Is It March Yet?


It’s been a rough start to the year.  My fur Dad, Tucker, was diagnosed with cancer, several of my canine friends have gone to Rainbow Bridge, and two of my Berner friends, Boone and Elin, who lived with Mom’s friends Cheryl and Gary have gone there in the last three weeks.

Before I was even born, Mom met Elin, a cute little Berner puppy at her first Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty in 2010.  Mom kept threatening to dognap Elin through the last several years, and I know why.  I got to meet Elin in Denver 2013, and I got to see her again last year in Monterey.  She was very sweet.  Today she went to Rainbow Bridge, and I know Mom is sad about that, and I’m bummed, too.  Mom gave me an extra hug and told me I’m not allowed to go to Rainbow Bridge for a long, long time.

Then later today, one of Mom’s human friends who I also really like, called Mom to tell her that she has some really bad illness.  Apparently she’s only got like 40% of her lung function left, and the doctors told her it’s only going to get worse.  I guess there’s something like Rainbow Bridge for humans, and Mom’s friend will have to go there.

I think we both need some good news.  I’ll try to get our minds off of this tomorrow when I go practice agility.  I know I can always make Mom laugh, and when I’m doing agility, I always feel better.  I’m ready for March to be here, and Mom is, too.