My First Qualifying Score in Jumpers with Weaves


I enjoyed my first agility trial.  As you know, on Friday, my friend Cheryl came to see me, and I had a great time sniffing the new rings.  They really do smell nice.  I also go to see my pals Ozzie and Scout and their dad Mike.  It’s good to have friends.  Scout is super fast, and I am not sure, but it looked like she was flying.

Back to my story….on Saturday, Dad came.  It was the same temperature as the day before, but Dad said it was miserable.  I thought it was great, but I guess having that double layer of fur helps me.  I did pretty well in my Jumpers with Weaves run.  I didn’t say hi to the judge or anything, and I did nine whole jumps before I saw a spot I needed to go sniff.  When I left the ring, my friend Sandy from agility class was there.  She left Axel at home, but she came to cheer just for me.  That was really nice of her, and it made Mom happy to see a friendly face.

LONG after what should have been my dinner hour, I ran in the Standard course.  I was doing pretty well until I saw that teeter.  I decided sniffing would be better than risking my life on that teeter, so I sniffed.  I heard Mom calling me, and I even looked over at her, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go back over there.  Mom still celebrated with me when I left the ring.  She said I was her favorite Berner in the whole world and that she was proud of me.  I wagged my tail a lot, and I was glad she wasn’t annoyed about my sniffing.

Sunday my girlfriend, Luna the Australian Shepherd, came with her mom, Jillian, to cheer for me.  When Mom and Jillian walked the course before it was my turn to try it, Mom was going through what she’d say to me, and in this one section, I’m pretty sure I heard her practicing saying, “Mozzie, please come back.  Mozzie.  Here.  Mozzie.”  The judge laughed and she told Mom that I was having fun and that the sniffing thing would work itself out as long as I had fun.  She told Mom I had a really nice run (in Standard) the day before.  I had already told Mom that, but I think hearing it from the judge helped.

Finally it was my turn to go in the ring, and since my girlfriend was there, I really couldn’t do anything but show off a little.  I was fantastic.  I did all my jumps and weaves and a tunnel in the right order, and Mom didn’t mess me up by using the wrong hands or the wrong footwork, or anything.  We were a great team, and I didn’t see the judge waving, so I was pretty sure we did a good job.

Mom and Jillian talked about how nicely I ran the course, and I stood there and looked handsome.  It isn’t like Rally or obedience because the scores aren’t posted right there at the ring.  After a few minutes, we walked over to the score books, and Mom checked the scores.  It turns out I took SECOND PLACE in Jumpers with Weaves (Novice Preferred).  Mom checked the book again, just to be sure.  She seemed surprised, and I wasn’t that impressed with the ribbons, so she gave me a giant Zuke’s apple bone as a reward.  That’s better than the cheese I got as a reward on Saturday or the beef jerky I got on Friday.

I rested up because I knew I’d need to be ready to run Standard again.  I got off to a great start.  I did a tunnel, the A-frame, a bar jump, a broad jump, another bar jump and THEN there was even a tunnel RIGHT THERE after I came over a jump, but when Mom called me to turn around 180 degrees, I did it!  I went over that creepy high walk, jumped through the hoop and waited on the pause table just like I was supposed to.  Next was the teeter, and I just could not bring myself to walk across it.  Mom coaxed me to get on, and I did, but I opted to fly off about half way through.  That really seemed like a good compromise to me, but the judge waved his hands, and Mom had told me that if he waved both of them at the same time, it meant I didn’t qualify.  I didn’t care nor did Mom, so I finished the course the way I was supposed to (going over a jump, through a tunnel, doing weaves, going through the chute, and then over a jump).  Mom was really excited and happy, and my friend Jillian even recorded it so Mom could watch it again.  Mom told me I was the best, and that’s all I care about when it comes to agility.

I had so much fun that Mom agreed to sign me up again for another trial in December.  I will get to do THREE things (Jumpers, Standard, and FAST), so that should be even more fun.  Even better, Luna is going to enter, so I will have a friend there the whole time!

Agility is so much more fun that obedience.  I am glad I’m going to do more of it even if Mom says I’ll have to work on walking across the teeter, not flying off of it.  That seems okay to me.  Bring it on!


My First Agility Trial


Today I went to my first agility trial.  It was great weather!  I mean it was 27 degrees when we got there.  It was up in the foothills, so it was lots cooler than at home.  Mom was all bundled up, but she seemed excited.

She had me entered in Novice Jumpers with Weaves (Preferred) and Novice Standard (Preferred).  This place was great.  It smelled like horses everywhere!  I sniffed a lot and then I took a break.  Not long after that, one of my fans, Cheryl, stopped by to see me.  She was there to cheer me on for my first run.  She also agreed to record it so Mom could check it later to see how awesome I am.

When I got in the ring, it seemed like normal agility ring, except it smelled better.  I got through my first few jumps, and then I realized I hadn’t said hello to the judge.  It would be rude just to run by her and not introduce myself, so I took a quick run over and said hi.  I think the judge liked that because she raised her hand.  I thought she was waving, but Mom said she was signaling that I was off course.  Oops!  I got back on course and did some awesome weaves.  I did a few more jumps, but then Mom messed me up by stopping, and I thought we were done, so I went over and sniffed the other half of the ring.  It smelled great!  The next thing I knew, the alarm sounded, but I still had two jumps left.  I was going to do them after I sniffed, but I think ran out of time.  Mom told me I was awesome, and I had lots of fun, so my first run was down.

I think Cheryl was impressed, too.  She didn’t know how good I was at sniffing, but now she’s seen it for herself.  Oh, and she was impressed that I did the weaves and stuff.

I spent a bunch more time wandering around and waiting in my crate, but then I saw my friends Mike and Scout.  Mom watched them in the ring, and she said they were amazing.  They even took third place which is impressive.  Mike agreed to stick around and record me in my Standard run.

I got off to a good start with a hoop and a few jumps, and I even ran across that new teeter!  I was doing great.  I did another jump and weaves, a broad jump, and a tunnel.  Mom asked me to do the high walk, but I wasn’t really feeling like doing that today, so I turned around and got off before I got far.  Mom asked to do it again, so I did the same thing.  She decided to keep going, and she asked me to go the pause table.  I did for a second, but then I realized I hadn’t said hi to THIS judge, so I did that before I went to sniff the rest of the ring.

Mom gave me a big hug and said I was a great boy, so that was also fun!  After that we came home.  Mom told dad that I was great, and he thinks I’ll get a ribbon yet this weekend.  Mom was just glad my tail was wagging, and I was having a good time.

I get to go tomorrow.  I hope it smells as good as it did today!




I did it!  I finished my Rally Advanced Excellent title.  It’s kind of like finishing a Ph.D. in Rally.  I mean it took LOTS of work and going to shows and all that, but I did it!  I think Mom knew I was going to do it because she had already ordered the new custom link for her bracelet but hadn’t added it yet.  She does know I am awesome.

Mom entered me in four days of shows (Friday-Monday), and I only needed three more legs to qualify.  At Friday’s show, it didn’t really seem like a real show.  I mean there weren’t rings.  There was some tape hanging up on three sides and the stewards’ tables on the other side, but there were GIANT openings on both sides AND there were no mats.  I was pretty sure it was just practice because for a show, they use mats and gates.  That way I know where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing.

In any event, I figured since it was just practice, I’d sniff the floor.  It smelled super good.  Someone had spilled something sticky on the floor.  I think it might have been grape soda or something.  In spite of that, I still managed to get qualifying scores in Excellent and Advanced to finish my eighth leg.

Saturday, that soda was still on the floor, so I had to sniff even more, and so I didn’t qualify in Excellent.  The ring steward said the judge was just being mean, but Mom was fine with that because I did sniff some, and she knows that some judges are more picky about that than others.

Yesterday we were at a different place, Stockton, and they had rings and mats.  Like a real place. I figured out this was actually a show, so I did my thing.  I got a 94 in Excellent and then a 92 in Advanced to get my 9th leg.

Today the pressure was on.  It’s the last Rally show of the year, and I needed to qualify in both runs to get my title.  I wanted Mom to have confidence, so I did my thing during Excellent.  We got a 96 and 4th place.  Mom was so happy with me, and we celebrated with some cheese.

Next, it was time for Advanced.  Mom seemed super nervous, and I don’t like that.  I agreed to go in the ring, but I didn’t promise to do well.  The first sign was a 360 degree circle to the right.  I started to do it, but then I thought, “Mom is a freak!  I should just leave,” so I started toward the exit.  I was about 2 steps away from being out of the ring when I heard Mom say, “Mozzie, please come back.  I promise you are only 15 signs away from never having to do this again.”  That seemed fair, so I went back to Mom.  I wasn’t as excited as I was in Excellent.  Why should I have to do this AGAIN?  Nevertheless, I only looked at but didn’t sniff the toys in the dishes on the floor, and we got through the whole thing.

Mom asked the judge if we qualified (duh), and he said, “Of course!” which clearly meant I worked too hard.  I got an 84, so I was done!  I finished my Rally Advanced Excellent title and got a medallion to commemorate the day.  Mom promised me a hamburger and ice cream which is so much better than any silly ribbon or medallion.

On Friday, I start to go to agility trials.  I think that will be way more fun than obedience or Rally.  For now, I’m going to relax, eat my hamburger and some ice cream, watch Mom drink champagne, and enjoy my new, longer official AKC name.



Agility Competition, Here I Come!


Mom has finally realized I really am as awesome at agility as I’ve been telling her I am.  She entered me into AKC agility trials for right after Thanksgiving (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).  She entered me into Novice Preferred so I get an extra 5 seconds in the ring and get to jump 20″ instead of 24″.  I think the extra time is so that I can be out there so that people can see how handsome I am.  I didn’t ask her, but I’m pretty sure that’s why it’s “Preferred.”

Today I went to my new gym to practice with my friends Ozzie and Scout and their dad, Mike.  I really like all of them, and the gym is a fun place, so it was a good way to spend some time this morning.

Mike set up a course for us, and I got to help Mom feel confident in my ability.  I ran the course really well.  There were a couple of times I didn’t go where Mom wanted me to go, but I did go exactly where she was pointing.  I did that new teeter without jumping off.  I like the teeter at class more, but since the trial isn’t where I have class, I figured I’d better figure out how to do a different teeter.

My weaves are coming along, too.  I did 12 (!) of them today several times.  I even showed Mom that I would do them when she was just walking to the other side of the ring for something else.

I think I’m all set.  So now I have to decide if I want to do all of this with a judge standing there or not.  Luckily, I have lots of Rally trials (8 runs over 4 days) coming up before then.  It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks!

I sure hope she keeps my awesomeness in mind when she’s busy shopping for presents.


My New Gym!


Yesterday I got to go to a new place.  It was not a long drive like when we go to my agility class, but I still had to go in the car.  We went to this place where there weren’t any people around.  It looked like a lot of warehouses or something.  When we got out, Mom told me this was our destination, the new Competitive Canine Gym.

When we went inside, it was HUGE!  There was a ring like the kind they use for obedience.  It had a broad jump and a panel jump.  It even had two cardboard people to be the posts for the figure 8.  I had visions of having to do that boring heeling stuff.  Then we went to the second ring, and it had cones and signs for Rally.  I like Rally, that seemed okay to me.  Then we went to the third BIG ring, and there was agility equipment!  It was all there!  Tunnels, high walk, A-frame, teeter, weave poles, jumps of all kinds, a chute, a pause table, a hoop, and more.  I was so excited, I started just running around like crazy.  I was SO happy.

Mom decided that we should join the gym, so we did, AND she got me an hour of time all by myself in the agility area.  She set up a course for me, but it was hard to wait, so I did a few jumps for fun.  Finally, I got to go through the course.  Dad watched, and I think he was impressed at how good I was at doing all that stuff, especially the teeter.  I was having a great time, but Mom said I needed a little rest, so I had to practice those BORING sits/downs, but worse, Mom went around the corner, and I couldn’t see her.  She said that was on purpose because at my new level of obedience, I have to be there without her.

After I survived that, we practiced some drop on recall stuff and a few Rally moves before she let me go run through some agility equipment again.  It was so much fun!

The place was great.  I did have a bad moment as we were getting ready to leave though.  There was a Pharaoh Hound there, and he had some kind of big attitude, and he attacked me!  I was shocked because I don’t like to show my teeth and fight, but he was really going after me.  Mom was working to get him away from me, and his mom came to get him.  I am fine, but Mom has some teeth scratches and bruises on her leg.  I know she would not let anything bad happen to me.  It’s good I’m so nice because if I wanted to hurt that other dog, I could have easily done it.  I am way bigger, but my Mom taught me manners, so I just protected myself without going after him.

I’m going back to that gym soon, but Mom says we will keep an eye out for that Pharaoh Hound.  I hope to get to practice there pretty often by myself and with Atlas, and I also hope to get up there to practice with friends like Scout and Ozzie.  I like having my very own gym.