Dog Leotards

Mozzie:  Did you guys hear about the new craze for dog leotards?

Rico:  Is this a joke?

Atlas:  What is that?

Mozzie:  It’s like a body suit that covers everything except your paws, head, and tail.

Rico:  Why would I want that?

Atlas:  It sounds really hot and not in an “I’m too sexy for my fur” way.

Mozzie:  It’s supposed to cut down on the need to clean up fur that we shed.

Rico:  But wouldn’t it just end up on the inside of the washer and dryer and then all over people’s clothes?

Atlas:  It seems like they are just adding a step to get the fur on their clothes when the could do it directly instead.

Mozzie:  You guys need to see how ridiculous dogs look in leotards.

Rico:  I’m pretty sure that’s why dogs bite people.

Atlas:  What if I need to go “hurry” and I’m wearing that thing?  Wouldn’t they have to take it off every time?

Mozzie:  Good point, fuzzy butt.

Rico:  It could be a Halloween costume.

Atlas:  I think it comes in purple.

Mozzie:  If people are worried about dog fur, they shouldn’t have dogs.  Just get a fish or a plant.

Rico:  Preach it, Mozzie!

Atlas:  What if they just sent us the money instead, and we could get more cookies and maybe hire a petter for the hours Mom and Dad are sleeping?