I’m Famous (at Dutch Brothers)


Mozzie is resting up for agility on Thursday, so I’m hijacking his blog today.

Mom usually goes to this cool coffee place called Dutch Brothers on Tuesday and Thursday mornings on her way to work.  She really likes their coffee, especially something called the sugar free Cocomo.  I’m not sure what’s in it.  It smells yummy, but Mom says caffeine will stunt my growth, and I’m already a little short, so I haven’t ever tasted it.

I sometimes go to Dutch Brothers on the weekend with Dad or with Mom and Dad together.  I’m very popular there.  They even keep cookies in the drive-thru for me.  Mom says they are for ALL dogs, but I’m pretty sure they are for me.  I’m famous there, and  I’m not just saying that.

Mom has a credit card with a picture of her with Mozzie on it.  I know, he’s the golden child, but I mostly think that picture is special because it was the first time Mozzie didn’t leave the ring in MONTHS.  Anyway, Mom used that card to pay for her coffee this morning.  The guy who works there looked at her card and said, “Oh my God!  Is this Atlas?!?!”  She told him it was Mozzie, so he asked if she knew me, and she told him she did.  He was pretty impressed, and he talked about how cute I am.  I guess he also asked if Mom would bring Mozzie there, too.

The point is that I am FAMOUS — at least at Dutch Brothers.  Imagine when they find out I finished my Rally Novice title.  Maybe they will name a drink after me.


Award Day


Atlas:  It was a fun day yesterday at the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California’s Awards meeting.

Mozzie:  I agree.  It’s not as much fun as going on a walk, but it was fun.

Atlas:  I got to play with some other dogs.

Mozzie:  I noticed Barney was telling you to back off a bit.

Atlas:  Is that what all that barking at me was about?

Mozzie:  Yes.  Nobody was barking at me because I’m not a space invader.

Atlas:  That might be true, but at least I don’t have to go get my teeth cleaned.

Mozzie:  I don’t have to get my teeth cleaned either.

Atlas:  What will you do about the plaque from yesterday?

Mozzie:  It wasn’t that kind of plaque.  They didn’t give me tooth plaque.  They gave me an award kind of plaque.

Atlas:  How come they don’t just call it an award?  It wouldn’t be nearly as confusing.

Mozzie:  It isn’t confusing to most of us.

Atlas:  I’m glad we cleared this up.  I was getting worried when Mom said I was going to get a plaque next year.

Mozzie:  We’ll have to warn Barney so he can rest his voice.



Atlas:  Hey, Rico, did you hear I’m a nurse now?

Rico:  I’m sorry, my hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, did you say you are a curse?

Mozzie:  That’s closer, for sure.

Atlas:  No, I said NURSE with an N.

Rico:  You are not a nurse.

Mozzie:  The only blood you like the sight of is opossum blood.

Atlas:  But I am sure Mom said I was!

Rico:  I don’t think so.

Mozzie:  I think you may have misunderstood.

Atlas:  You heard her, Mozzie.  She said after today, I would be Hickory’s All the Weight of the World, RN.

Rico:  After today?  You mean after today’s Rally Novice qualifying score?

Mozzie:  Atlas, you are correct about what Mom said about your name, but the RN is not about being a nurse.  It stands for Rally Novice.  You got three qualifying scores, so you earned a Rally Novice title.  You are NOT a registered nurse.

Atlas:  Oh.  I did wonder how being able to walk in circles and do down and stuff would help me in my nursing career.

Hamburgers Are Better Than Heeling


Atlas:  Mozzie, I think you were right about the judge not being able to pet me when I’m in the ring.

Mozzie:  I told you!

Atlas:  But I’m pretty sure she wanted to pet me.

Mozzie:  Is that why you kept veering her direction during your Rally Novice run?

Atlas:  I was pretty amazing.

Mozzie:  Not so much on the serpentine or the 360 right.

Atlas:  I went around every cone.

Mozzie:  Yes, but not in the order they were lined up .

Atlas:  Is that why Mom told me I was cute but silly?

Mozzie:  Probably.  But you did still qualify.

Atlas:  With a 75!

Mozzie:  That’s not an amazing score.

Atlas:  It’s 5 points more than I needed to get my green ribbon.

Mozzie:  You have a point.  In that case, I *WAY* overshot the mark in my Rally Excellent run.

Atlas:  I saw you got a green ribbon, too.

Mozzie:  Hey, why were you barking like a crazy dog when Mom had me out walking on a leash?

Atlas:  I thought you might never come back.

Mozzie:  Really?  We were still in the same room.

Atlas:  Still, I was freaking out.

Mozzie:  Mom didn’t like that.

Atlas:  I know, but I might have to do it again tomorrow.

Mozzie:  I hope not.

Atlas:  Do you think you’ll get a q in Novice A obedience tomorrow?

Mozzie:  I probably could have today, but I was pretty hungry.

Atlas:  What does that have to do with your not following Mom on the about turn and heading toward the exit?

Mozzie:  Hey, now, I did NOT leave the ring!  I just wanted to get a closer sniff of the burger that woman outside the ring was eating.

Atlas:  Only a sniff?!?

Mozzie:  Well, I really wanted a taste, but then I heard Mom calling me back to heel.

Atlas:  You had already NQ’d by going over there.

Mozzie:  I know, but I don’t want Mom to think I’d leave the ring, even for a burger.

Atlas:  You really are a grown-up.

Mozzie:  But burgers are way more interesting than stupid obedience.

Atlas:  I agree.  But we still have to go back tomorrow and do it all again.

Mozzie:  I hope there aren’t people with hamburgers tomorrow.

Atlas:  I hope they change the rules so the judge can pet me.


Ocean View


Mozzie:  I love the ocean!

Rico:  I enjoyed my first visit down there, too.

Atlas:  You guys looked like you were having a lot of fun.

Mozzie:  I was!  Did you see me scare the waves away?

Rico:  I did see you chase the waves.

Atlas:  I watched that.

Mozzie:  I also dug in the sand to show those waves where they needed to stop.

Rico:  I ran free.  I RAN and ran all over.  I’ve never done that before.

Atlas:  It looked like fun.

Mozzie:  You could have enjoyed yourself if you hadn’t been an idiot.

Rico:  I heard about that.

Atlas:  I wasn’t an idiot.  I just wanted to go see that new dog on the beach, so I ran over there.

Mozzie:  *AFTER* Mom told you not to go.

Rico:  That isn’t very smart.

Atlas:  Did she say not to go?  I thought maybe I was just hearing seagulls chirping.

Mozzie:  You did not.  You just ignored Mom.  That will get you back on a leash faster than anything else.  Trust me.

Rico:  Even I know that.  I got to run free.  Everyone was happy to see me enjoying myself.

Atlas:  I thought that was because you are usually afraid to leave the house.

Mozzie:  Probably, but he still got to run free.  You have to listen to Mom or you’ll spend your whole life on a  leash, short stack.

Atlas:  But what about getting to meet new dogs?

Rico:  It’s your life Atlas.  Do you want to be on a leash like a baby for your whole life?

Atlas:  Are you sure it wasn’t seagulls?

Mozzie:  See you later, leash boy.