This Boy is on Fire!


Last night it was time for my nosework class again.  It was SUPER windy.  I mean the kind of wind where my fur was flying off and Mom’s hair was blowing everywhere.  Of course, that means Barb thought we should do searches outside.  I thought that was fantastic!  I love cool, blustery weather.   I like being outside in that weather. It’s a little spooky when the doors or windows rattle.

Anyway, Barb thought she’d be super sneaky and put our new odors (anise and clove) out in the super windy weather.  We were doing blind hides which meant that Mom had no idea where the odor was hidden, and she had to rely on me.  We were running last after my friends Seamus and Abby.  My friend Callum had to stay home because his mom didn’t feel good this week.

Normally, Seamus is the man in nosework.  He just goes from odor to odor and finds things like a speed demon.  Last night, we waited for a few minutes during his search (which we couldn’t see).  Then it was Abby’s turn.  She took several minutes as well.  Then it was my turn.  Mom told me to go find it, so I RAN to the first odor (which was hidden in the dirt).  Yep!  Reward!  Next I RAN to the odor that Barb hid on the hinge of a door. Yep!  Reward!  Then I ran sniffing all that odor in the wind.  Quickly, I turned around and ran to one of the areas near a speed bump.  I sniffed the ground, and Mom called it.  Barb said, it was under a piece of wood, but Mom said, “Nope, no wood, Mozzie found it.”  Reward again!  I did all of those finds in under two minutes.  That was my first run of the evening.

I stayed on my sniffing pace all evening, and Barb declared, “Mozzie was on fire tonight.”  I have to admit, I was pretty proud of myself.  I really do LOVE to sniff, so I like that Barb noticed I’m good at it.

Mom says the American Kennel Club (AKC) has added nosework for 2017, so I’m looking forward to more opportunities to get titles in something I love as much as sniffing.  I do have a super sniffer!

I’m resting up today because I know I’m going to get to go work on agility and obedience again tomorrow since Mom has the day off of work.


Portland Paperwork

I saw that Mom was busily working on some trial entry paperwork.  At first, I assumed it was just another agility trial.  Then I heard her say something about Portland.  I also heard her say something about needing to remortgage the house to pay all of the entry fees.  I hope she was kidding because even though I really like competing in events, I like having a place to sleep and bully sticks to eat on a routine basis.

When we are there in April, I’ll be competing in agility, obedience, and rally.  I’m entered in two different levels at each event, so that’s six things to do in three days.  I sure hope the bed in the hotel is comfortable so I can get my sleep.

Mom also entered me in this thing called the try-athlete award.  She said it’s really the “triathlete” award, but she said as long as I try, I’m already a winner, so I’m going to be a try-athlete for sure.

It will be fun to go to Portland.  I’ve never been there, and I’m sure there will be lots of new smells for me to investigate.  There will also be lots of my Berner friends, so no one will say, “Wow!  Your dog is HUGE!”  I’m hoping they’ll just say, “Hi, Mozzie!  I really enjoy your blog.”



Remembering Amelia

Mom tried to explain to me what happened to my friend Amelia.  She said that Amelia who was three years old went to a place like Rainbow Bridge. Mom seems sad about that, but I think Amelia will be very happy there.  She was always so nice and helpful to me and my friends.  I think she’d be super happy getting to play with furry friends all day.

Mom said our friend Jessica, Amelia’s mom, needs our love and prayers, so I’m sending those.  Mom said bully sticks would not help, but if they would, I’d share.  That’s how important Jessica is and how much I liked Amelia.

Mom says that even though people die, they are never really gone as long as we share memories of them.  Mom’s usually right, so I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite memories of my friend Amelia:

One day at my lesson, Amelia climbed up on the  high dogwalk and started to go across it.  Then she looked down and realized how far up she was.  I know how scary that is which is why I look straight ahead when I’m up there.  Anyway, she asked Jessica to get her down, and Jessica didn’t just run over there.  She did a very good mom thing and just told Amelia to think about how she got up there and then use that same method to get down.  Sure enough, in less than a minute, Amelia was back on the ground running around.

Another one of my happy moments with Amelia was when I was practicing for agility, and Mom said I needed to work on focus when there were distractions.  I always found Amelia distracting because she was cute and was my height, so Mom asked Jessica if it would be okay to use her during practice, and Jessica agreed.  Amelia ran around, sang, pushed things around, and had a great time.  At least, that’s what Mom said.  I stayed focused, so I don’t remember as well. I do know that at the very next trial, I didn’t get distracted at all, so Amelia helped!

Amelia was a good agility trainer.  She used to help her mom out on the course, and she’d usually say, “Good doggie” to me and only occasionally “uh-oh.”  One day she was there when Jessica was helping Mom with course maps, and Mom had been using a purple pen which Amelia really liked, so Mom asked if Amelia wanted the pen, and she said, “yes,” so Mom let her have it.  Jessica who is a great mom told her to say thank you (which she did).

I will really miss seeing Amelia when I go to Jessica’s, and I will never forget her.  I like to think Mom is right, and my memories will keep Amelia with us in spirit.


Obedience Training Again

Yesterday I was excited that Mom was going to spend time working with me even before nosework practice.  She didn’t mention we were going to practice obedience.  I love agility and nosework, but obedience is boring.  Walk here.  Turn around.  Speed up.  Slow down.  Blah, blah, blah.  I wasn’t going to cooperate, but then Mom said we were going to enter obedience at the National Specialty in late April, and we needed to brush up on our skills.  She said we were going to enter Novice AND Open.  I think that’s just crazy, but if Mom wants to spend her vacation watching me walk around and then sit still, that’s her business.

I’ve never competed in Open before.  Mom told me the best part is that in Open, we only have to do the heeling pattern once.  I should mention that because we are also in Novice, that means I will have to do the heeling pattern three times.  ZZZZZZ.  BORING!  Heeling is the worst.  In Open, I have to do the retrieving of the dumbbell twice and do a drop on recall which makes no sense.  There’s a broad jump which is strange.  We also have out of sight sits and downs.  There’s no reason Mom would ever leave me with a bunch of other dogs and walk away where she couldn’t see me, but that’s part of it, so we had to work on that, too.  Because obedience is boring, my mind wanders.  When that happens, sometimes Mom will give me a cue like “Mozzie, over,” and I’ll miss it because I’m dreaming of getting liver treats after running agility.  She said that when we really compete, I have to go on her cue because otherwise, I won’t qualify.  At least, I think that’s what she said.  As I mentioned, my mind wanders when we do obedience.