Surprises at Agility


The last day of my second agility trial was very interesting.  I wasn’t really feeling like doing agility.  Apparently I didn’t make that clear to Mom before we left, and we were entered into three events.

My girlfriend Luna was also entered in three things, and I do like to go cheer for her, so I figured I’d go along.  In our first event, FAST, I got to the start line, and when Mom signaled me to start, I left the ring.  That seemed pretty clear.  The good news after that was that Luna took first place.  Yes FIRST place.  She is very good at agility, and her Mom works hard, too.

Next up was Jumpers, and I felt kind of bad about not doing anything at all in FAST, so I decided I’d go over one jump.  I did that, and then I left the ring.  Luna did really well, but she was a little bit slow doing her weaves, so she went over her allotted time, so neither one of us qualified.  That was too bad because I was pretty sure Luna would get another ribbon.

Last was Standard.  Again, I felt kind of bad, so I decided to do four obstacles before I left the ring.  Luna did ALL of the obstacles, and she took first place AGAIN!  It was amazing to watch her do that course so well.  I like having a girlfriend who is so talented.

Mom told me that no matter what, she still loves me best.  She also said that leaving the ring was better than some things I could have done.  I think she may have meant that it was better than biting the judge like a Border Collie in Open Standard (the next harder level) did.  I would never bite a judge.  Ever.  Mom would still love me, but I’d never be allowed to go do agility again, even on days I felt like doing it.

She decided to enter me again for a trial in January.  Luna is also entered again, so I know I’ll have fun, even if I’m not feeling like doing teeter or anything else.


Agility Trial #2

5862736-Blue-ribbon-award-with-fairst-place-printed-in-gold-3d-render-Stock-PhotoI’m enjoying my second agility trial a lot!  It’s a three day event.  Yesterday was the first day.  I was entered in FAST (Fifteen and Send Time), Jumpers with Weaves Preferred, and Novice Standard Preferred.

In my FAST run, it was a lot of fun because apparently I didn’t have to do any of the obstacles in a specific order, so I just got to go where Mom said.  I did all of the things Mom asked, but then I went to visit some people (Mom says they are pole setters), and Mom said I still needed to get over one jump to stop the timer.  I was stopped visiting, so I thought they’d just figure I was done.  Apparently by the time I jumped over the jump to stop the timer, my visit meant I was on the course two seconds too long, so I didn’t qualify.  I had a blast though!

Next was my Jumpers run.  I was awesome!  I did all the jumps, weaves, and tunnel in the right order, and I looked good.  I was SO good that I took FIRST PLACE!  Ribbons don’t taste good, so I also got some salmon treats for taking first.

Last I did my Standard run.  I was great there.  There were new pole setters there, so I had to go visit them.  It would have been rude to say hi to one set and not the others, so I did take time to visit both sets.  I did the last couple of jumps after my visits, but apparently I visited for too long, so I NQ’d there.  Still, it was lots of fun, and Mom was very happy.

Today Dad went with us!  It’s so exciting to have him there.  In FAST, I had a great run, and when I figured I was finished, I went to find Dad.  Apparently I forgot to jump over the last jump to stop the timer, and leaving the ring to find Dad means I NQ’d, but you know you can’t let Dad get lonely.

Dad always seems happy to see me, so I went to check on him after ALL my runs today, and apparently the judges frown on that, so I went 0/3 today.  Mom says she still loves me best, and we both had fun, so tomorrow should be fun, too.


Nose work Class #3


Tonight was my third Nosework class.  It was even more fun than the first two.  There were all kinds of new things in the room.  Barb, the instructor, brought in baskets, a wet floor caution sign thing, bowls, a paper bag, a short table, a step stool kind of thing, a milk bottle, a Folger’s coffee canister, an orange traffic cone (like they use in Rally), egg cartons, and much more in addition to the boxes.

The best thing about it was that there was still CHEESE to be found.  I understand this game now.  Mom walks me to the door, she says, “Go get it,” and I run in the room and use my super sniffer to find the cheese.  Barb is super sneaky, so she put cheese INSIDE of the cone, in a basket inside of a box, and in an egg carton under another egg carton, and I still found it!  I really like this game, so I go running into the room as soon as it’s my turn.

Everyone else can tell I like this game because I always wag my tail.  Barb said this makes the odor spread around and can make the game harder, but I can’t help it.  When I’m happy, my tail has a mind of its own, and it just has to wag.  It does the same thing in agility, but at least there, it doesn’t affect how hard or easy it is play the game.

I have an agility trial the next three days, and I’m not really supposed to take sniff breaks there, so I tried to use my super sniffer as much as I could tonight so I wouldn’t be so tempted to use it over the next three days up in Rancho Murieta.

I think Nosework is kind of like agility, but only my nose gets to do the running around the room.  Now I have to go rest because my nose needs to recharge, and I need to get up fairly early tomorrow.  I sure hope mom rests up and is on her A game with her footwork and signals tomorrow.  We all know I’m awesome as long as Mom isn’t in my way and she gives me the right signals.



My First Nosework Class!


Mom has been promising me that I’d be allowed to use my nose a lot more as soon as I finished my CD (Novice Obedience) and RAE (Rally Advanced Excellent) titles.  I did it, so today I got to go to my first Nosework class.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when Mom said I could use my nose for good not evil, but I knew it wouldn’t be boring like obedience.  We went to my gym, and I thought maybe she was just going to let me run agility with sniffing breaks, but she said it was not that, so I hung out in my kennel for a few minutes while Mom went to learn about what I was going to be doing.

The instructor Barb is really nice and told mom to bring soft treats, so she took cheese!  I do love cheese.  When I got out of my kennel, I went into a room where Barb had put a lot of boxes on the floor.  At first, I thought maybe she just didn’t believe in recycling, so I was a little confused.  I went into the room with my leash attached, and I figured I should say hi to all the people there.  I was visiting when I thought I caught the smell of cheese.  Mom let me sniff.  A LOT!  I used my super sniffer, and I found cheese in a box AND I got to eat it!  Now this is my kind of competitive event!

I did this a few times before I had to go to my kennel again.  A few minutes later, Mom came to get me, and we went back to the room.  This time I KNEW what I was going to do!  Mom said I could use my sniffer, so I ran right in there to find my cheese.  I think this is going to be fun!

I am not too sure about the boxes moving around when I stick my head in there to eat my cheese, but it’s worth it if I get to use my sniffer and eat the cheese when I find it.  Mom would never let anything bad happen to me, so I think it even the moving boxes part won’t be bad.

I’m so glad Mom found this class.  I hope we do this one for a long time.  Maybe next week I’ll find hot dogs.  Or salmon.  Or more cheese.

Time to go rest my nose.