Barnhunt Clinic


Atlas:  What was that thing we did today?

Mozzie:  It was called a barnhunt clinic.

Atlas:  I didn’t see any doctors or nurses there.

Mozzie:  It wasn’t a medical clinic.  It was so we could learn how to do barnhunt.

Atlas:  I did great, right?  I mean, I found the barn.

Mozzie:  Well, I don’t know how to break it to you, but you were supposed to do more than find the barn.  You were supposed to find the rat, go through the tunnel made out of those bales, and climb up on the bales.

Atlas:  I didn’t see any rats at all.

Mozzie:  You were supposed to find them by scent, using your nose, not by using your eyes.

Atlas:  I did use my nose.  I sniffed a LOT of things.

Mozzie:  I heard you peed on one of the bales, too.

Atlas:  Is that bad?

Mozzie:  Yes, you are NEVER allowed to pee in the ring.

Atlas:  I was bored.

Mozzie:  But you didn’t find the rat in the tube.

Atlas:  If he’s in the tube, I don’t need to find him.  I can’t get to him to  eat him, and he’s not bothering anyone.

Mozzie:  But the GAME of barnhunt is about using your nose to sniff out the tube with the rat in it.

Atlas:  That’s dumb.  I’d rather do Pizzahunt.

Mozzie:  That’s why you will stay home tomorrow when I go back to practice it some more.

Atlas:  You will do anything for those silly ribbons.

Mozzie:  No.  I just like to hang out with Mom, and if sniffing out rats means I get to spend time with her, I will do it any day.

Atlas:  But she can’t even pet you in the ring.

Mozzie:  She can for a few seconds after I find the rat.

Atlas:  You mean if I found the rat, I would have gotten petted?!?

Mozzie:  Yep.  No petting for peeing on bales.

Atlas:  Do you think it’s too late for me to try again?

Mozzie:  See you when I get home, fuzz butt!

I AM a Good Citizen!


Rico:  Hey, Mozzie, I heard you got ANOTHER title.

Atlas:  Dude, that makes 10 titles already!

Mozzie:  I did earn my Canine Good Citizen title, but it was way easier to get than any of the others.  I only had to pass once, and there wasn’t too much hard stuff.

Rico:  But you had to stay with a STRANGER for three whole minutes with Mom out of sight.

Atlas:  Did you get petted by the stranger?

Mozzie:  No, I didn’t get petted, but it wasn’t bad.  After all, we know Mom would never leave me with a stranger forever.  She LOVES me.

Rico:  Besides that scary part, what else did you have to do?

Atlas:  And did it involve petting?

Mozzie:  No more petting.  I did have to let the evaluator look in my ears and lift my front paws.  I also had to be calm and ignore another dog who walked by.

Atlas:  Ooooh, that could be hard.

Mozzie:  Yes, you FAIL if you go after the other dog, fuzz butt.

Atlas:  Who needs titles anyway?

Rico:  Obviously Mozzie does.

Mozzie:  I also had to do basic obedience stuff like heeling, sit, down, stay, front, and not go crazy when they evaluator made a strange loud sound.

Atlas:  So, Mozzie, now that you are officially a Canine Good Citizen, do you get to vote?

Mozzie:  Yes, I vote for you to stop stealing and hoarding my toys!   You need to share them with us.

Atlas:  So you’re a communist?

Mozzie:  No, but you do make me see red some times.