Finished in No Time!


At last weekend’s agility trial, I was super fast.  In fact, I was so fast that I finished in “No Time.”  That must be because I am so fast.  I know that in the FAST class all the obstacles were there, but I just did a jump and some weaves, and then Mom told me we could go have a party.  I liked that because I didn’t have to go near that teeter.

In the Standard run, the equipment was all there again, even that evil teeter.  Mom knows I don’t like that thing, so I got to go through a tunnel, then over a jump, and before I had to go near that teeter, Mom called me, and we celebrated.

In our last run, Jumpers with Weaves, I started out super fast.  I did a tunnel and some weaves and a bunch of jumps, but then I decided I was ready to go home, so Mom told me I was a great boy, she hugged me, and we got to go home.

Before we left, Mom was with her friend Jillian (my girlfriend Luna’s mom), and was checking their scores.  Apparently my score said “No Time,” so I’m not sure why I didn’t get a blue ribbon or anything.  Surely no time is faster than some time, right?

I think Mom said something about needing to do the WHOLE course to get a ribbon, but I’d rather just do the parts I like and leave the ribbon there.  I think Mom knows that there’s something spooky in the agility rings, but only at trials, so she told me we’d just keep doing a few things until I felt ready to do the whole course again.  For now, I’m going to keep running the courses in no time!



Learning a New Language


Atlas:  Mozzie, I heard Mom is learning a whole new language just to help with agility.

Rico:  I think agility *is* a new language.  I hear Mom say things like, “Out, switch, over, weave, tunnel, scram, get it, walk it” etc., and that seems pretty foreign to me.

Mozzie:  It’s not really a new language.  That’s still English.  It’s just used in a different context.

Atlas:  But Mom is taking a class to learn a whole new language for agility.  I heard her talking about it.

Rico:  Are you talking about the ASL class she’s going to take?

Atlas:  Yes, Agility Specific Language.

Mozzie:  ASL stands for American Sign Language.  It has nothing to do with agility.

Atlas:  Are you sure???

Mozzie:  Yes, but I have my own sign just for you.

Atlas:  Really?!?

Mozzie:  Yes.  I just shake my head and walk away.

Rico:  You don’t even have to take a class to understand that one, Atlas.


Walking in Circles

Going in Circles paint

Atlas:  Mozzie, you’ve been going on a lot of walks lately.

Mozzie:  Yes, it’s great, isn’t it?

Rico:  More petting for the rest of us while you are gone.

Atlas:  Isn’t it boring?

Mozzie:  No, it’s definitely not boring.  I love going on walks, checking posts, and sending pee-mail.

Atlas:  But you’re walking in circles the whole time.

Mozzie:  No, we aren’t.  We are going to all kinds of different places, not in  circles.

Rico:  Mozzie would be too easily bored if they were walking in circles.

Atlas:  But I thought you were doing Mom’s New Year’s Revolutions.


Atlas:  There’s something like a law that is making them go for walks?

Mozzie:  It’s not a law.  We go because it’s fun.

Atlas:  I’m confused.  So you aren’t walking in circles and you aren’t doing it because you have to?

Mozzie:  Of course not.

Rico:  I thought I heard you promise Mom that you’d stay in the ring at the next agility trial if she let you go on lots of walks.

Mozzie:  Sh-h-h-h.  I am hoping Mom will forget so I can keep my options open at this weekend at the agility trial.