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Rico’s 2013 Resolutions

Photo: Rico ' busy chillin'

I’m pretty tired today because I’ve had to be even more vigilant than usual during the last 24 hours.  First, my parents went to a New Year’s Eve party where they celebrated at 9:00 which was midnight on the east coast.  While they were gone, our neighbors were having a party, too, so there were lots of people who needed to know I was home, so I barked at them.

Then when my parents got home, my mom was sick.  No champagne for the New Year’s Eve ball drop on the west coast.  Mom sounded a little like I do when I get something caught in my throat…but worse.  She looked pretty bad.  Luckily, I was able to keep her company by sleeping on the bed with her.  I even tried to help her get rid of her chills by sleeping on her feet, but that didn’t really work.

Nevertheless, I do have a few resolutions for 2014:

  1. Bark as necessary when people step on my property.  It is my job to warn people that this house is protected.
  2. Bark less at other things that aren’t critical.  It would really help me with this if television shows would stop having doorbells ring.  When that happens and I’m dozing, I sometimes don’t realize that barking is not required.
  3. Go outside and pace when a smoke detector starts to beep.  I’ve realized that crying and drooling does not help once I’ve gotten one of my parent’s attention so that they know a battery change is needed.
  4. Keep my parents company both on the sofa and on the bed.  Unlike someone I  know (Atlas), I do not roll around begging for belly rubs, so I am a good bed buddy.
  5. I will try not to crawl under the seat in the car when we travel.  Apparently there is not room under there.
  6. I will get my exercise in the backyard because I do not like being outside with scary strangers.

For now, I should go check on mom.  Too bad I can’t scare away her stomach bug.