No Clique-ing

Mozzie:  There are so many benefits to being us.

Atlas:  Like getting petted.

Rico:  And not having to go to work.

Mozzie:  I think one of the best things is that we don’t have to deal with cliques.

Atlas:  You usually get a treat right after the click.

Rico:  That’s a different thing.  That’s from a clicker.  A clique is completely different.

Mozzie:  Yes, it’s an unfortunate thing that humans create.

Atlas:  How do they work?

Rico:  Well, some people become friends, and then they don’t let other people also be their friends and/or they judge and are mean to people who aren’t in their inner circle.

Mozzie:  Mom really hates cliques.

Atlas:  Is that kind of like those obedience people who whisper, sometimes pretty loudly, about how they think that positive only training is dumb and how they’d train us differently?

Rico:  Yes.  Or people who get all snooty because they think their dog is better than us because some judge liked their dog better that day.

Mozzie:  I saw how some people treated Mom at the Specialty or ignored her when she said hi, and it made me sad.

Atlas:  Is that why she’s thinking of dropping out of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America and the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California?

Rico:  Yes.  She loves us, but she says it reminds her of high school.

Mozzie:  And she really didn’t like high school.

Atlas:  I’m glad we don’t have a clique.

Rico:  Me, too!

Mozzie:  Humans aren’t as nice as dogs are.


One thought on “No Clique-ing”

  1. Humans aren’t as nice as dogs are. Isn’t that the truth! Love you Mozzie, Atlas and sweet Rico – just stick close to your humans and everything will be fine!

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