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Reply All?


Atlas:  Thanks for letting me go with you on a walk today.

Mozzie:  Sure thing, At-yak.

Atlas:  I was watching you, and I have a question.

Mozzie:  Go ahead.

Atlas:  How do you know when you should reply to private pee-mail, reply all, or just like someone’s post?

Mozzie:  Good question.  First, always make sure you have a big drink before you leave so you are ready.

Atlas:  Okay.

Mozzie:  You know that tree at the very beginning of the path in the greenbelt?

Atlas:  Yes.

Mozzie:  That is a group discussion board.  You really should always make sure you add to that.

Atlas:  Okay.  A lot or a little?

Mozzie:  Well, you need to pace yourself, so I suggest a short pee-mail, and then if the walk isn’t a long one, you can add more on your way home.

Atlas:  Got it!

Mozzie:  The tree right after that is really usually just spam, so I don’t  bother to check it very often; however, there is a tree a little farther down, and that usually has more private pee-mail.  I try to be sure to respond to those.

Atlas:  Should I be taking notes?

Mozzie:  Probably.  So you should always reply all on important posts, especially if it’s been awhile since you sent any pee-mail.

Atlas:  What about that cactus in front of Abby’s house?

Mozzie:  NOT YOURS.  That is a private conversation between me and Abby.  Keep all four of your paws on the ground when you go by there.  And NO squatting.

Atlas:  Will I get to send private pee-mail?

Mozzie:  Not with me, but maybe if Dad takes you out, you can find your own friends.

Atlas:  Do you think possums check pee-mail?

Rico:  What are you guys discussing.

Mozzie:  At-yak’s need for a PEA meeting.

Rico:  PEA?

Mozzie:  Possum Eaters Anonymous.

Bernese Mountain Dog Health Fund Auction

f_2014_152Humans are really strange.  Tonight when Mom got home, she got on her computer and used this thing called FaceTime.  She could see and talk to her friend Lisa.  That part is kind of fun because Lisa is Mozzie’s brother Dante’s mom.  We heard them talking, and Lisa said that Dante had emergency surgery today.  He apparently ate a sock.  3 weeks ago.  He had to be taken 90 minutes away from the Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty in order to have surgery.  Rico could relate since he ate an oven mitt and had to have emergency surgery a few years ago.

Anyway, Lisa was helping Mom bid on items at something called the Health Fund Auction.  Apparently this is important to Mom because the Berner boys who lived with her before we did all died very young (before turning 6), so she wants to help keep that from happening to other Berners.  Some things had bids that just want too high, so even though Mom wanted to donate, she couldn’t afford that, so Mom waited.

Finally, there was a set of leather covers made in Spain for an iPad and an iPhone.  They both had Atlas on them.  OK, maybe it wasn’t Atlas, but he’s still sort of a Berner puppy.  Mom doesn’t have an iPhone, so next year, she’ll donate it to be sold to someone else, but she did some sort of happy dance when she won.

We are pretty sure Dad thought Mom was a little over the top, but we all understand why she wants to help the cause.  Next year the Specialty will be in Northern California, so we’ll get to go in person!  We hope Mom starts saving her money now.

-Moz, Atlas, Rico

#1 Fur-ever

113_10377795106_503_nI’m not usually one to bother with blogs, but I felt it would be appropriate to comment today.  You see, four years ago today, I crossed Rainbow Bridge.  It’s not all bad, but I do miss my Mom, and even though Rico, Mozzie, and Atlas have claimed her, she’s still mine, and I know for sure I’m still #1 with her.

Before I crossed Rainbow Bridge, I used to LOVE tennis balls and racquet balls.  I might have been a little obsessed.  You see, when the dogs who lived with me (who are also with me here at Rainbow Bridge) were around, I’d feel the need to gather all the balls to keep them from stealing them.  I was good.  I counted them, so I always knew if there were any missing.

In an effort to keep them away, sometimes I’d even try to swallow the balls and then spit them back up when the danger of having them stolen had passed.  I know it used to scare Mom to death.  She finally refused to let me have racquet balls because of this.

I did love tennis balls though.  I remember when I was a youngster, I went on a visit to a nursing home, and I saw the tennis balls on the bottom of someone’s walker.  I did a quick “down” and then moved to try to get them.  Mom explained that it was not okay because I could knock over the person.  I still think it was a misuse of a valuable resource to put those tennis balls there, but I’m not in charge.

I also loved to chase the tennis balls at the dog park.  Mom used a Chuck-it to throw the balls far away, and I’d run and get them over and over.  Sometimes she’d make me stop and take a drink.

When a ball rolled under the bed or sofa, I’d always stare at it until someone retrieved it for me.  Sometimes Dad would say, “Russ, there’s nothing there,” but Mom would know if I was looking it was there, so she’d always get it for me.

Anyway, I have lots of fun stories about my life before Rainbow Bridge, so maybe I’ll find time to share them intermittently.  Mostly, I wanted to remind the furry kids living with Mom that I will always be her #1, Bestest Boy.


-Ruster Buster