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Cheeseburger in Paradise

Atlas:  I really liked that In and Out Cheeseburger I got yesterday.

Mozzie:  They make the best burgers.  Once I even got a double-double when I finished one of my titles.

Rico:  And you can thank me for yesterday’s treat!

Atlas:  Why?

Mozzie:  Because yesterday was Rico’s 9.5 birthday.

Rico:  That’s right.  You both benefitted from my birthday.

Atlas:  How come you get stuff for your half-birthday?

Mozzie:  Because he’s a senior.

Rico:  I’m Dad’s age in dog years.

Atlas:  THAT old?!?!  Do you think we can celebrate my half-birthday?

Mozzie:  After you turn 9.

Rico:  Mom said we could celebrate my quarter-birthdays after I turn   10.

Atlas:  Do you think we can get “animal style” cheeseburgers next week for my fifth birthday?  And maybe some fries?

Mozzie:  Don’t push your luck, short stack.  Fries are reserved for earning a title or getting to double digits.

Rico:  “Animal style” is not good for us.  It has too many things we can’t eat, including onions.

Atlas:  It’s confusing that it’s called “animal style,” but we can’t have it.  Do you think if we played that song, “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” we could subliminally get Mom and Dad to go to In and Out more often?

Mozzie:  I like that song.

Rico:  And the singer’s name is Jimmy Buffett.  It’s like a double subliminal clue.

Atlas:  I’ll ask Alexa to play it on repeat.

The Big 0-4


Today is a big day for me.  It’s my birthday….the big 0-4.  I got a yummy cow trachea as a bonus treat, but that wasn’t as yummy as the steak Mom gave me.  I like steak.  A lot.  I think for next year, I might ask for a giant steak.  And maybe a baked potato.  And some carrots.  I like to eat a well-rounded, healthy diet.

I also got a new toy.  It’s an astronaut.  It has squeakers and a rope toy.  I’m only allowed to play with it under supervision because of that rope part.  Atlas, as usual, keeps trying to steal *my* toy.  He is a hoarder.  He takes all the toys and puts them on his bed.  He doesn’t even have room to sleep on it anymore.  He might need a 24-step program for his toy addiction.

Mom also ordered me a new collar from Sexy Beast, but it’s not here yet.  It has lots of purple which is her favorite color and the color of royalty, so it seems like the right color for me.  I hope it gets here soon!  She ordered a matching leash, so I can’t wait to go out and show that off!

Elaine, the nice lady who lives with my fur parents, posted a picture of me with all of my siblings from when I was a very young puppy.  She asked Mom if she knew which one of the puppies was me.  I can’t believe she’d ever doubt that Mom could pick me out of a crowd.  Mom picked me out right away, of course!  Apparently, before I met Mom, she watched this thing called Puppy Cam.  She was able to watch me and my siblings for weeks.  She even picked me out as the one she wanted before she even met me.  She didn’t get first pick, but I’m really glad she wanted me and I got to l be with her.  I’m planning to spend MANY more birthdays with her.  And steak.


Stars and Stripes


Atlas:  It took forever for Mom to finish grooming me today.

Mozzie:  It’s because you are part yak.

Rico:  I love the massage I get when I’m on the grooming table.

Atlas:  That was okay, but I don’t think it’s as much fun as going to the store today to get Mozzie’s presents.

Mozzie:  I deserve presents.  In addition to my birthday being tomorrow, I got on the grooming table by myself, WILLINGLY.

Rico:  I saw that.  What happened?  You used to have to be literally dragged to the the table.

Mozzie:  I know, but I’m going to be an adult tomorrow, so I figured it was time.

Atlas:  I’m not an adult yet, so I don’t have to get up there on my own.

Rico:  But did you see those nice treats Mom got for Mozzie to share with us tomorrow?

Atlas:  Yes, but I think she left half of them at the store.

Mozzie:  What do you mean?  She bought the treats and toy I wanted for my birthday.

Atlas:  She left the stars there.  She only bought the stripes.

Rico:  Did you get a blow to the head on the grooming table?

Atlas:  No.  I saw her.  She only bought the stripes, but not stars.

Mozzie:  No, she bought TRIPE, not stripes.

Atlas:  Never mind.

Birthday, T-2



Only two days left until my real birthday celebration.  I saw Mom come home today with a lots of things that smelled fantastic.  One of her bags also had a paw print on it, so I’m 99% sure it’s for me.

Just to warm up, we went on a short (2-mile) walk this evening.  When I got home, I got a little cha-ching of goodies.  I got a cranberry cookie, a beef liver and banana treat, and an ice cube.  Then I got a belly rub, and Mom promised I would NOT have to get groomed on my birthday.  I was really pleased until I thought….if I’m not getting groomed on my birthday, I better be on the lookout tomorrow.  I hate being groomed.  It’s enough to give me nightmares.

It’s a good week to have a birthday.  One of the most beautiful girls I know has a birthday this week.  Her name is Rosebud.  She will be in double digits tomorrow.  I hope Mom got me some treats to celebrate Rosebud’s birthday, too.  Or MAYBE she could get me Rosebud for my birthday.  That would be even better!


Wish List


Mozzie:  Next week is my birthday.  I’ll be 21, finally!

Atlas:  That’s twice as old as I am.

Rico:  I remember being 21.  I’m twice that old now.

Mozzie:  I wonder if Mom’s already gotten my presents.

Rico:  Presents?  As in plural?

Mozzie:  Well, yes!

Atlas:  What are we getting?

Mozzie:  WE aren’t getting anything.  It’s MY birthday.

Rico:  Don’t worry, he can’t play with more than one toy at a time.

Mozzie:  First, I hope I get a super long walk, off-leash.  Then, I want a giant frozen bone from the grain-fed rancher.  And a Smart Pup frozen smoothie.  And the Tuggo toy from The Grommet.

Rico:  Isn’t that the tug of war toy?

Mozzie:  Yes.  I’ll let you guys play with it if Mom gets it for me.

Atlas:  Could she get you a possum?

Mozzie:  *I* don’t want a possum.

Rico:  And there is no way Mom would ever intentionally get a possum.

Atlas:  But if she does, will you let me have it?

Mozzie:  Yes, and if a purple unicorn with diamond encrusted hooves is one of my gifts, you can have that, too.

Atlas:  Wow!  Thanks, Moz.  I like being your little brother.

Rico:  *Sigh*

Rico’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Cake1

Atlas:  Rico, are you in AARP yet?

Mozzie:  AARP is for humans, not canines.

Atlas:  Oh.  OK, but Rico is OLD now.

Rico:  I’m not that old.

Atlas:  Mom says you are the oldest living Berner EVER.

Mozzie:  No, she said he’s the oldest living Berner in THIS family.

Rico:  That’s right.  I turned six, and none of Mom’s other Berners have made it to six.  I’m a trendsetter.

Atlas:  Is that why you got that extra long bully stick when Mozzie and I didn’t?

Rico:  Yes.  Were you jealous?

Atlas:   I would have been more jealous if you got a possum for your birthday.

Mozzie:  But Rico doesn’t like possums.

Atlas:  I would have helped by eating it for him.

Rico:  That’s very generous.  Maybe I should eat your bully sticks so you don’t have to.

Atlas:  Wait!  I do like bully sticks.  I just like possums better.

Mozzie:  Happy birthday, Rico!