I’ve been pretty uncomfortable with the jail that Mom bought for me to keep me safe when I travel in her car.  It does feel like I’m being put behind bars when we all know I’m a super well-behaved boy who doesn’t deserve that.

I’ve made Mom lift me into the car.  I know I’m not a very big Berner, but I do weigh over 80 pounds, and Mom hasn’t been too happy about lifting me, especially when I used my body weight to stick to the ground as if gravity had doubled.  I know she isn’t pleased, but I have seen her burst out laughing when I do that, so it must not be all bad.  I do know, however, that she’s still going to physical therapy for her neck, so it’s probably not my best plan.

Next I made Mom get the ramp for me.  I don’t like the ramp.  It’s like a not fun piece of agility equipment, and so I made Mom push me up the ramp.  I was not up for taking treats, and I wanted her to know I did NOT like my jail.

Tonight, however, Mom said it was time to go to nose work class.  I get really excited about that, so when we went out to the car, and Mom opened the jail door, I just hopped right in.  OOPS!  Now she knows I can get in without help, including the ramp.  I was busted for sure.  I guess I didn’t play that too well.

Since she already knew, when we were leaving my awesome class, Mom said, “Remember, you are busted, so get into the car,” so I just hopped in like a good boy.  I still don’t like the jail, but there’s no turning back to pretend I can’t get in by myself.

Oh well.  My love of nose work ruined my best laid plan.



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