Mostly I don’t like Howl-o-ween.  It seems to be all about kids ringing the doorbell and getting Rico all riled up.  I can hardly stand all that barking.  Atlas, of course, runs to the door hoping someone will come in and pet him.  It’s pretty pathetic.

Mom won’t take me trick-or-treating because people won’t give out grain-free, super yummy, made-in-America treats, and I’m not allowed to eat chocolate.  That seems really discriminatory to me, but it seems to be the way things are.

Nothing about Howl-o-ween seems to be about dogs, in spite of the name of the holiday having HOWL right in it.  Today, that changed!  When Mom took me out on my walk, I thought it would be a usual day of checking posts, reading and sending pee-mail, and enjoying the opportunity to sniff.  Things seemed pretty normal, until we turned a corner, and I saw it!  A dog Howl-o-ween yard!  I was so excited, I had Mom take my picture in front of the house.

I was hoping that maybe THAT house would have dog treats tomorrow night, but Mom seems to think it is unlikely.  At least we have a start on improving the holiday.  Maybe we can work on getting treats for next year.


No Blanket?


Atlas:  So Mozzie, why don’t you like making blankets?

Mozzie:  Um, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Rico:  Should I go take a nap?

Atlas:  I’m talking about your agility class.

Mozzie:  Apparently not.

Rico:  Atlas, did you hit your head on something?

Atlas:  NO!  I heard Mom talking about your agility class last week.

Mozzie:  I’m sure she was talking about how awesome I am.  I FLY on that A-Frame.  I go so fast that I slide down it.

Rico:  No blankets were discussed.

Atlas:  But I know she said something about you not really liking to make blankets there.

Mozzie:  I don’t make blankets there, so I don’t like or dislike that.

Rico:  Nap time!

Atlas:  Mom said you didn’t like to weave at agility class.

Mozzie:  Rico, I think I’ll join you in that nap.

Atlas:  So no blanket?


Roam Depot


I thought Mom might sleep all day.  She seemed really tired, and I was really happy when she decided to get up.  Of course, I did take my opportunity to get petted, but after Mom had her coffee, I was hoping to get a long walk.  No such luck.

Mom decided that the tree hanging over our fence and on our roof needed to be trimmed back.  First, she got out the loppers, and Dad got the ladder.  After about 30 minutes, Mom said she needed a longer tree pruner.  I wasn’t sure exactly what that was, but I was pretty sure it was not going to include a walk.

The good news is that after she did some research, she told me we were going to Roam Depot.  It’s a place where I get to go and walk around with her and find a tree pruner.  Of course while I was there, several people said how handsome I was.  One person asked if I was a “Burmese Mountain Dog.”  I never know if Mom will correct the person, say something about how rare that breed is, or just nod, so that makes it kind of fun.

Anyway, we found the tree pruner which turned out to be a long pole with a saw blade on it.  It looked kind of dangerous, especially for someone as clumsy as Mom.  I decided I would watch her from a distance and be ready to alert Dad if something bad happened.  She was out there for HOURS!  Lots of branches are gone and the green waste bin is overflowing.

Atlas is sort of depressed because he heard Mom saying that getting rid of the overhanging branches would prevent possums from getting into the yard.  I tried to console him by telling him the branches would grow back, but I think it might take a lot of petting to help him feel better.  I sure hope that doesn’t cut into my petting time.


Fetch & Glow


Atlas:  It isn’t fair that we had to wait for Mom to get back from Ohio before we could get our Bark Box open.

Rico:  You just wanted the toys to hoard.

Mozzie:  The rabbit jerky was pretty good.

Atlas:  I could get you some possum, and we could have possum jerky.

Rico:  Don’t even think about it.

Mozzie:  You got the strange vanilla scented rubber skull.  You seemed to like it.

Atlas:  I did.  It is fun!

Rico:  But what about the Fetch & Glow?

Atlas:  You mean the LIVING toy?

Mozzie:  It’s not living.  It’s a ball.

Atlas:  It has a heartbeat!

Rico:  No, that’s a motion activated flashing light.

Mozzie:  It is kind of a fun toy.

Atlas:  Are you sure it’s not alive?

Mozzie:  I’m sure, but it is funny to watch you try to play with it.  You look kind of scared.

Atlas:  You have to be careful.  Mom didn’t want me to bring in living things to play with.

Rico:  It’s not alive!  But don’t play with it at night, or Mom will take it away.

Atlas:  Why?

Mozzie:  Because the flashing lights up the whole room.

Atlas:  So it’s not alive, but there are still restrictions?

Rico:  Yes.

Atlas:  Is there any rabbit jerky left?


Mom’s HOME!


Mom went away for about a month (in dog years) to go stay with my Aunt Pam while she had some kind of surgery.  She was far, far away in Ohio, and she was pretty busy, so I didn’t get to talk to her.  I didn’t get to go for a walk.  I just sat at home and felt sad.

Miraculously, last night Dad took me to the airport, and Mom was there!  She even sat in the backseat with me on the way home so I could get lots of attention.  After all, I had attention deficit disorder.  That happens while Mom is at work, too, but she’s never been away from me for more than 24 hours until last week.

I was so excited to get her home that I convinced Dad to buy Mom some new socks from me.  There’s a pair that says, “I love my dog!” which is clearly true, and a pair with crystal paw prints.  They are very bling, and I just know she’ll wear them to the Specialty in March.

Mom was happy to see me, too, so in addition to getting my 3 mile walk today, she also let me play with my new favorite toy, Crinkit!  It has a plastic bottle, my favorite toy, inside, and I can crunch it a long time and not have to give it back to Mom.  I LOVE it.  I do not have to share it with At-Yak.

While Mom was gone, my Bark Box arrived.  I’ll have to share about that later this week.

I’m so happy Mom is home!  Aunt Pam is doing well, too, so she’ll be abel to come visit me again.  It’s a good day!



New Agility Class


Last week I started agility at a new place.  Mom decided that the first place I went was biased against me and really only wanted borderline collies who wanted to compete at the highest levels there.  My new place is great.  Not only did the instructor LOVE to have a Berner training in her class, but she was super nice to me.

The class is farther away, but there are fewer other kids in my class up at the new place.  One of my favorite things is the new teacher, Nola, really understands ME.  She told Mom that food was a fine reward but that she thought I would be happier if my reward was ALSO getting to SNIFF!  YES, SNIFF!  How awesome is that?!?

She doesn’t get all upset if I decide I want to sniff.  She just lets the other dog practice.  She also has 100% beef hot dogs as treats.  That is a good thing.  I got to do a series of obstacles already!

Nola shows Mom how to let me know where I’m supposed to go next as we are learning instead of doing all the obstacles and then learning all the paw and footwork.  Mom likes Nola because she cares about my safety and gave Mom some good ideas to help keep me from getting a sports injury.

Another thing I think was pretty awesome was that Nola asked Mom how often I should practice something (like an obstacle or a course).  Mom said only 2-3 times or I get really bored (which is SO true), and Nola said, it was great that Mom understood me so well and that when we practiced, we would not let it get boring.

I know the class goes late, and Mom is really tired for work the next day, but I think it’s totally worth it!  It’s too bad Mom will be out of town this week, so I’ll have to miss class.  I’ll rest up for the week after.


I’m Not All Ears


I’ve been so busy with agility and other fun stuff, that I have neglected my blog.  Today, however, I have something to say.  I had to go to the vet.  It was time for my annual check-up.  I was pretty excited to get to go in my new car again, and I do like getting petted, but today wasn’t much fun.

At first I was pretty excited when Dr. Ku came in to see me.  She petted me and talked about how handsome I am.  Clearly, she graduated at the top of her class.  I was okay when she made sure my microchip was working, and even when she listened to my heart.

But then she wanted to look INSIDE my ears.  No way.  What was she trying to do?  My ears are for petting and hearing the slightest hint that Mom is opening a treat bag.  She wanted to poke something in there and look.  NO way.  Absolutely not.  Never.  I made it very clear that was not going to happen, and I think Mom agreed to make me practice something about that, but there will probably be treats involved.

Next Mom said NO WAY was I getting vaccines.  She said it was not good for me.  I was pretty sure Dr. Ku said she recommended that I get a teeter.  Well, even that evil teeter would be better than getting my ears poked, but this did not seem like a good thing.  I wasn’t sure why they’d need a needle for me to get a teeter unless it was to drug me to convince me it was safe.

Apparently there wasn’t any teeter involved.  Then I thought they said something about a tighter.  I thought my collar was fitting well, and I could not figure out what might need to be tighter.  Later Mom told me that it was a titer which meant they would check my blood to be sure my vaccines from when I was a puppy are still doing their job.

Finally, I got to escape that place and come home.  Mom says I’m free from having to go back for another year unless I get sick.  I will definitely do my best to not have that happen.  Now I just have to figure out how to hide my ears when I go next year.  I wonder if the doctor would notice if wore ear muffs.


Visiting Girls!


I haven’t forgotten about my friends who read my blog, but I’ve been so busy!  There were GIRLS here visiting for a week.  Not just any girls, but Bernese Mountain Dog girls!  My friends Rosebud and Bel came with their dad to visit me.  I might have pictures to post later.

I really liked having them here.  They got to go on walks with me, and Bel even slept next to me sometimes.  I think I could really enjoy having a girl or two living here.

I will say that the only real drawback to having them here is that I was always thirsty.  I don’t know if it has anything to do with the drooling I did on the girls, but it takes a lot of drool to show how much I like them.  LOTS OF DROOL.

I had to share my treats and toys, too, but that wasn’t all bad.  Rico was a little cranky sometimes, but not over the top.  Atlas was pretty happy to have a friend to chase in the backyard.  Bel was a good sport about it, but I know she thought I was the most handsome.  That just shows how smart she is.

I sure hope Mom finds me a real girlfriend soon.  I better go get a drink of water, just in case.