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Today I got to go meet Santa!  I was a little bit surprised that he came to California to visit, especially with Christmas so close.  It does make me wonder about his work ethic.  Those poor elves are up there freezing and working around the clock while he’s sitting here in a park in California.  Still, I did want to meet him.

Mom told me he was here in the neighborhood, and it was my chance to go tell him what I wanted for Christmas.  Since Rico doesn’t like to leave the house, and Atlas doesn’t like to walk very far, I had to take their lists with me, too.

When we got there, I was the only furry kid there.  Tons of two-legged kids were there asking for dumb things, so I had to wait patiently in line to be able to ask for good stuff.  I made sure to cover the list in my head before I got my turn.

I think Santa liked that he didn’t have to give me a candy cane.  Mom told me to pose which I did, and Santa said I was very well-behaved, and I should get what I want for Christmas.  Of course, I knew that, but it was good for him to say it aloud.

I told him that Rico wants more chicken and apple jerky treats, just like he told me.  I told him Atlas wanted a full-time petter and unlimited pupaccinos from Dutch Brothers, and he said both were unlikely, but that Atlas could get lots of petting and lots of pupaccinos.  I gave him my list which included jumbo or monster-size bully sticks and lots of nosework practice and events to enter.  He said he was pretty sure those wishes would be granted.

On the walk home, Mom assured me that Santa was heading back to the North Pole to get back to work and that he was not a total slacker.  She reminded me that he would have to be sure that the bully sticks got on the sleigh.  That made me feel better.


Weak From Hunger

Atlas:  Why do you think Dad tries to starve us?

Mozzie:  He doesn’t try to starve us.

Rico:  At least Mom remembers to give us bully sticks in the morning so that we can avoid starvation before breakfast.

Atlas:  Do you think Dad can’t tell time?

Mozzie:  He can tell time.  Sometimes he just doesn’t think it’s time to feed us.

Rico:  He’s a human.  They do make mistakes.

Atlas:  Don’t you think when I’m collapsing from lack of food (like in the photo above) that should be enough?

Mozzie:  Hmmm.  How can we tell when you are lacking food and when you are in need of petting?

Rico:  He only needs food twice a day.  He needs petting if he’s awake.

Atlas:  Do you think I could train Dad to pet me while I eat?

Portland Paperwork

I saw that Mom was busily working on some trial entry paperwork.  At first, I assumed it was just another agility trial.  Then I heard her say something about Portland.  I also heard her say something about needing to remortgage the house to pay all of the entry fees.  I hope she was kidding because even though I really like competing in events, I like having a place to sleep and bully sticks to eat on a routine basis.

When we are there in April, I’ll be competing in agility, obedience, and rally.  I’m entered in two different levels at each event, so that’s six things to do in three days.  I sure hope the bed in the hotel is comfortable so I can get my sleep.

Mom also entered me in this thing called the try-athlete award.  She said it’s really the “triathlete” award, but she said as long as I try, I’m already a winner, so I’m going to be a try-athlete for sure.

It will be fun to go to Portland.  I’ve never been there, and I’m sure there will be lots of new smells for me to investigate.  There will also be lots of my Berner friends, so no one will say, “Wow!  Your dog is HUGE!”  I’m hoping they’ll just say, “Hi, Mozzie!  I really enjoy your blog.”



Fully Excellent!

Today was another fun day of agility.  We had the same order of things we had yesterday.  Up early, Dutch Brothers, map review, Open FAST, Excellent Jumpers with Weaves (JWW), and Excellent Standard (STD).

When Mom saw the Open FAST map, she showed me and said, “OK, Mozzie Bear, you can do this.  It’s easy peasy, only two jumps.”  Now my friends will remember that in FAST, I have to go do things away from Mom which I really don’t like.  On the other hand, Mom has been telling me that I only needed one more Q (qualifying score) in FAST to move up out of Open into the next level, Excellent.  Since I’m already in Excellent in STD and JWW, I thought maybe today was the day to move up so I could be fully excellent.

In FAST, I got to start with a tunnel, my favorite obstacle.  When I came out, Mom asked me to go far away over a jump and then told me to keep going to another jump, so I did.  Then I just did a few more jumps, went over the A-Frame, and then did another jump.  In Open FAST, we had to have 55 points (plus get the send part with the two jumps) in 35 seconds or less.  I might have overshot that because I got 60 points in 24 seconds.  Because I did that, I finished my title.  I don’t care about the ribbons (even the big new title ones), but I do care about those homemade liver treats and bully stick bites!  Jackpot!

Next was JWW.  It was a fun course.  Mom did a couple of silly things that I found confusing, so I got two refusals (that’s an NQ), but I didn’t go into the tunnel when I wasn’t supposed to even though I had to go by it THREE times.  I did all of my weave poles and a complicated end of that course with 20 obstacles.  Jackpot for me.  Schedule a handling lesson for Mom.

Last was STD.  I went through that course like a warm knife through butter.  Well, mostly.  I did stop on the pause table like I was supposed to, and I was flying through the first 14 obstacles, and then there it was….the teeter!  I conquered it yesterday, but again today it wasn’t bolted down when Mom did the walk through.  Even though they fixed that, I was super suspicious and would not get on it today.  No way.  Mom asked me four times, but I told her it was clearly even more dangerous today than usual, so NO WAY was I getting on.  She let me go ahead and do the last three obstacles instead.  I know the judge won’t allow you to Q if you refuse to do one of the obstacles, but I don’t care.  If he thought it was such a good idea, HE should have walked across it.

Anyway, we got home before the next round of storms, and it was a great weekend with Mom as always.  For my next agility trial, I’m in Excellent classes only, and Mom said something about cutting work…or maybe that was having our work cut out for us.  It will be fun no matter what.  A day with Mom is like a day with a bully stick.


18 in a Row!


This morning, it was windy, rainy, cold, and dark, but Mom still made me get up and get in the car to go back to Rancho Murieta for another day of agility.

Of course we stopped at Dutch Brothers on the way so Mom could get her coffee for the day to help keep her warm since she doesn’t wear fur like I do.

We were entered in three things.  We did FAST first.  That’s the one where I have to go do things far away from Mom.  I don’t really like doing that, but I was feeling pretty frisky.  Mom started me with a few jumps and then the A-frame.  Next was the “send” part, so Mom had to stay far away from where I needed to go.  She told me to go over a jump (which I did) and then go tunnel (which I did).  She might have forgotten to note that I was supposed to go to the far side of the tunnel, but that’s okay.  No human is perfect.  Or maybe I wasn’t sure which side she meant, but either way, I did the tunnel, and we wrapped up with a few more jumps and then treats!

We had Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) next.  It was so windy that one of the jumps blew over on someone else’s run.  When it was my turn, I was ready!  I jumped and jumped and flew around the course.  I even whipped through those weave poles like the wind!  I had a great time.  Mom said I didn’t q because I didn’t do all 12 weave poles, but we had a big party anyway.  She said that because I did all 18 obstacles without stopping, I got a jackpot!  There was a bully stick bite AND hotdog AND liver to celebrate.

Mom always says that her number one job is to make sure I’m safe and happy, and when she went to walk the Standard course, she saw that the evil teeter wasn’t bolted down.  There weren’t sand bags holding it down either.  Mom went and told someone important that the teeter needed to be bolted down because she was not about to ask me to go across it otherwise.  We all know those teeters are evil, and I think if they aren’t bolted down they could really attack.  I was so relieved that Mom was looking out for me to make sure I was safe.  She really does love me lots.  Several people thanked her for noticing that and for getting it corrected.

Next it was my turn to run Standard.  Now I have to be honest, I haven’t done a whole standard course since we moved up to Excellent.  Something always seems to get in the way; frequently, it’s the evil teeter.  I was thinking about those yummy treats, so we got off to a great start!  I was running fast and everything.  Mom did say something about a tunnel, but her arm was up, so I thought maybe she had asked me to go check behind it, so I did, THEN I did the tunnel.  I didn’t really stop on the pause table the first time, but I did the second time, and then it was teeter time.  I won!  I beat that evil teeter.  I walked all the way across and did the whole rest of the course.  I even did all 12 weave poles (and all 18 obstacles).  We had another big jackpot party to celebrate.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow!  Watch out teeter; I’ve got your number (and my Mom will help)!


Building an Ark

Mozzie:  With all this crazy rain, I wonder if Mom and Dad are going to build an ark for us.

Atlas:  What’s an ark?

Rico:  It’s a kind of boat.

Mozzie:  It’s really, really big!

Atlas:  I’ve never been on a boat.

Rico:  None of us has.

Mozzie:  An ark is what Noah used to escape the floods.

Atlas:  Wasn’t he the guy with all the animals?

Rico:  Yes.

Mozzie:  He had two of every kind of animal on his ark.

Atlas:  But there are THREE of us.

Rico:  That’s right.

Mozzie:  I know I’m going.

Atlas:  I’m little.  I won’t take up much space.

Rico:  Be serious.  Mom would NEVER leave one of us behind.

Mozzie:  That’s true, even if she loves me the MOST.

Atlas:  I sure hope Dad’s coming because one human is not enough to sustain my need to be petted.

Rico:  It’s good you have your priorities straight.

Mozzie:  That reminds me, we need to make sure we take a HUGE supply of bully sticks with us, just in case.

Atlas:  Good thinking!





I’m feeling a lot better these days, and I’ve even gotten to be free of the donut of healing (better than the cone of shame).  Mom’s been worried about me, of course, so I thought I might milk that a little bit.

I know Mom is trying to get me to work on stuff for the show coming up in Vallejo and then the Specialty in less than 3 weeks, but sometimes I’m just not feeling it.

Monday night Mom wanted me to practice “drop.”  In Rally Excellent, I’d have to be able to do this from a distance, and I was getting pretty good at it before the surgery.  But the way I look at it, I still have to get a qualifying score in Rally Advanced to earn that title before I need to worry about Rally Excellent.  Mom did point out that if I get a qualifying score in Rally Advanced in Vallejo, I’ll be moving up to Rally Excellent in Monterey.  Hmm.

Back to my story….Mom asked me to do a drop from a distance, and I didn’t really feel like it.  So I didn’t.  I stood there and looked confused.  I think she was pretty much onto my game, but Dad chimed in (I was happy he did this) and said, “Mozzie’s probably still sore from his surgery, so that’s why he’s not doing ‘drop’.”  I decided to stop making eye contact with Mom because I knew she’d know that was NOT the problem.

I did this for about 10 minutes until Mom let me do some other things.  She always wants to end on a good note, so she made me practice walking backwards, and I humored her.

She was starting to waffle and feel a little bad about asking me to do “drop,” but then…..on Tuesday morning, it was time for my bully stick.  I LOVE my bully sticks.  LOVE them.  Yum.  Yum!!!  So Mom got out my bully stick and had me do a stand/stay.  Then she walked away turned around and gave me the “drop” signal, and before I knew it, I had hit the floor.  Mom looked at me and said, “You are SOOOO busted, bucko!”  Oh well.  I got my bully stick, and I really enjoyed it.  The only down side is now I *have* to do drop when Mom asks because she knows I didn’t forget it, and I’m not so uncomfortable I can’t do it.

She’s a sneaky one, my Mom.


I Got Mail


Usually I don’t get excited about regular old mail.  I do get excited about packages from UPS and FedEx, especially when they have bully sticks, Bark Boxes, or toys.  This week was a little different.

I got mail!  It was addressed to Mom, but it was for me.  It was from the American Kennel Club (AKC).  It had my long, big boy name on it with my first title, Rally Novice (Starkenhund Humming Along with Mozart, RN).  The certificate was for my completing my Beginner Novice obedience title (BN).  Now my name will get two letters longer!  Mostly it proved that I *DID* stay in the ring three times and do all those tricky things like holding still while the judge petted my head.

Mom was pretty happy, and she put it in the display case with a few of my ribbons.  I thought it was nice, but I have a suggestion for the AKC.  The whole title thing would be better if instead of sending a piece of paper, they sent a bag of bully sticks or a subscription to Bark Box or something.  After all, I did all that work, so I should get something.

The good news is that Mom is awesome, so she gave me some chicken jerky (made in the USA), some lobster roll biscuits, and a bully bite (like a mini bully stick).  I hope my friends’ parents do the same thing for them when their title certificates arrive.

I wonder what I’ll get when I finish my next title.  It might be worth staying in the ring again.  Maybe.


Bully Bites!


Mozzie:  Rico, will you be on door patrol for the next few days?

Atlas:  When isn’t Rico on door patrol?

Rico:  Hey possum-breath, I am protecting this family!

Mozzie:  Don’t protect us too well.  We have a package coming.

Atlas:  We do?

Mozzie:  Yes.

Rico:  UPS or FedEx?

Mozzie:  UPS

Rico:  Good thing.  I don’t like those FedEx people.  The UPS people are nice.

Atlas:  What are we getting?

Mozzie:  You don’t know?

Atlas:  No.  Mom didn’t tell me.

Rico:  Don’t tell him.  We don’t have to share if he doesn’t know.

Mozzie:  We need to share.  Mom knows if we don’t.

Rico:  Okay.

Atlas:  What are we getting?

Mozzie:  Bully Bites.

Atlas:  For real?

Rico:  Yes.

Atlas:  Instead of bully sticks?

Mozzie:  Of course not.  Mom would never fail us on bully sticks.

Rico:  This is a BONUS treat.

Atlas:  Yippee!  I agree with Mozzie.  You need to stay on door patrol so we know when the Bully Bites arrive.

Mozzie:  They were on sale so Mom bought two bags!

Rico:  I hope they arrive in the same shipment.  Patrolling for UPS is hard work.

Another Class?

UnknownI have a bad feeling that Mom might be thinking of enrolling us in another online class.  I saw her scoping out a class by Deb Jones called “Focus.”  Hmmm.  I’m not sure what else it said because I got distracted.  Be right back.

OK…where was I?  Oh, right, FOCUS.  I’m not sure why Mom might think of enrolling us in that class because I’m actually very good at focusing on girls.  And goose poop.  And bully sticks.  Yum, bully sticks, I really like those.  They smell good and are crunchy.  I look forward to them every morning.

Sorry, I got sidetracked.  Anyway, Mom might enroll us in this Focus class.  I guess maybe it could help her pay more attention to me.  I’ll keep you posted!