:  That is VERY bad.

Atlas:  Is that why Mom put ice on her face when we got back?

Mozzie:  Yes.

Atlas:  I thought maybe she was just too warm.

Rico:  Have you ever seen her do that before?

Atlas:  No, but Mom is always open to trying new things.

Rico:  Her nose was BROKEN!

Mozzie:  AND I didn’t get a long walk because of that!

Atlas:  It wasn’t really my fault.  Those geese were taunting me.

Mozzie:  YOU are not invited on any more walks with me.  You’ll have to stay home with Freako.

Rico:  Hey, it’s not MY fault he went after geese.

Atlas:  Do you think I should do something nice for Mom to make her feel better?

Mozzie:  You mean like walking in HEEL position?

Atlas:  I was thinking more like getting her a possum.

Rico:  I think that’s not a good idea.

Mozzie:  You are only reinforcing my role as Best Berner Boy.

Rico:  I don’t think you need any help with that.

Mozzie:  Probably not, but you never know.  I did have some work to do to make up for leaving the ring all those times.

Atlas:  Is that as bad as breaking Mom’s nose?

Rico:  Not. Even. Close.

Pretty Boy Ring


Atlas:  I thought I was pretty awesome in the ring this weekend.

Mozzie:  I did notice that after you were groomed, we could find your ears.

Atlas:  I think I should be able to hear possums coming a little better now with less fur covering my ears.

Mozzie:  Did Mom mention that you aren’t supposed to sit in the conformation ring?

Atlas:  Yes, she told me, but I had to sit.

Mozzie:  Why?

Atlas:  I was really tired after running around the ring.

Mozzie:  It was probably less than 100 steps.

Atlas:  What’s your point?

Mozzie:  Even if you are tired, you have to stand up.

Atlas:  Well, that judge was a little rude, I thought, so that was another reason to sit.

Mozzie:  The judge was not rude to you.

Atlas:  I never even met him, and he was counting my teeth AND touching my parts.  I grew extra fur on my tail and back end to keep my parts covered.  Obviously, the judge just ignored that.

Mozzie:  That part isn’t fun, but you still can’t sit in that ring.

Atlas:  Can I send an instant message to the judge in the ring?

Mozzie:  No!  That is a BIG no-no.   Did you see that Alexis was trying to bribe you to stand up?

Atlas:  You mean with the buffalo steak?

Mozzie:  Yes!  It was completely worth standing still in the ring to get that.

Atlas:  Is that why they called that bait?

Mozzie:  Yes.

Atlas:  Well Alexis took you in the ring, too, right after she took me in.

Mozzie:  Yes.  She was very lucky to get to be there with both of us.

Atlas:  I don’t think she’s supposed to do that though.  I think it’s unethical.

Mozzie:  It’s not unethical for anyone to show more than one dog.

Atlas:  I know Mom said it wasn’t the right thing to do.

Mozzie:  No, Mom actually set it up, so I know it was okay.

Atlas:  But Mom said it’s not right to bait and switch.

Mozzie:  Stick with looking cute.

Mozzie Bear, BN!

20140815_122119 Fans one and all, I have an announcement.  I am now not just Starkenhund Humming Along with Mozart, RN.  NOPE!  As of today, I am Starkenhund Humming Along with Mozart BN, RN!!!  Yes, two more letters.

As my regular readers know, I have been sort of a fan of leaving the ring, but ONLY at dog shows and staying in the ring during all practice sessions.  No more! Today I did it!  I have to say that the ring smelled REALLY good.  GIRLS had been in there.  I started out sniffing a lot.  I did keep pace with Mom , but I probably lagged a little because I had to smell the ground, and I hate to admit it, but I forgot to sit at the end of the heeling pattern.

Figure 8 was about the same, but by the second time through, I remembered I needed to sit when Mom stopped walking, so I did that.  Then I did a perfect sit for exam.  Then I sat while Mom wandered around the ring aimlessly, but eventually returned to me.

Then it was time.  Recall.  Toward the exit side of the ring.  Facing other dogs and the doors out of the building.  It occurred to me that I could go for it, but I looked at Mom, and she was smiling at me, so when she called, I went right to her and looked at her, just like I do in practice.

After the judge said, “Exercise finished,” and Mom put my leash on, I’m pretty sure she was nearly crying for joy, and I did see her jump up and down when the judge said, “You qualified.”  I did it!  Yes, I did! Because this was my third qualifying score, I have now completed my Beginner Novice obedience title.

Then came the ribbon ceremony…..when the judge said, “In second place with a score of 184, team #64,” I saw Mom check her arm band.  Yep, that was our number!  We got a red ribbon for second AND a green ribbon for qualifying.

I celebrated by getting a pupaccino (giant cup of whipped cream) at Starbucks.  That was so yummy.  Then I got a hamburger and some bacon as another reward. This staying in the ring thing seems to be worth it after all.

I know we are supposed to move on to Novice obedience now, but for tonight, I’m just happy and Mom’s happy, and I have an obedience title.  It’s good to be me today. -Moz

In Reno


Today didn’t start out too well.  Mom made get on the torture table and get all spiffed up.  That is not fun.  NOT FUN.  She said it was because I was going to be in the pretty boy ring this weekend, so she also made Atlas get up there.  That seems fair.

Mom is still trying to get over her cold, so I wasn’t sure if i was still going to go to Reno, but Mom is very persistent about these things.

We did meet up with our friend Amy, and Mom handed Atlas over.  At first I was thinking he must have been REALLY bad on the grooming table, but then I realized it was just temporary, and that he was going to get even MORE grooming.  Yuck!  I think I must be handsome enough.

I do have to be good in the ring this weekend, and hopefully Mom will be feeling back to her normal self.  I still haven’t decided if I’ll stay in the ring or not, but maybe I’ll surprise Mom and do it this time.  I hate to be too predictable.

No matter what happens, I’ll be handsome while I’m doing it.