Thanksgiving 2014


Atlas:  Did you go to a dog show today?

Mozzie:  No, why?

Rico:  You were gone a LONG time.

Mozzie:  I got to go on a longer walk than yesterday.  I went over 4.5 miles.

Atlas:  Why?  Were you being punished?

Rico:  No, he LIKES doing that.

Atlas:  Yuck.  It’s Thanksgiving.  I would not be thankful for that.

Mozzie:  I am thankful for getting to on ANY walk with Mom.  She even let me stop at Starbucks for a glass of cold water on the way back.

Rico:  We have water at home.

Atlas:  But Mom doesn’t let him drink out of a cup at home.

Rico:  True.  I’m thankful I don’t have to go on walks.  I’m even more thankful that I don’t have to live at a scary puppy mill.  It was awful there.  You have no idea how great it is to live here.

Mozzie:  That’s true.  I’m thankful for Mom.  And treats that Mom gets.  And walks.  With Mom.  And being handsome.  And people who notice how handsome I am.  And the fact that Mom loves me whether I leave the ring or get a great score or anything.  I’m very lucky.

Atlas:  I’m thankful for living here, too, though I had a great puppyhood.  I’m thankful to have two people who can pet me.  And great dog treats.  And toys.  Especially squeaky toys.  Oh, and possums.  I sort of am thankful to have you guys, too.

Rico:  Thanks, At-Yak.  You’re alright, even if you do deserve my crankiness sometimes.

Mozzie:  I agree with Rico.  You are okay as younger brothers go.  Even if you are a petting hog and toy stealer and possum killer.

Rico and Mozzie and Atlas:  Happy Thanksgiving!

Everybody’s Gone Surfin’


I was pretty excited that Mom was willing to take me to the dog show in Stockton yesterday.  Normally Mozzie goes and works doing obedience and Rally, and I just stay home and chill.  I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to have to work like Mozzie because Mom told me my heeling looked like I was a rabbit on crack, but I know some day I will have to do that stuff in the ring.

Mom told me that I got to go, but I was going to go surf.  How cool is that?  There’s another Berner who surfs, so clearly it can be done.  When we got there, I didn’t see any water, so I was a little confused.  I asked Mozzie about the surfing, and I’m pretty sure he was laughing at me.  He rolled his eyes and looked at Mom.

I waited around to see what was going to happen, and then Dad took me to a building for the surfing part of the day.  We walked in there, but I didn’t see ANY surfing.  Instead, someone put drops in my eyes and apparently checked something about them.  I thought maybe that was going to make the surfing less scary or something.

I waited ALL day and never even saw water or a surfboard or anything.  When we got home, I asked Rico about the surfing, and he told me, the eye test WAS the surfing.  That did not make sense.

Later Mozzie told me I went to CERF, not surf.  Apparently CERF stands for Canine Eye Registry Foundation, and that eye drop stuff is part of what they do.  Mozzie apparently had to do this CERF stuff when we were in Colorado at the National Specialty, so he knew all along that I was going to CERF, not surf.  Sometimes big brothers are kind of sneaky.


My Day in Stockton


Today was a very busy day.  When we got up this morning, I didn’t get to have breakfast with everyone else.  At first I thought something awful was happening like maybe a trip to the vet, but then Mom got dressed and put on her magic shoes.  THAT is always a good sign.  I knew I’d be getting lots of YUMMY treats.

Atlas and Dad both got in the car to go with us, and that seemed very strange.  As it turns out, Atlas was just going to get his eyes checked. It didn’t seem to be related to his being able to see possums clearly or anything, just an eye test like I got a couple of years ago.

Luckily, Stockton is close, so we got there quickly.  It was the big dog show.  I knew Mom had entered me into Rally Advanced B AND Novice A obedience.  Mom read the sign, and it said “to follow” in a few places.  She said that meant we’d probably be there until Christmas, but it didn’t take quite that long.

I practiced, and when we did heeling, and I did a good job, Mom let me sniff.  That seemed like a good deal.  After what seemed like hours…okay, it actually WAS hours, I got my chance to go into the ring for Rally Advanced.

The judge asked if we were ready, but I was watching a really cute girl, so Mom said “not quite.”  I did remember Mom was there, so I looked at her, and Mom told the judge we were ready.  Off we went!  I didn’t even do much sniffing!  I was not exactly sure how many signs we were going to have to do, but when we got to a jump, I was pretty sure Mom asked me to go around it instead of over it, so I did. Then she called me back and asked me to do it again…so I did, but then I remembered she wanted me to go OVER the bar, so I did.  I did a little sniffing after that, but I didn’t even LOOK at the exit.  I just stayed with Mom.

When we left, Mom told me I was a great boy, and we checked, and I had qualified.  Mostly that means I only have to do Rally Advanced one more time in order to get another title.  I can do that!

Next I had to go wait AGAIN.  When I finally got to go do obedience, I was pretty tired, so I sort of wandered along near Mom, but I did turn and speed up and slow down.  I was AWESOME on the recall.  Mom didn’t even tell me to finish.  She just used her signal, and I did it.  I only lost one point on that part.  That’s pretty awesome.  Mom asked the judge if we needed to come back for the sits and downs, and the judge said yes!  That meant I was still in qualifying range.

I was pretty sure I had this nailed because I’m so good at sits and downs.  It’s hard to do with all those other dogs near me, but I am good!  Anyway, we lined up to go back into the ring for the sits/downs, and there was doberman right next to me.  He seemed to have a bad attitude.  He kept trying to stare me down with his evil eyes, and he did a little grumbly thing.  Mom said, “Sorry, Moz, we are done,” and she asked to be excused.  I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but I didn’t go in for sits/downs.  That doberman with the attitude was trying to stare down the other dogs, too.  Even the judge asked if he was really okay.  If they asked me, I would have said, “No way!  He’s a cranky boy.”  Worse than Rico.  At least Rico does grumbly stuff but without any eye contact, and he doesn’t seem scary.  That doberman was acting like I was his enemy, and I hadn’t even met him.

Anyway, not doing the sits/downs meant we didn’t get a ribbon in obedience, but Mom told me I was the most awesome boy ever and she would never let anything bad happen to me.  I think that doberman might have been a bad thing that could have happened, so I’m glad we left.

I was awesome, and I got a green qualifying ribbon today in Rally.  I’m pretty tired, but I’m ready for my next show.


New Collar


Atlas:  Mozzie, is Mom mad at you?

Rico:  You’ve got to be kidding.  The whole world knows that Mozzie is Mom’s favorite.

Mozzie:  Well, maybe not the WHOLE world.

Atlas:  OK, but even if you are her favorite, it doesn’t mean she couldn’t be mad.

Mozzie:  She’s not mad at me.  She doesn’t get mad at me.

Rico:  She gets mad at me when I get cranky at you.

Mozzie:  Not really, she just tells you to cut it out.

Atlas:  If she’s not mad, how come she only ordered a new collar for ME and not for YOU?

Rico:  You really needed a new collar.  Yours was so big, it was like wearing a belt around your neck.

Mozzie:  And you looked ridiculous.

Atlas:  Still, *I* am the only one who got a new collar.  And it’s ROYAL blue.  I think that means I’m royalty.

Rico:  In your dreams, possum killer.

Mozzie:  My new collar will be here soon.

Atlas:  Will it be ROYAL blue?

Rico:  Of course not.  Mozzie gets purple because it’s Mom’s favorite color for her favorite dog.

Mozzie:  It’s not a new regular collar.  It’s a special collar for when I’m doing Rally.  It has cool stuff embroidered on it.

Atlas:  Can I borrow it when I go do Rally?

Rico:  I think you have to work a little harder before Mom enters you into Rally.

Mozzie:  Yes.  You don’t have to be fantastic, but you at least need to be able to get 70%.

Atlas:  WORK?  Never mind.  I’ll just keep my new blue collar.

Rico:  And we already have a belt for you if you need one.

Mozzie:  Rico, sometimes I really like how snarky you are.

Rico:  Any time, golden child, any time.



I was all set to go to agility last night for a practice session.  Early in the day, I figured it wouldn’t happen because it was raining.  In the afternoon, the rain stopped, so I got hopeful.  When Mom called Dad around 4:30 to let him know she was on her way home, she told him she was going to take me to agility class.

I was pretty excited, and Dad decided I could eat dinner early so I’d be all ready.  I was all geared up to go when Mom called Dad back to say she was okay but that she’d been in an accident.  Well, of course Mom is very clumsy, so initially I figured that maybe this was like when she walked into the fire hydrant or broke her toe walking into a door jamb.  I knew that would not stop her.  Then I heard Dad say something about my limo.  My NEW Honda Odyssey limo.

Apparently some dumb person thought it would be okay to text and drive.  When you are going over 65 miles per hour, that is NOT a good idea.  Mom says, if you are going 20 miles per hour, it’s a bad idea.  Anyway, the idiot ran into someone (person #2).  That person ran into someone (person #3), and that person ran into someone (person #4), and then finally my Odyssey limo got smooshed.  When that happened, it meant that I can’t ride in it because the tailgate can’t be opened, and I need to be able to get in and out quickly, just in case.

I did not get to go to agility, obviously, and my limo is out of commission for at least a week.  I hope it’s all fixed in time for the dog show next weekend.  I really like to be able to stretch out, and since At-yak is going, we will need space.

Luckily, Mom seems to be okay, but I’m staying close so she can pet me to help her feel better.


Team Practice


Atlas:  Thanks for letting me join you for your practice session with Seamus.

Mozzie:  Sure thing!  You made me look really good.

Atlas:  Is that a short dog joke?

Mozzie:  No.  It’s a, “you look like a rabbit on crack when you are heeling” joke.

Atlas:  I thought I did a great job.  Just like you.

Mozzie:  *I* did a great job.  Did you see my heeling?  I had my head up, watching Mom the whole time.  I sped up and slowed down and everything.

Atlas:  I saw that.  I thought you were looking at the pheasant Stella and Chewy’s treats that Mom was holding.

Mozzie:  Whatever.  I did a nice job.  I even did a good “finish” after the recall.

Atlas:  That was pretty amazing.  So what was wrong with my heeling?

Mozzie:  You are supposed to keep all your feet on the ground.  You aren’t supposed to bounce up and down next to Mom.

Atlas:  I was just trying to see if she still had any of those good treats left.

Mozzie:  OK, fine.  What about the stays?

Atlas:  I stayed a long time.

Mozzie:  When we were supposed to sit and stay, you only made it 30 seconds before you decided to lie down.

Atlas:  I was really tired.

Mozzie:  I guess I could see why after all that bouncing around.

Atlas:  Can I go with you again?

Mozzie:  I guess, but remember, I get first dibs on the Stella and Chewy’s treats.  Always.

Atlas:  It’s not easy being the youngest.

Next stop, Stockton

Stockton, CA To Become Largest U.S. City To File For Bankruptcy

Mom has been debating when to enter me into another show.  I’ve sort of been encouraging her to wait, but apparently there’s a show in Stockton, right before Thanksgiving, and Mom thinks I’ll do well, and she’ll have something else for which to be thankful.  We’ll see.

At least it means I’ve gotten lots of time outside on walks and time to practice.  I think I’m pretty much stuck having to stay in the ring now that Mom knows I can do that.  This new level of obedience, Novice A, is harder than the one I finished in Reno.  In Novice A, I have to heel nicely on leash with the judge telling us when to speed up, slow down, turn around turn right, turn left, and halt (no reading signs like in Beginner Novice), do a nice figure 8 on leash (just like Beginner Novice), do a recall (like Beginner Novice) and then “finish” (walk around Mom and sit next to her) which is different, stand (instead of sit) for exam, heel off-leash (this is a great opportunity to sniff!), and THEN I have to do sit/stay and down/stay with a GROUP of other dogs.  Of course I CAN do all of these things really nicely.  We’ll see if the mood strikes me.

Mom also entered me in Rally Advanced.  Yes, that’s the event where in Reno she thought I had not qualified, but I came in second.  It’s all off-leash!  Did someone say sniff?

I heard Mom talking to Amy about entering me in the pretty boy ring.  I hope she doesn’t do that.  It’s bad enough to have to ignore girls to be good in the ring, but to have to get a BATH first.  UGH!

On the plus side, there will be LOTS of girls, some of whom I already know, at this show.  I can always hope to find a girlfriend, especially if Mom is distracted.

So the Stockton show is the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Mom said I’d probably do just fine and then we’d be all set to work on more of this in 2015.  That seems fair.  I guess I can focus on training until the show and just dream about girls until we go to Stockton.