Vacation in Wine Country?


Atlas:  Why do you think Mom and Dad didn’t tell us the truth about where they were going on their little vacation?

Rico:  They told us the truth.  They went to wine country to taste wine and go to some fancy restaurant.

Mozzie:  And that’s why they had that nice woman Erin come over and see us, pet us, feed us, etc.

Atlas:  But Mom washed all of the dirty clothes before they left.

Rico:  She didn’t want to have to do them when she got home.

Mozzie:  Mom knew we have an agility trial coming up, so she wanted to work ahead.

Atlas:  But I heard that Mom washed clothes when they were gone.

Rico:  No she didn’t.  She definitely just took Dad to a nice restaurant.

Mozzie:  Mom said it was fantastic, and Dad did, too.

Atlas:  She said she went to some French laundry.

Rico:  That’s the name of the restaurant.

Mozzie:  It isn’t an actual laundry place.

Atlas:  So you’re saying the French Laundry is a restaurant?

Rico:  Yes.

Mozzie:  It’s a super nice place.

Atlas:  So why didn’t they bring us any leftovers?

Rico:  Because it was too expensive.

Mozzie:  It was either leftovers once or bully sticks every day forever.

Atlas:  I really like my bully sticks.

You Say Shih Tzu…


Atlas:  You sure get to see some interesting things on your walks.

Mozzie:  I see things, smell things, and sometimes, I even taste them.

Rico:  It’s dangerous out there!

Atlas:  No it isn’t.  It’s fun!

Mozzie:  It’s both.  It’s safe when you have good parents, but it can be dangerous if you don’t.

Rico:  We have good parents, but I wouldn’t risk it out there.  It’s safer here at home.

Atlas:  What’s so dangerous?

Mozzie:  Some parents use flexi-leads AND don’t pay attention to their furry kids.

Rico:  See, I told you there is danger out there.

Atlas:  What’s so dangerous about that?

Mozzie:  Many things.  For example, today on my walk, some Shih Tzu’s mom wasn’t paying attention to him.  He was barking and being annoying, so Mom and I kept walking.  About a minute later, the Shih Tzu’s mom was talking on the phone when he ran straight into the street to try to get to me.  At the same time, a big truck was coming around the curve.  It almost squished him.

Rico:  Did Mom tell the Shih Tzu’s mom how dangerous it was to use a flexi AND talk on the phone?

Atlas:  What kind of dog was it?

Mozzie:  No.  Mom kept her cool and just hoped that nearly having her dog squished would be a wake up call.  It was a Shih Tzu.

Rico:  Not all dog parents are as good as ours.  I hope the Shih Tzu’s mom learned her lesson.

Atlas:  What kind of dog was it, and why are you both swearing?

Mozzie:  No one is swearing.  It was a Shih Tzu.

Atlas:  See, there you go again.

Rico:  I think you need to watch more dog shows.  A Shih Tzu IS a dog.

Atlas:  Really?  I thought it was just a bad place to visit that was filled with exotic animals.


Rain Good. Mud Yucky!


Another weekend at agility, and it was fun!  On Saturday it rained (and rained and rained).  That was okay with me because it kept things nice and cool.  Mom even hung out in the back of the car with me.  Not in the back seat, but all the way in the back where my crate was.  It was fun in a strange way.  She did her whole analyzing the agility maps thing while I get petted and watched the rain.  I offered to let her stay in the crate, but she didn’t seem too excited about that.

My runs were all good, of course.  I was only one second too long (or one point too few) in the FAST course, but I did it!  I was a little longer over the allowed time in Jumpers with Weaves, but I was still pretty amazing.  When it was time for Standard, I did it so well that I took first place!  I think rain helps me.

Sunday the side for Jumpers was gross.  It was like a muddy swamp.  It was so bad they even put down astroturf to cover one bad area.  Then they changed the course to make it safer to avoid the really bad stuff.  Still, it was yucky.  I didn’t even want to sit at the first jump because I didn’t want mud all over my butt.  I just had to get groomed, and I am not looking to do that again soon.  I did start the course, but it smelled really interesting (Mom found out that the septic under the course was leaking), so it was hard to keep going.  Then I got to one kind of muddy area, and I looked at Mom, and she said, “great job!” and we got to quit!  No muddiness for me.  No extra grooming!  I think Mom was worried about one of us slipping.  Whatever, I avoided grooming torture!

On the Standard side there wasn’t any mud, and I did a little sniffing, but I still managed to finish in second place, and I finished my title (NAP)!  That means I have nine titles now.  That’s way more than Mom has.

I’m taking a couple of weeks off to get ready for my next agility trial, and I’m going to keep staying away from mud.  And the grooming table.