A Star is Born


Today was my movie debut day.  I wasn’t too excited about having to sit in the kennel with Atlas all the way to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, but Mom said it would be fun, so I was willing.

It was getting cooler as we left the city, and we got to go over the Golden Gate Bridge with lots of fog around it.  That was cool!  I’ve seen it on tv and in the movies, but I got to be on the bridge.

After we found a place to park, we walked a few blocks to this GIANT park.  I mean GIANT.  There were people everywhere, dogs, flowers, and lots of walking paths.  It was awesome!  We wandered around a bit looking for “Bunny Meadow” where the filming was supposed to happen.  We found it finally and got stuff set up and waited for the crew.  I wasn’t sure who they might be, but they sounded important.

When they showed up, they were very nice.  They brought dog treats and water, and they pet me and Atlas.  It was getting fun!  Atlas met a Great Dane.  Spark, the Great Dane, was nice, but Atlas did a stupid little growl at him.  I mean, really, Atlas, Spark was more than a foot taller and 50 pounds heavier, and he was super nice.  Why would he be a moron and growl?  Mom told him to knock it off.  I thought he got that message, so I went and got petted by a bunch of other people, but a few minutes later, this little dog that had been running around humping other dogs sniffed Atlas’ butt a little too much, and the next thing I knew, Atlas bit his ear.  Well, he nipped it.  Enough to get the other dog to back off, but the other dog’s owner was not happy, so Mom made Atlas relax in his kennel for all the off-leash stuff.

Some actors dressed up like runners showed up, and the director told us to run across the meadow  and have the actors run after us.  It was FUN!  Some people threw a few balls.  Of course, I am NOT a retriever, so I did not chase the balls, but Mom told me I should go chase the other dogs, and I did.  We got to do that a few times, and it was fun!  Next another actor ran across the meadow, and we followed him.  That was fun, too!  Spark was the only dog bigger than I was, and I talked with him between takes.  It turns out that he also does agility.  We big dogs rock!

Anyway, the next scene was supposed to have a few of us go pee on a tree, but we all decided we did not want to be seen peeing on a big screen.  Is nothing private any more?!?

We moved on to the last scene.  The director asked who was cuddly, and Mom said I was.  I looked at her.  I mean, really, I am cuddly, but I don’t want EVERYONE to know that.  I have a reputation to uphold, and I don’t want to cuddle with just anyone.

Nevertheless, the actor in that scene was on the ground, and Mom told me to do a down next to him and let him pet me and stuff, so I did.  The other dogs joined us and did downs and sits near us.  The actor said a couple of lines, and then I was supposed to get up and go to Mom, but she wasn’t allowed to call me because the sound was running, so I watched her, and when she signaled me, I got up and “left the frame.”  That’s actor talk.

We re-did that scene a few times, including a time where the actor put his head on me.  I thought that was a little strange, but I was good and did the same thing.

The director and crew said my friends and I were great to work with, better than humans.  I have no doubt about that.  Anyway, it looks like I really will be in the movie with my new friends, Spark, Shasta, Chloe, Lucy, and the other Lucy, and a few others.  It was lots of fun even if the drive home was WAY too long with lots of traffic.

Mom said she’d definitely buy the DVD when it comes out and if it’s on a regular big screen near us, she will take friends with her, and then I can have a red carpet party.

I am a star now, but I won’t let it go to my head.  I mean, I already have a great, big, handsome head.  Imagine how good it will look on a big screen!


The Big 0-4


Today is a big day for me.  It’s my birthday….the big 0-4.  I got a yummy cow trachea as a bonus treat, but that wasn’t as yummy as the steak Mom gave me.  I like steak.  A lot.  I think for next year, I might ask for a giant steak.  And maybe a baked potato.  And some carrots.  I like to eat a well-rounded, healthy diet.

I also got a new toy.  It’s an astronaut.  It has squeakers and a rope toy.  I’m only allowed to play with it under supervision because of that rope part.  Atlas, as usual, keeps trying to steal *my* toy.  He is a hoarder.  He takes all the toys and puts them on his bed.  He doesn’t even have room to sleep on it anymore.  He might need a 24-step program for his toy addiction.

Mom also ordered me a new collar from Sexy Beast, but it’s not here yet.  It has lots of purple which is her favorite color and the color of royalty, so it seems like the right color for me.  I hope it gets here soon!  She ordered a matching leash, so I can’t wait to go out and show that off!

Elaine, the nice lady who lives with my fur parents, posted a picture of me with all of my siblings from when I was a very young puppy.  She asked Mom if she knew which one of the puppies was me.  I can’t believe she’d ever doubt that Mom could pick me out of a crowd.  Mom picked me out right away, of course!  Apparently, before I met Mom, she watched this thing called Puppy Cam.  She was able to watch me and my siblings for weeks.  She even picked me out as the one she wanted before she even met me.  She didn’t get first pick, but I’m really glad she wanted me and I got to l be with her.  I’m planning to spend MANY more birthdays with her.  And steak.


Pentathlon 2015


I was in the Performance Dogs In Action Pentathlon today!  In fact, I was the FIRST participant on the FIRST team.  Yes, I kicked off the whole event.  The events were Rally, agility, dock diving, Earth dog, and herding.  I was in Rally because, as everyone knows, I’m EXCELLENT at Rally.

This was much more fun than regular Rally.  Mom was allowed to have TREATS in the ring.  I will do almost anything for yummy treats, so Mom used the peanut butter ones, and I stuck with her.  Because it was a relay event, Mom told me we needed to “hustle” through the course.  Initially, I was thinking she was asking me to do some silly dance from the 1970s, but I was relieved to see there were no disco balls, so we just moved fast.

There were LOTS of things to go around (3 serpentines, a spiral, and a figure 8) and other than a quick need to check out the stuffed animals during the figure 8, I was awesome!  I got a 95, and I’m pretty sure we had the fastest time all day.  My team qualified.  We had to be under 10 minutes total time, and we did it, in spite of some obnoxious sheep who didn’t want to pay attention to the Borderline Collie who was chasing them.  I think chasing the sheep looks like fun.  Mom said maybe I could try that.  I do NOT want to do dock diving.  That looks stupid.  You chase some silly toy off the end of a dock into water.  What, am I dumb enough to take a long walk off of a short pier?  I think not.

It was  great morning.  This afternoon, I had to get groomed.  As you know, I’m not a fan of that, but Mom said it was so that I’d be ready for my movie shoot on Tuesday.  I guess that was worth it.

My AKC Rally Excellent Certificate arrived today, too.  It’s been a great day all the way around.  Now I need to go rest up for my movie role.


Ready For My Close-Up


I frequently talk about how many people tell me I’m handsome (and smart), but now I have proof!  I’ve been asked (along with my pesky brother Atlas) to be in a movie!  It’s not a starring role or anything.  They have humans for that.  But it is more than just wandering around in the background.  I might even get a close-up or two.

Mom says it will depend on whether or not I am well-behaved in the scenes that will be shooting.  I’ll be with a few other dogs, besides the pest.  I’m pretty excited other than the fact that I’ll have to get groomed next weekend to be ready.

We’ll be filming on June 30th in San Francisco.  I know it will make for a REALLY long day for Mom.  Luckily, I can sleep between scenes and on the road home.

Anyway, there can be no more debate about how handsome I am.  I’m ready for my close-up!


Green Acres Nursery


Atlas:  Wasn’t that a fun outing today, Mozzie?

Mozzie:  I loved going to Green Acres Nursery.

Atlas:  They had so many plants there.

Mozzie:  Yes, it was quite a place.

Atlas:  I liked the water dish they had out for us.

Mozzie:  You also seemed pretty happy that they took our picture.

Atlas:  That was fun.  They are even going to put it up on the wall.

Mozzie:  It’s because I am so handsome.

Atlas:  I thought it was because I was cute.

Mozzie:  Either way, it was nice that we got to pose.

Atlas:  And get petted!

Mozzie:  I think we’ll be going back  because Mom didn’t buy anything today.

Atlas:  We have to go back anyway because we didn’t see the whole place.

Mozzie:  Yes, we did.  We walked through the whole thing.

Atlas:  Where were the babies?

Mozzie:  It’s not *that* kind of nursery.

Atlas:  OK.  I was wondering why Mom would want to stop there.  It makes sense now.

Mozzie:  I’m glad I could clear that up for you.

Mozzie the Conqueror


I hate to brag, well not really, but anyway, I have conquered the evil teeter!  Last night at agility, I was doing a great job.  I mean a really great job even before I conquered my nemesis.

For example, when Mom stood far away from the obstacles and told me to “tunnel” and then “jump,” I went through the correct tunnel and over the correct jump!  Normally Mom isn’t so confident, so she follows me around all over the course.  It’s a little annoying now that I understand what I’m doing.

I digress.  On one part of the course, we were supposed to go over the teeter.  As my regular readers know, that teeter is EVIL.  One just like it tried to kill me last year.  OK, maybe not kill, but it did whack me in the butt, and that was not fun.  So last night, my first run, Mom had someone help me with the teeter, like usual.

After that, she looked at me and said, “Hey, Handsome [yes, she does call me that], I think you can do this without help.”  So we went over and Mom said “teeter.”  I got right on and got to that middle part where the whole thing moves.  It’s kind of like walking on a huge earthquake.  Anyway, when I got there, I stood until the teeter hit the ground, and then I walked to the end and sat down like Mom said to do.  She was REALLY excited.  There was a hotdog involved.

I did that teeter thing by MYSELF four or five times.  Mom even had Nola, the nice lady who teaches the class, come over and watch.  She was very impressed.  She said she knew all along I could do it.

So now I have conquered all the obstacles on the agility course.  I still sometimes don’t understand why it matters where I start those weave polls, but that’s another story.  Henceforth, one of my nicknames will be Mozzie the Conqueror (MC for short).


A New Hobby?


Atlas:  Mozzie, did you hear Mom was taking up a new hobby?

Rico:  Yes, I heard that.

Mozzie:  Yes, Mom tells me almost everything.  I don’t know what I’m getting for my birthday in 10 days, but I do know about the new hobby.

Atlas:  I think it sounds like lots of fun.

Rico:  I don’t know.  It sounded kind of boring to me.

Mozzie:  As long as it doesn’t interfere with taking me for walks or to agility, I’m okay with that.

Atlas:  I saw that Amazon delivered the supplies.

Rico:  I know.   I had to bark a LOT that day.

Mozzie:  I think Mom is learning how to do this new hobby from a friend who is already good at it.

Atlas:  Do you think the mallets are coming later?

Rico:  What mallets?

Mozzie:  She doesn’t need mallets.

Atlas:  Hmmm.  How is she going to use those little needles?

Rico:  To make things.

Mozzie:  I think she’ll even make something for me!

Atlas:  How does she make things in a game?

Rico:  It’s not a game.

Mozzie:  She took up crochet, not croquet.

Atlas:  OK!  I wondered how well those balls of yarn were going to roll well on the turf.

Rainbow Bridge for Uncle Buzz


Normally I am a very happy boy.  I have a great life.  I get to go to agility classes, to work with Mom, to the drive through for cookies, go on long walks, and much more.  It’s good to be me.

But today I am sad.  Mostly I’m sad because my Mom is sad.  Today my Uncle Buzz who lived with his Mom, Vilma, went to Rainbow Bridge.  I’m not too sure where that is, but I know that is where Mom’s other dogs before me went.  Once you go there, you don’t get to come back.  You have to stay there and wait for all your family and friends.  She said that there are lots of dogs there, and it’s not a bad place to be, but that humans get sad because they can’t see us in person anymore, and they miss all the good things about us.  She said people also miss the things they never thought they’d miss….like fur in their food, being awakened really early by a cold, wet nose, getting drooled on, and eating stuff we shouldn’t.

My Uncle Buzz had cancer.  He was diagnosed in December, and the doctors didn’t think he’d live this long.  They were wrong.  He lived almost 6 human months.  That’s like 3.5 dog years.  He had all kinds of medical treatments, but eventually nothing could help him feel better.  He wasn’t really himself anymore.

My Uncle Buzz was amazing!  He had a million titles, and he earned a lot of them when he was still really young because he was that good. Everyone knew who my Uncle Buzz was.  He was famous!  He inspired Mom to train me in Rally and obedience.  OK, maybe that inspiring Mom to make me do obedience wasn’t his best feature, but he was amazing.

Mom really loved Buzz.  I think the fact that I look like him made her want to hug me extra today.  I let her.  I even let her get tears on my fur.  It seemed like a good thing to do, but when Mom is sad, it’s hard to feel like my usual perky self.  She promised me that she would be okay and that we’d get to do more fun stuff again this weekend.  For now, though, we are sad, and we are missing Buzz.