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Cancer Research for Dogs


Atlas:  Rico, is it true that you are the oldest Berner Mom and Dad ever had?

Rico:  Yes.

Atlas:  But you are only six.

Rico:  Well, yes, but going on 6.5.

Atlas:  That’s not very old.  What happened to the Berners before you?

Mozzie:  Well, I’ve heard about Bogey, and he was only five when he got cancer.

Atlas:  Dogs get cancer?

Mozzie:  Yes, and many Berners die of it, especially this one kind called histio.

Rico:  But Mom’s favorite, Russ, was a Golden, and he also died of cancer, something called hemangiosarcoma.  He also had something called a mast cell tumor, another form of cancer.

Atlas:  Why does this happen?

Rico:  It’s a genetic problem, and it’s especially a problem if breeders aren’t careful.

Mozzie:  Elaine, my breeder, was very careful.  I’ll be around a long time.  You, too, At-yak.  Amy is careful to be sure her dogs are healthy.

Atlas:  Can they find a cure for this mean hissing cancer and the he-man Joe cancer?

Rico:  Do you mean histio and hemangio?

Atlas:  Yes, those kinds.

Mozzie:  Well, there is research going on to work on that, but it’s expensive.

Atlas:  I’d donate my bully bites if it would help.

Rico:  That wouldn’t help too much, but Mozzie and Mom are going on a walk to help raise money for research on dog cancers.

Atlas:  Are they going to walk to a  bank?

Mozzie:  No, we are going to walk in the Morris Animal Foundation walk next month.

Rico:  How does that help?

Mozzie:  Hopefully friends of Mom’s will help by donating to the cause at our website:

Atlas:  Do people need to be rich to donate?

Mozzie:  No.  Any amount will help.  People just need to donate now rather than getting around to it later.

Atlas:  How do we make sure they do that?

Rico:  Maybe if they think about the dogs they’ve lost, it will inspire them to want to donate to help the cause.

Atlas:  That sounds sad.

Mozzie:  It won’t be as sad if they find a cure.  That’s why we need donors.

Atlas:  Oh, okay.  I hope Mom’s friends get with it and donate.  Now.

Mozzie:  Me, too.


Bark Box #3


Rico:  I can’t believe you guys already killed the Monkey Silly Bum toy we got in our new Bark Box.

Mozzie:  I didn’t kill it; I just wanted to get to desqueaker it.

Atlas:  And I helped!  With no possums, I have to have something to kill.

Rico:  At least you had to share the Benny Bully’s Beef Liver and Banana treats.

Mozzie:  Those were yummy.

Atlas:  And Mom thought they smelled awful.  That’s always a sign of a great treat!

Rico:  The Green Bark Gummies Hip & Joint Treats smelled good.  I hope we get to try them later.

Mozzie:  I’d be willing to give those to you guys if I can have the Benebone Nylon Chew.  It smells like BACON!

Atlas:  That’s not fair!

Rico:  We get a new Bark Box each month.  You can have the leftover monkey butt toy.

Atlas:  But the squeaker is gone now.  It’s not fun anymore.

Mozzie:  You didn’t seem to mind the possum carcass when it stopped squeaking.

Rico:  He has a point.

Atlas:  I hate being the youngest!



Mozzie:  I hate it when Mom has to go to work.

Rico:  Me, too.  She works hard, and even when she gets home, she still works!

Atlas:  I think some people who work with her left the ring today.

Mozzie:  What?

Atlas:  Well, I heard Mom saying she can’t believe people don’t  understand something she’s covered over and over.  You know, like how you leave the ring even though you know better.

Rico:  Mom doesn’t have people working in a ring.

Mozzie:  Atlas, you haven’t ever had to stay in the ring when there are cute girls outside the ring.

Atlas:  Were there cute girls outside the school today?

Rico:  No and there isn’t really any excuse for faculty to not get their grades submitted on time.

Mozzie:  It’s much worse than leaving the ring.

Atlas:  It must be because Mom is annoyed today and she’s usually just amused when Mozzie leaves the ring.

Rico:  Then it’s definitely a good day for you to leave all possums outside.

Atlas:  Do you think it would cheer Mom up if I sang my new “Born to be Wild” theme song?

Mozzie:  No, but it might help if you had some dead possums Mom could deliver to people who didn’t get their grades in on time.

Atlas:  I would sacrifice myself to do that.


Rico’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Cake1

Atlas:  Rico, are you in AARP yet?

Mozzie:  AARP is for humans, not canines.

Atlas:  Oh.  OK, but Rico is OLD now.

Rico:  I’m not that old.

Atlas:  Mom says you are the oldest living Berner EVER.

Mozzie:  No, she said he’s the oldest living Berner in THIS family.

Rico:  That’s right.  I turned six, and none of Mom’s other Berners have made it to six.  I’m a trendsetter.

Atlas:  Is that why you got that extra long bully stick when Mozzie and I didn’t?

Rico:  Yes.  Were you jealous?

Atlas:   I would have been more jealous if you got a possum for your birthday.

Mozzie:  But Rico doesn’t like possums.

Atlas:  I would have helped by eating it for him.

Rico:  That’s very generous.  Maybe I should eat your bully sticks so you don’t have to.

Atlas:  Wait!  I do like bully sticks.  I just like possums better.

Mozzie:  Happy birthday, Rico!