Gratitude, Day 5


No, I haven’t been trying to figure out what else I am thankful for.  I was busy with GIRLS, Rosebud and Bel, who have come to visit.  Today is my final day for my gratitude list:

1.  Being handsome.  Yes, I am grateful that I was born with such a lovely head and that I am so photogenic that total strangers as well as professional photographers are eager to take my picture.  Really, I mean, why wouldn’t you want to do that?

2.  Being healthy.  My friend Rosebud was pretty sick this week.  She had to go to the vet and then to a specialist.  That is NOT like getting to go to the Specialty.  It is not good.  It means you are sick.  Rosebud is pretty sensitive; she is a girl, after all!  She had to have her fluids put under her skin because she wasn’t drinking.  I’m glad I don’t have to do that.  She’s getting better now.  I think drooling on her helped.  Pretty sure.  Well, maybe.  Anyway, I was happy to do it.

3.  Being happy.  My brother Rico can get startled by anything.  A-N-Y-THING.  I’m grateful that I  don’t get scared of things easily and that if I get spooked by something, I can make a quick recovery so I don’t look like a big sissy.  It’s very easy to be happy when you have my life.  Did I mention, I have the best Mom?  She is the reason I am MOST happy in the evenings and on weekends because she is with me.  It’s good to be Mozzie.


Day 4, Gratitude


I was going to start with Mom again today, but I’ll work on other things again.

1.  My “doggie” door.  We didn’t used to have one of these, and I was dependent on the kindness of strangers, okay, my parents, to open the door to let me out.  I could not stay out for a long time or go out in the middle of the night.  Sometimes I’d forget that Mom said that she was going to be gone for a long time, and I’d have a big drink and then have to cross my paws to wait for her to get home.  Now I can go in and out whenever I feel like it.  I am very grateful to have my own door!

2.  My backyard dog grass.  When we first moved here, we had human grass, and it got all muddy during the rainy season, but Mom and Dad got dog grass for the backyard.  Now it is never muddy, and Atlas, Rico, and I can run around on it as much as we want.  It’s nice and soft on my feet, and it gets cool at night, so Atlas can stalk possums if he wants to.

3.  Girls!  They smell nice, and some of them don’t mind if I drool on them.  There are so many nice ones out there.  I know Mom thinks I need to have a Berner girlfriend, but I’m not so narrow-minded.  I just need a girlfriend.  I’ve pointed out several to Mom, but so far, to no avail.  I’m still grateful they are out there.  A guy can dream!


Gratitude, Day 3


Here’s my list of three items for which I am grateful today:

1.  Long walks with Mom.  It’s sort of like being grateful for Mom because without her, I could not go on long walks.  Anyway, I always have fun on walks with Mom.  I usually have to do some dumb obedience stuff like “nice heeling” or “recall,” but eventually I get to do fun stuff like sniff, send pee-mail, and look handsome for strangers who enjoy telling Mom how good looking I am.  I don’t mind the short walks, but the long ones are best.  I’m really only getting warmed up after a mile or so, but any walk with Mom is something to be grateful for.

2.  Toys.  I especially like toys that have squeakers in them.  When Mom gave me Tony, he had 24 (!) squeakers.  I loved Tony.  I still carry him around with happy memories of when he had squeakers.  To be clear, that dumbbell thing Mom wants me to retrieve is NOT a toy.  That is homework.  Dinosaur Nylabones with nubs on them are toys. I am grateful for good toys.

3.  Car rides to fun places.  This does not include going to the vet’s office, but it does include trips to the beach to bark at the waves or to the mountains to play in the snow, or just to the park to hang out with Mom.  I’ll even like the car ride to go to the Morris Animal Foundation fundraiser next month.  I’m especially excited to get to go for rides in the Honda Odyssey that Mom bought for me (and my brothers).  Car rides are awesome, especially when Atlas isn’t hogging all the space.

Three more tomorrow!


Gratitude, Day 2


It’s Day 2 of my gratitude challenge.

I was hoping I could list Mom again because she is the person/thing for which I am the most grateful, but I have so many good things in my life, I will hold off on listing Mom again today.

1.  I’m grateful for Atlas.  He’s shorter than I am, so I get to feel tall.  He’s fluffy, so I don’t get blamed for all the shedding anymore.  He doesn’t pay much attention when Mom is trying to train him because he’s too distracted by the food.  This makes me look even more awesome.  Even though he steals my toys, he’s a good sport when I steal them back.

2.  Bogey-bear.  Even though I never met him, I’m grateful for him.  If it hadn’t been for him, Mom would never have gone to the Specialty and learned about how to do Rally and obedience and stuff.  Also, if it hadn’t been for Bogey getting histio when he was only 5, Mom would not have been so determined to find a boy with good health and lower odds of getting histio.  If not for that, Mom would never have met my breeder, Elaine, and I would have had to live with someone else.  So I guess this is sort of being grateful for Mom again, but also for Bogey.

3.  Bully sticks.  I LOVE bully sticks.  I dream about bully sticks.  I could drool just thinking about them.  When Mom orders them, she orders 500 at a time!  500!  How awesome is my Mom?  Pretty awesome.  Back to the bully sticks.  I get one every work morning before Mom leaves.  Sometimes I’ll get one on a weekend  as well, but the ones during the week are really important because Mom is gone all day, and I need something to get me through the day or at least for a few minutes of the day.  Mom orders the super thick ones, so they last awhile, and they are so yummy!  I like all my treats, but bully sticks are my favorite today!

I’ll come up with three more things tomorrow while I chew on my bully stick.


Gratitude, Day 1


I was nominated by my friend and personal assistant Shanna Stein  to  participate in a five days of gratitude challenge.  I’ll get to list three things each day for five days.  Today is Day 1.

1.  I’m most, most, most grateful for my Mom.  Even before I met her, she was watching out for me on Elaine Lawrence’s (my breeder) Puppy Cam.  Apparently, she had already picked me out from watching me with my brothers and sisters.  She didn’t get the final say because it is always up to a good breeder to decide which puppy is the best fit for his/her person.  I’m very lucky that Elaine decided I got to go home with Mom.

It is true that I made a big production about having to stay in the sherpa bag on my way to my new home, and we almost got thrown off the flight and stuck in a hurricane zone as a result, but that’s another story.  I’m most grateful for Mom.

2.  I’m grateful for my Dad, too.  Now that he’s retired, he can keep me company during the day, and sometimes he lets me know that Mom is heading home so I can rest up and be ready when she arrives.  He feeds me most of the time.  He moves over so I can sit next to Mom on the sofa.  He waits eagerly for updates when I’m at a dog show.  I think he’s cheering for me from afar.  He’s a good guy, and that’s good because Mom does dote on me a little bit, and it doesn’t ruffle Dad’s feathers.

3.  Rico.  Yes, Rico.  I’m grateful that I have my older brother Rico because  I never ever have to be on alert when I am at home.  If ANYTHING happens ANYWHERE, Rico will bark, and I’ll know it’s time to get up and see if I need to bark or something.  Even though he’s very curmudgeonly (like Dad), he’s a good guy at heart.  He doesn’t steal my food all the time like he used to, and sometimes he does his snarly freak face at Atlas, and that’s kind of funny.

I’ll ponder my next three things for tomorrow.




Atlas:  Mom is going to stay home from now on!  We can play with her every day!

Rico:  No, but she’ll be home this weekend.

Mozzie:  I wish Mom were going to stay home every day.  Just think, I could get my long walk every day!

Atlas:  But I thought today she went to a workshop about retirement.

Rico:  She went to get information to help her start planning.

Mozzie:  I sure hope Mom gets to retire young because we would have so much fun!

Atlas:  Is there something we can do to speed that up?

Rico:  Stop eating.

Atlas:  I’m glad Mom likes her job.

Cancer Research for Dogs


Atlas:  Rico, is it true that you are the oldest Berner Mom and Dad ever had?

Rico:  Yes.

Atlas:  But you are only six.

Rico:  Well, yes, but going on 6.5.

Atlas:  That’s not very old.  What happened to the Berners before you?

Mozzie:  Well, I’ve heard about Bogey, and he was only five when he got cancer.

Atlas:  Dogs get cancer?

Mozzie:  Yes, and many Berners die of it, especially this one kind called histio.

Rico:  But Mom’s favorite, Russ, was a Golden, and he also died of cancer, something called hemangiosarcoma.  He also had something called a mast cell tumor, another form of cancer.

Atlas:  Why does this happen?

Rico:  It’s a genetic problem, and it’s especially a problem if breeders aren’t careful.

Mozzie:  Elaine, my breeder, was very careful.  I’ll be around a long time.  You, too, At-yak.  Amy is careful to be sure her dogs are healthy.

Atlas:  Can they find a cure for this mean hissing cancer and the he-man Joe cancer?

Rico:  Do you mean histio and hemangio?

Atlas:  Yes, those kinds.

Mozzie:  Well, there is research going on to work on that, but it’s expensive.

Atlas:  I’d donate my bully bites if it would help.

Rico:  That wouldn’t help too much, but Mozzie and Mom are going on a walk to help raise money for research on dog cancers.

Atlas:  Are they going to walk to a  bank?

Mozzie:  No, we are going to walk in the Morris Animal Foundation walk next month.

Rico:  How does that help?

Mozzie:  Hopefully friends of Mom’s will help by donating to the cause at our website:

Atlas:  Do people need to be rich to donate?

Mozzie:  No.  Any amount will help.  People just need to donate now rather than getting around to it later.

Atlas:  How do we make sure they do that?

Rico:  Maybe if they think about the dogs they’ve lost, it will inspire them to want to donate to help the cause.

Atlas:  That sounds sad.

Mozzie:  It won’t be as sad if they find a cure.  That’s why we need donors.

Atlas:  Oh, okay.  I hope Mom’s friends get with it and donate.  Now.

Mozzie:  Me, too.


Pit Bull


Atlas:  I think Mom said she watched a movie on your walk today.

Mozzie:  We didn’t watch any movies.

Rico:  You were gone a long time.

Mozzie:  It’s because so many people think I’m handsome, and they want to meet me.

Atlas:  They’d like to meet me, too!  I’m fluffy, and I love to get petted.

Mozzie:  Mom’s nose still isn’ t healed from your last outing.

Atlas:   So what was Mom saying about a movie?

Rico:  I don’t remember a mention of a movie.

Atlas:  Mom said something about seeing Mozzie’s life and hers flash before her eyes.

Mozzie:  That’s because of the mean dog that was growling and snarling at me.

Rico:  If you stay home, you never have to worry about that.

Atlas:  Were you scared?

Mozzie:  Not really.  I wasn’t sure what his problem was, but I was clear that Mom was not going to let him get to me.  I’m sure Mom could have taken him if she needed to do that, but I’m glad she didn’t have to.

Atlas:  Me, too.  Even if you pick on me, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.

Mozzie:  Thanks, At-Yak.

I Got Mail


Usually I don’t get excited about regular old mail.  I do get excited about packages from UPS and FedEx, especially when they have bully sticks, Bark Boxes, or toys.  This week was a little different.

I got mail!  It was addressed to Mom, but it was for me.  It was from the American Kennel Club (AKC).  It had my long, big boy name on it with my first title, Rally Novice (Starkenhund Humming Along with Mozart, RN).  The certificate was for my completing my Beginner Novice obedience title (BN).  Now my name will get two letters longer!  Mostly it proved that I *DID* stay in the ring three times and do all those tricky things like holding still while the judge petted my head.

Mom was pretty happy, and she put it in the display case with a few of my ribbons.  I thought it was nice, but I have a suggestion for the AKC.  The whole title thing would be better if instead of sending a piece of paper, they sent a bag of bully sticks or a subscription to Bark Box or something.  After all, I did all that work, so I should get something.

The good news is that Mom is awesome, so she gave me some chicken jerky (made in the USA), some lobster roll biscuits, and a bully bite (like a mini bully stick).  I hope my friends’ parents do the same thing for them when their title certificates arrive.

I wonder what I’ll get when I finish my next title.  It might be worth staying in the ring again.  Maybe.




Atlas:  Did you know that dogs play football?

Rico:  Do you mean play with a football?

Atlas:  No.  I mean play the game, football.

Mozzie:  Dare I ask why you think that?

Atlas:  I’ve been watching the games today.

Rico:  And did you see any dogs?

Mozzie:  Or hear any?

Atlas:  Well, not exactly, but I’m pretty sure that Rico could play football.

Rico:  I don’t really like leaving the house.

Mozzie:  And there aren’t teams with dogs.  There are Bears and Lions and stuff, but no Berners.

Atlas:  Rico would be a good player, but I think he might get penalties.

Rico:  I’m not playing football.

Mozzie:  How would he get penalties if he could play football?

Atlas:  I heard the announcer talking about unnecessary ruff-ness.  Rico does that all the time!

Mozzie:  Let me know if you want to watch the National Spelling Bee.