Welcome to Mozzie’s Musings

Hello world!  My mom won a raffle, so the Sacramento City College Web Professionals designed the basics of my site.  Let me say that it’s about time I had a website.  Mom said I had to share it with my siblings, so I guess I will have to do that.  You never know…they might actually do something interesting.

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Mozzie.  Mom says my registered name is Starkenhund Humming Along with Mozart.  I like Mozzie better.  I am mom’s favorite.  Don’t tell my brothers.  Currently I have two other Berner brothers living with me.  Just to be clear, neither is really a brother.  The baby, Atlas aka Hickory’s All the Weight of the World, and I do share the same grandma.  She was a Grand Champion.  I’m not sure what exactly that means other than she frequently had to be groomed (YUCK!) and her human mom ran around the ring in a skirt with her and she was chosen to win.  In this case, being a top bitch is a good thing.  My other brother is what is called a “rescue.”  His name is Ricola (the Freakola aka Rico).  He was born on an Amish farm, and had a very rough beginning.  He doesn’t have a long second name like Atlas and I do.  I think that’s because of where he was born.  Apparently he didn’t have a name at all and the people there were not nice to him or any of his family members.  That’s a long story for another day.

Since this is MY blog, I’ll write about whatever interests me.  I’ll probably also put up pictures of myself because, as you will see, I am extraordinarily handsome.  For now, welcome to my world!


One thought on “Welcome to Mozzie’s Musings”

  1. Hi Moz!! Dad’s outside so I’m on his laptop and Rosebud is snoring off breakfast so I only have a few minutes. I just had to say that your website is just *the best*!! Cool, dude!!

    Maybe you can have your mom convince my dad to get me a website. The world needs to know more about me. My dad keeps telling people that I’m “special” so I know that means I should have a website like yours. Anyhow, I gotta run. I hear him coming back. We’ll talk soon. And good luck with those weave poles. I hear they are really annoying. Keep up the good work.


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