Shining a Light on ….well, things


It’s been a pretty rough week as I have tried to recover from my surgery.  Sometimes I’m not sure if Mom understands everything I tell her.  For example, I was uncomfortable and my tummy was upset because of the medication I was taking, so I tried to tell Mom.  I stood in front of her and stared at her.  Stared straight into her eyes.

She did know that this was not normal, so she gave me lots of attention, but she also gave me some nasty mint flavored Pepcid.  I spit it out, so she was sneaky and put in on a  peanut butter cookie.  She knows I cannot resist those.  Then she asked Amy what else she could do, and after that, she gave me some bread with apple cider vinegar on it.  It wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

Worse than all of that she checked my temperature.  I do not think that is necessary.  I did not have a fever, and I told her that.  She was supposed be checking my incisions twice per day.  I do NOT give anyone access to my underside if I can help it.  I sure didn’t want to show my naked skin.

Mom is very determined to do what the doctor told her, so she got a flashlight and a mirror and put them under my belly and checked things out that way.  It was a little embarrassing, but it was better than having to roll over on my back.

Anyway, I’m feeling better, so now I get access to the doggie door again, and I’m free of the inflated donut as long as I promise not to lick my incisions.  That is a good deal, too.  Okay, so maybe Mom does   understand everything I tell her after all.


Teeter Goes Down


I’m still recovering from my surgeries last Friday, but while I’m stuck wearing a donut and having to go pee on a leash like a puppy, I’m thinking about how awesome I was at agility last week.

I will admit that I was a little distracted, and my girlfriend Luna was there, so it was hard to pay attention to where I was supposed to go; nevertheless, I conquered the teeter.

I didn’t run across it, because it might still be a bit dangerous.  I did, however, walk ALL. THE. WAY. across it.  Yes, Nola helped lower it so it didn’t go bang or anything, but I stayed on it.  I got a “jackpot” of treats including hot dogs, Stella and Chewys, and liver treats.  I might be willing to go across it again once I’m recovered and allowed to be treated with dignity again.

Dad even went to class with me so he could record my work so Mom could show everyone how amazing I am.  That teeter will not beat me.  I am Mozzie the Teeter Conquerer (MTC).

My incisions are a little itchy, so I need to sneak off and lick them before Mom puts that donut back on my neck.


Dazed and Confused


I’ll have to write about how I am conquering the teeter another day.  Today, I’m still kind of out of it.  Yesterday was a very long day for me.

I know it is NEVER a good sign if Dad gets up early.  That can only mean something bad is about to happen.  Yesterday Dad got up at 6:00 a.m.  Doom.

The next bad part of my day was when Mom got me in the car, but I hadn’t had breakfast or even a drink yet.  This has never happened.  Not in my whole life.  Ever.  And I was hungry.  And thirsty.

I heard Dad inside feeding my brothers, and that just added insult to injury.  I was thinking about that when we were driving.  We went a LONG way.  We drove to Nevada.  Well, at least to Nevada County.

We went through a drive through at Dutch Brothers, but I didn’t even get a biscuit.  Or whipped cream.  Or water.  Nada.

Finally we got to a place that smelled pretty good.  Mom let me sniff and pee and sniff some more.  It was going well.  Maybe I had overestimated the doom factor.

But then….we went inside an office.  A VETS’ office.  Yes, everyone there told me how handsome I am and how much they wanted to pet me.  A few minutes later, we went into an exam room.  Maybe my doom factor wasn’t exaggerated.

So the doctor talked to Mom about my “procedures,” and Mom explained how my Uncle Buzz had a bad reaction to some pre-anesthetic thing…it sounded like “turbo-tall,” but I’m not a pharmaceutical expert.  Mom got a little choked up when she explained how important I am to her and how she really wanted Dr. Michelle to take EXTRA good care of me.  Dr. Michelle assured Mom I’d be okay, but Mom hugged me extra anyway.

The next thing I knew, I could hardly even stay awake, but a lot of time had passed because it was all sunny outside.  I was really happy to see Mom, but my eyelids were so heavy that as soon as I got in the car, I went back to sleep.

When we got home, I didn’t feel so good.  I had owie spots all down my underside that I never let anyone see.  Mom gave me some medicine, and she let me have a little tiny bit of food.  I was REALLY hungry.  She let me have more food after an hour or so, and that helped a little.

I was having trouble getting comfortable, so I slept sitting up for awhile.  When it was bed time, Mom decided to stay in the living room so she could sleep on the floor with me.  I thought that was really nice.  She helped me find a comfortable way to lie down, and she petted my head until I fell asleep.  She got up to take me outside a few times because I’m not allowed to go outside unescorted for about a week, and I’m not allowed to run for 2 whole weeks.  That’s a LONG time, and it means I’ll have to miss agility.  I’ll have to think about it and blog about it while I’m stuck at home without any running, jumping, or climbing.

At least I’m starting to feel better.  I’ll be good as new soon, according to Mom.  I think it might be snack time.  More later!




Atlas:  Mozzie, I heard Mom saying you were getting tact on Friday.

Rico:  Mozzie is already pretty tactful.

Mozzie:  I think you misunderstood.  My stomach is getting tacked.

Atlas:  Why?  Is it rude when it grumbles?

Rico:  It’s TACKED, not TACT.

Mozzie:  Right.

Atlas:  Can’t Mom do that at home?  Why do you have to have surgery?

Rico:  Because it is actually sewing his stomach in a way that it can’t flip over and cause Mozzie to bloat and die.

Mozzie:  If you’d rather, you could call it what it is:  gastropexy.

Atlas:  I’ll think I’ll stick with tacked.

Rico:  But that’s not all that’s happening.

Mozzie:  Don’t remind me.

Atlas:  What else?

Rico:  He’s getting neutered, too.

Mozzie:  Don’t talk about it.

Atlas:  What is that?

Rico:  You’ll know one of these days.  Don’t rush to that day.

Mozzie:  I think I’ll have to work this for lots of extra treats, especially since I’ll have to miss agility for WEEKS while I recover.  Besides, Mom is super nervous, so I know she’ll be really happy when  the surgery is over on Friday.

Atlas:  Will you share extra treats?

Rico:  Don’t count on it.


Mozzie Versus the Teeter


I’ve been so busy with training, I haven’t even had time to blog.  That big show down in Monterey with all the Berners (AND GIRLS) is next  month, so it seems like I’m constantly practicing obedience, Rally, or agility.  I have to say that agility is the most fun.  The. Most. Fun.

I’ve been going to the agility place with the nice lady, Nola, who thinks I’m “awesome.”  And she means that in a good way.  As in, I fly through that agility course and I’m super smart.  And handsome.

Anyway, I’m still not completely sure the teeter is safe.  I mean, if it can go up and down, who says it won’t spin, fly, or fall over?  I’ve been putting my front paws on it to make it go down, but that’s about it until this week.

Mom sort of tricked me.  There was a teeter in this week’s class, and I was so happy to be running through the course, I accidentally touched the teeter.

It started out like this:


Weave, weave, weave (12 poles!)




Switch Tunnel (that’s hard because it means I have to go a different direction than the way I was going)





Switch Tunnel






Broad Jump

Obviously it was a long course.  I love those tunnels!  I sometimes want to go through them even when I don’t have to.

Anyway, I was flying along and started running up the teeter.  I thought maybe it was the high walk or something until I got about halfway across.  Then I realized TEETER (DANGER!  DANGER!), so I stopped.  I got some hot dog rewards for even being on it, and I celebrated by jumping off.

The next time through, Mom and Nola actually coaxed me with those yummy hotdogs all the way across the teeter.  ALL. THE. WAY. They held the teeter so it didn’t take flight or spin or anything, and when I got all the way across, I got hotdogs, Stella and Chewy’s Surf and Turf, and lots of hugs and stuff.

I personally celebrated by going to sniff Luna and drooling a little.  I think I’m kind of looking forward to next week.

Tomorrow is my last obedience and Rally class in this series, and I think I’ll have to practice that holding still for about an hour while sitting or lying next to other furry kids.  Mom says it isn’t an hour; it’s only three minutes, but I’m sure if she had to sit still next to an open box of Godiva on one side and a glass of pinot noir on the other, she’d feel like it lasted a year, too.


Tourists in the Neighborhood


Mozzie:  I had a great walk today.

Atlas:  How come all the interesting stuff happens when you are on a walk, but I never see anything fun?

Rico:  Probably because you only walk about half of a mile before you want to come home, and Mozzie likes to go for miles at a time.

Mozzie:  I do like to go see things.  And sniff.  And send pee-mail.

Atlas:  But Rico said you got to see 4 buses with tourists in our neighborhood today.

Rico:  That’s not what I said.

Mozzie:  You mean Rico told you I saw four greyhounds who aren’t from our neighborhood.

Atlas:  Um, I guess that is what he said.  But he did say that someone threw a spear at you.

Rico:  Did Mom forget to clean out your ears?  I did not say anything about a spear.

Mozzie:  Maybe you misinterpreted.  I did see a guy trying to learn to throw a javelin.

Atlas:  A javelin isn’t a spear?

Rico:  Not exactly.

Mozzie:  But Mom did tell him he should consider throwing it away from the pedestrian walkway.

Atlas:  So I didn’t miss anything?

Rico:  There were still geese out there.

Mozzie:  And goose poop.

Atlas:  I really do miss all the good stuff.