Jumping with the Dumbbell

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Mom said that since I was getting the hang of this retrieve thing, I’d get to add something I really like:  jumping!

Tonight since it was a little cooler, Mom let Atlas and me get in some training time.   Atlas practiced some of that boring heeling and recall stuff.  He still doesn’t quite get the concept of coming in straight, but Mom is working on that part.  I guess if he doesn’t run past her to get petted, that will be progress.

On my turn, I got to go over a JUMP to get the dumbbell, and I got to go over it with the dumbbell in my mouth and give it to Mom.  I think she was surprised that I understood what she wanted.  I know I have lots of practice to do, but that part is fun.

I’m a little confused about this other thing Mom is trying to teach me.  She seems to want me to do a down part of my way back on a recall.  I don’t understand that.  Maybe Mom needs to explain that part better because that just seems silly to me.  Shouldn’t I either go all the way to her or do a down where I am?  Why would I want to do a down part of the way to Mom?

Anyway, I have agility in a couple of days, and I get to practice this dumbbell and jumping stuff.  I don’t want to be TOO good at this or I know I’ll have to compete with a judge and stuff.




I was pretty sure I was off the hook for having to do more obedience stuff once I finished Novice and earned my CD (Companion Dog) title.  Mom knows I think all that heeling is silly, and I’m over it.  Really.

Recently Mom asked me if I wanted to play a game with the dumbbell.  I told her I do that all the time, but then I realized she was talking about a white funny-looking thing, not Atlas.  I kind of like playing with Atlas.  He’s fast and goofy, and he’s a nice guy when he’s not stealing my stuff.

Anyway, Mom offered me the dumbbell, but I really didn’t see the point in putting that silly plastic thing in my mouth.  It didn’t even smell good.  I looked at Mom, and she looked at me, and we had sort of a stand-off happening.  Then she got this DVD called “Totally Fetching,” and she got some ideas.  The ideas involved really good treats (like alligator!), so I was willing to play along.

At first, I just put the dumbbell in my mouth to humor her and to get the yummy treats.  Eventually, she had me pick it up off the floor.  That was easy except when Atlas tried to steal it.

Yesterday she actually threw it and had me go retrieve it.  I’m not sure about the people who made up these obedience rules.  Why would you have someone throw something and expect ME to go get it?  Do I look like a Golden?  A Lab?  A service dog?  Nope.  I’m a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Nevertheless, with alligator treats involved, I played along with Mom.

She told me that at the next level of obedience called Open, I’d have to retrieve this dumbbell TWICE.  First just like a normal go get it thing, and then over a jump.  I like jumps.  She said there were two things in Open with jumps and only ONE heeling pattern.  I’m thinking that Open sounds like lots more fun that Novice.

Mom says we have a lot of work to do before I would be entered in Open, so for now, I’m going to keep working on my Rally Advanced Excellent title.  In the meantime, I hope she doesn’t run out of yummy treats for practice times!