Lessons in Sharing


Atlas:  Did you see all the new toys I got today?

Rico:  You mean the toys WE got today?

Mozzie:  Yes, the ones we got.  Atlas, you need to learn to share.

Atlas:  I am good at sharing.  I do it all the time.

Rico:  You mean when you sleep?

Mozzie:  Atlas does not share at all.

Atlas:  Yes, I do.

Rico:  Stealing our toys is not sharing.

Mozzie:  I saw you taking all three dragons and hoarding them in your corner.

Atlas:  That is sharing.  Mom gives you toys, and then I get to play with them.

Rico:  That’s not sharing unless we want you to take the toys.

Mozzie:  And we don’t ask you to take them.

Atlas:  But you aren’t always playing with them.

Rico:  Because you steal them while we sleep.

Mozzie:  And you get all cranky when we try to get them back.

Atlas:  Is that wrong?  Maybe the toys all want to be together.

Rico:  On your bed?

Mozzie:  It’s not right.  Sharing is a virtue.

Atlas: I don’t need to be virtuous.  I’m super cute.

Christmas Carols are Confusing


Atlas:  I’m jealous that you got to go to work with Mom again today.  I had to stay here with Mr. Cranky.

Rico:  Hey, don’t talk about Dad that way.

Mozzie:  I think he means YOU.

Rico:  I’ll show you Mr. Cranky.

Atlas:  See what I mean?

Mozzie:  Yes, and going to the office with Mom is lots of fun, even on days when no one is around to pet me.

Atlas:  Can I ask you a question?

Mozzie:  Sure.  What’s up short stack?

Atlas:  I wondered why so many Christmas carols have people singing about needing water all the time.

Rico:  When were you listening to Christmas carols, coal boy?

Atlas:  I heard some in the movies that Mom was watching.

Mozzie:  But why do you think people singing them need water?

Atlas:  I heard them.  They kept singing, “No well, no well.”

Mozzie:  It’s not “no, well,” it’s “No-EL.”

Atlas:  Oh!  So they are singing Christmas Caros, not Christmas Carols, right?

Mozzie:  Sure, At-as, whatever you say.



I got to go with Mom to work today.  I was pretty excited to get to go, and I was on my best behavior even though she was pretty boring today.

Mom did give me a bully stick to keep me occupied at work, but that didn’t really last long.  Luckily, a few people stopped by to pet me and tell me I’m handsome.  Clearly some people Mom works with are very observant.

Mom turned on her Pandora, kind of like when we go on a walk, but she didn’t have on her magic shoes, so I knew it wasn’t walk time.

Eventually one of Mom’s colleagues called and asked if I could come to her building to visit.  I was really excited, and I love it when people stop to tell me I’m so handsome/cute/fluffy.  It happens all the time, but it never gets old.

Anyway, we went to visit, but we couldn’t stay long because apparently the Grinch works at the same place Mom does.  Not the Grinch after his heart grows, but the “stink, stank, stunk” one.  I guess a few minutes of meeting and getting petted  is better than being stuck at home.

Mom’s day was better.  She got lots of work done and, of course, she got to pet me.  Then one of the people she works with brought her a bottle of wine.  I’m not sure why that’s exciting when she has so many bottles at home, so I asked her.  She asked me if I found bully sticks boring because I have so many at home.  Of course NOT.  Anyway, I guess this was like getting one of those monster sized extra long bully sticks because Mom said she was going to save the bottle for a special occasion.  I thought taking me to work was a special occasion, but apparently not THAT kind of special.

I get to go back to work tomorrow, but Mom promised we won’t have to stay as long.  Then we can come home, and maybe I can get a walk.  Or a bully stick.  Or BOTH!


Dog Walking App


Atlas:  Mozzie, I think it’s cool that Mom got an app just for taking us for a walk.

Rico:  I doubt there is an app for that.

Mozzie:  We have an app that tracks our walks, but it’s for everyone, not for our walks.

Atlas:  I don’t know.  I’m pretty sure it’s for us.

Rico:  Atlas, you are the center of your own universe.

Mozzie:  Do you mean the Run Keeper app?

Atlas:  Yes!

Rico:  What makes you think that’s for us, not for everyone?

Mozzie:  Good question, Rico.

Atlas:  I heard it!

Rico:  You’re hearing voices?

Mozzie:  The app does talk and give updates when we walk, but it’s not just for us.  What made you think it was?

Atlas:  When we go for a walk and Mom stops so you can send pee-mail, the app says, “Workout PAWSED.”  Obviously that’s for US.

Rico:  Sigh.  I need to go get a drink.

Mozzie:  It says, “Workout PAUSED,” as in temporarily stopped.

Atlas:  I’m not good at spelling.

Mozzie:  There’s a app for that.



Atlas:  Thank you for letting me go with you to Benecia to the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California Holiday Party.

Mozzie:  Any time.

Rico:  Why would you want to leave the house?

Atlas:  There were lots of people there to pet me!

Mozzie:  And GIRLS!

Rico:  You guys are so predictable.

Atlas:  Other than when Mom made me wear those stupid antlers, I had a great time.

Mozzie:  I thought you looked great in those antlers.

Rico:  Did anyone laugh at you?

Atlas:  No.  But lots of people told me I was cute and took time to pet me.

Mozzie:  There were some decent dog treats.  And did I mention, girls?

Rico:  Anything else?

Atlas:  Mom bought something.

Mozzie:  She bought a dolly.

Rico:  OK.  That is good.

Atlas:  She did not buy a dolly.  She bought this thing with wheels and a handle that she can use at a dog show to put things on to pull around.  That way she won’t hurt herself carrying things.

Mozzie:  Atlas, that is called a dolly.

Rico:  That seems like a good purchase.

Atlas:  Are you guys trying to trick me again?

Extended Family


Today when Mom got home, she seemed really bummed out.  At first I thought maybe it was because we have a BIG storm coming, and she was worried about travel tomorrow.  Then I thought maybe she was worried about making it to our holiday parade on Saturday (and my opportunity to see GIRLS!).

It turns out that she is bummed because my Uncle Buzz is sick.  She just saw him in October, and she’s always been fond of him.  I think it’s because I look so much like him, but she said she met him before I was even born, and she liked him back then.  She said that Buzz’s mom, Vilma, told her Buzz has cancer.  I’m not exactly sure what that is, but it sounds really scary.

Mom told me that Buzz will have to go back to the doctor again this week and that they did something called a biopsy to see what kind of  treatment he will need.  I’m not sure what all of this means, but I know Mom gave all of us extra hugs, and she hugged me extra close and extra long.

Mom cares about lots of dogs, but I think when a dog is related and she knows the dog and she knows and likes the dog’s mom, it really shakes her up when stuff like this cancer thing happens to him.

I’ll let Mom hug me lots.  I hope my readers all hug their family members extra close and keep a good thought for my Uncle Buzz.


Donations Fur the Less Fortunate


Rico:  Hey, Moz, did you have a good time on your walk today?

Atlas:  I hope you did since you left me at home.

Mozzie:  It was pretty good.  Part of my route was closed due to the rain earlier this week creating some flooding, but otherwise, it was fun.

Rico:  You still got to go on a long walk.

Atlas:  It seems like torture to me to walk that long, but to each his own.

Mozzie:  I got a good inspiration on the walk today.  I think I’ve found a way for Atlas and me to help less fortunate dogs like a few I saw today.

Rico:  What made them less fortunate?

Atlas:  Don’t they get bully sticks?

Mozzie:  I don’t know about that, but I saw three different chihuahuas wearing Christmas sweaters, and it wasn’t even that cold out.

Rico:  That’s kind of pathetic.

Atlas:  And how can we help them?

Mozzie:  Well you could help them most, At-yak.

Atlas:  I can?!?

Rico:  Is he going to teach them to kill possums?

Mozzie:  No.  You know how dad is always telling Atlas and me to stay out of the bedroom closet because we shed too much?

Rico:  Yes, and you always ignore that rule if Dad isn’t looking.

Atlas:  But not if he is!

Mozzie:  Whatever.  Clearly these dogs need some of our fur to help keep them warm, so I was thinking we could donate some of our extra fur to them.

Rico:  That’s a great idea!  At-yak could donate enough for all the chihuahuas in Sacramento.

Atlas:  I’d be happy to.

Mozzie:  And it would save those poor guys from having to wear those ugly sweaters.  It’s a win-win!

Rico:  It’s good to help those less fortunate.

Atlas:  Especially if I don’t have to give up any bully sticks.

Cyber Week


Rico:  Mozzie, you’ve been neglecting your blog.

Atlas:  Right, what have you been doing?

Mozzie:  You guys KNOW it was cyber week, right?

Rico:  Of course.

Atlas:  What’s cyber week?

Mozzie:  It’s when Mom spends a lot of time on her computer shopping for extra good deals.

Atlas:  I thought that was called a weekend.

Rico:  No, these are REALLY good deals.

Atlas:  But it cuts down on petting time.

Mozzie:  Yes, but it’s when Mom orders hundreds of bully sticks for us and MUCH more stuff, too.

Atlas:  Did you say bully sticks?!?

Rico:  Yes.  And more stuff, too.

Mozzie:  That’s right, I helped Mom find Zuke’s Z-Bones on super sale.

Atlas:  The apple flavor?

Mozzie:  ALL FOUR flavors.

Rico:  And don’t forget the Blue Buffalo cookies.  Or the USA made jerky.

Mozzie:  That’s right!  It took Mom and I a long time to find all the good deals.  Besides, I had to use my extra handsome charm to get Mom to buy so much stuff.  She was going to buy a whole lot less before I went to help her.

Atlas:  I like cyber week.