Puppuccino at Dutch Brothers

Atlas:  I love going to Dutch Brothers!

Mozzie:  I do, too, as long as I don’t have to be in dad’s car with you, seat hog.

Rico:  I don’t ever need to go, but I like it when you bring stuff back for me.

Atlas:  I really don’t like sharing.  I tried to get Mom to give me both of the puppuccinos today, but she said no.

Mozzie:  They specifically told Mom that one of them was for me and that they missed seeing me.

Rico:  I’ve never met them, but I know they would want me to get some.

Atlas:  I don’t mind sharing the whipped cream on the bottom of the cup.

Mozzie:  You mean the part that you are too lazy to lick out?

Rico:  I can get my whole face in there and reach the bottom!

Atlas:  See how generous I am?

Mozzie:  That you’ll share stuff you can have?

Rico:  I’ll take what I can get.