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Today I got to go meet Santa!  I was a little bit surprised that he came to California to visit, especially with Christmas so close.  It does make me wonder about his work ethic.  Those poor elves are up there freezing and working around the clock while he’s sitting here in a park in California.  Still, I did want to meet him.

Mom told me he was here in the neighborhood, and it was my chance to go tell him what I wanted for Christmas.  Since Rico doesn’t like to leave the house, and Atlas doesn’t like to walk very far, I had to take their lists with me, too.

When we got there, I was the only furry kid there.  Tons of two-legged kids were there asking for dumb things, so I had to wait patiently in line to be able to ask for good stuff.  I made sure to cover the list in my head before I got my turn.

I think Santa liked that he didn’t have to give me a candy cane.  Mom told me to pose which I did, and Santa said I was very well-behaved, and I should get what I want for Christmas.  Of course, I knew that, but it was good for him to say it aloud.

I told him that Rico wants more chicken and apple jerky treats, just like he told me.  I told him Atlas wanted a full-time petter and unlimited pupaccinos from Dutch Brothers, and he said both were unlikely, but that Atlas could get lots of petting and lots of pupaccinos.  I gave him my list which included jumbo or monster-size bully sticks and lots of nosework practice and events to enter.  He said he was pretty sure those wishes would be granted.

On the walk home, Mom assured me that Santa was heading back to the North Pole to get back to work and that he was not a total slacker.  She reminded me that he would have to be sure that the bully sticks got on the sleigh.  That made me feel better.


Christmas Lights, 2013


Mozzie Christmas lights 2013

Mom and dad dragged took us out tonight.  I was really hoping to go for a walk, but we got in the car and drove around instead.  We didn’t go anywhere scary (with needles or white coats) or fun (with snow or GIRLS), but it was different.  We stopped at this one place because they had lots of Christmas lights that flashed around while music played on the car stereo.  I had mom take a video.  I don’t really understand how that works, but it was kind of interesting, and at least I got to go out with mom and dad!  Supervising the At-hat was hard work, as usual, but it was worth it.  Mom promised we could WALK and look at lights tomorrow or the next day, and THAT would be fun.


At Christmas lights 2013

Yes, we did get to go!  I was thinking we were going to look for opossums since it was dark, and I was pretty excited about that.  I told Mozzie, but he said I was an idiot because mom and dad do NOT like opossums at all.  Anyway, we got to this one cool house where there was music in the car and the lights were moving like MAGIC!  It was great, and I watched out the window while Mozzie rolled his eyes at me when I asked if they had a light up opossum.  Whatever.  Eventually I got pretty tired and rested my head on the window, and I was super tired when we got home.  Hopefully dad can drive me around to see the lights in the neighborhood when Moz and mom go walk to see them.  My way is faster.

-At Hat

At watching lights

Christmas Trees

I really enjoy going on walks with my mom, but recently we’ve been seeing all kinds of new trees in people’s yards.  Why is this curious?  Well, I understand that I’m allowed to check my pee-mail on outside trees, like in the park and on the greenbelt, but I am not allowed to do that on people’s indoor trees, like Christmas trees.

So why can’t I send pee-mail on people’s new puffy trees since they are outside?  There is something wrong with these trees.  They smell funny, and they make noise some of the time.  Other times, they are very quiet and seem sort of depressed like the melting witch in The Wizard of Oz.  I’d even say they seem deflated.  Every single time I want to get closer to one of them, mom tells me “leave,” which means I was about to get to something good, but there’s some rule against Mozzie having it.  These trees are like that.

The next thing I saw on today’s walk was Santa!  He was sitting in someone’s yard waving at me.  I figured it was my chance to go see him; after all, he did wave.  Mom said I was not allowed to go see him.  Do you think Santa got my list?  You don’t think mom wouldn’t let me see him because she thought I was BAD, do you?  I noticed he was still sitting there in the exact same spot when we walked by on the way home.  Doesn’t he have work to do?  Do you think all of his elves will unionize if he keeps making them do all the work while he sits in someone’s yard all day?  Who’s keeping an eye on the reindeer?  Who keeps Blitzen from bullying Rudolph?  Do they play reindeer games when Santa is away?  I wonder if they play Scrabble or Monopoly.  I wonder if they like to crunch on plastic water bottles like I do.  What if they are crunching on MY plastic bottles while Santa is hanging out in California?  Just the thought of that is making me feel like one of those new funky trees when it isn’t making noise.




Santa, it’s me, Ricola!


Dear Santa,

I know my younger brothers were very greedy and asking for all kinds of things for Christmas.  I’m actually pretty happy with what I have.  You see, Santa, I’m a rescue.  Some Amish people were running a puppy mill, and that’s where I was born.  They thought of me and my whole family as livestock and money makers, so we didn’t get names, get petted, or get treated well.

Once I got adopted, my whole life changed.  Now I get petted every day.  I get to sleep on the bed with my parents.  I have good food to eat, and I even get good toys.  My favorite toy is a Nylabone shaped like a dinosaur.  I share these with my brothers, so my mom usually orders these by the case so I don’t run out ever.

I also get a bully stick every day, and mom always gives me mine first because I’m the oldest.  I do get called Rico Freako because I’m not exactly built like a standard Bernese Mountain Dog, but I don’t mind.  I know it’s a term of endearment.

I really do not like to go places outside of my house and backyard, so if Mozzie and Atlas get a trip to Tahoe, it should only be for them.  I’ll stay home with my dinosaur and rest on the bed.


P.S.  If you bring bully sticks, will you bring them in a number divisible by 3?  🙂

Atlas’ Christmas List 2013


Dear Santa…um, I mean Mr. Claus,

Mozzie told me he provided you his Christmas list, and since this is my first Christmas at this house, I wanted to be sure you could find me and bring my stuff!  By the way, is your beard made of opossum fur?  I really like it, but I can’t smell it, so it’s hard to tell.

Oh, and what’s the deal with elves?  Are they puppy Santas?  I was thinking that getting those shoes they wear could be fun.  I’d like some that still have bells on them if possible.  It’s okay to bring  some that an elf outgrew.

I was thinking it would be good for you to bring me opossums or at least opossum bait.  I can catch them just fine.  I know they are nasty creatures, but I’m very fast, and I can catch them as long as they get here.  I will be very good and not bring any of them in the house.  I don’t need enough for the whole year, but, you know, about once a month it would be fun….EVEN BETTER, could you get me a membership in the opossum of the month club?  That would be perfect.

I do really like dog beds, and there’s a new one at Costco that I’d really like.  I do have to have somewhere to sleep when Rico gets cranky about my being on the bed with mom and dad.

I also really love bully sticks, so if you bring some for Mozzie, would you mind bringing some extra for me?  I always practice a good stand/stay for a bully stick.

I’ve been pretty good this year.  I know Mozzie told you about the opossums, but otherwise, I’ve been good.  Oh, well, there was the time I ate most of dad’s watch, but how was I supposed to know that is NOT how you become a watch dog?  After all, I’m just a kid.

Oh, and I might need a new collar.  Mine seemed to have a malfunction on one of my walks, and when I went to visit another dog friend, it somehow came off…well, it frayed…or something.  It was a really good collar I know because mom said she had never, ever seen a collar do that before.

I think that’s all for this year.   I had one more question though…do you have opossums at the North Pole?


Dear Santa

I kind of wanted to go see Santa this year, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  I wrote him a letter, but when I licked the stamp, I couldn’t find it anymore.  I tried again with another stamp.  And another.  Eventually I gave up, and I was really thirsty.  Nevertheless, I have been a very good boy this year, so I am hoping if I write my letter to Santa on my Dog Blog, maybe he’ll see it and bring me good stuff.  Here goes:

Dear Mr. Claus and Elf Associates,

As you make your list and check it twice, I wanted to be sure you didn’t overlook me.  I’ve been nearly perfect this year!  I practiced obedience a lot.  I was so awesome at the Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty in Loveland, Colorado this year that I won ribbons.  Even a BLUE one.  Yep, I sure did.  [Never mind about that OTHER time I didn’t do “front” and instead ran around mom, peed on the ring, and ran out to play with other dogs].

I wasn’t like my younger brother.  Nope, I NEVER pulled on the leash so hard that I broke my collar.  Not even once!  I walked in heel position pretty often when mom took me out.  I tried not to eat [too much] goose poop.  I never took any of my brothers’ toys away [while they were paying attention].

I even shared my toys [while I was asleep].  I didn’t jump on very many people, and that was very hard work.  I don’t even lick dad incessantly anymore [usually].

I also wanted to note that I never killed anything.  Nope.  That was Atlas who killed the opossums.  I was merely a bystander [and taste tester].

So what I’d like for Christmas could include, but not be limited to:

  • Bully sticks, Thick or Jumbo, but not regular or thin like you’d get for a toy poodle.
  • Peanut butter cookies, made in the USA and preferably grain-free.
  • A giant plush toy with lots of squeakers.
  • Empty plastic water bottles.  Hundreds if possible.  I promise to let mom recycle them after I play with them.  I really, really love the crunchy sound they make.
  • An enrollment in a basic agility class.  I think it might not be as boring as obedience, and I do love to run around.
  • A trip to Tahoe to the snow….to play in, eat, melt, and enjoy.
  • A vacation with mom where she takes me for long, long walks every day.

Does that seem like too much?  Mom says I am the BEST Berner Boy.  Feel free to check with her….maybe not today since I think I might have left my elk antler in the middle of the floor where she accidentally stepped on it in the middle of the night.

Thanks Mr. Claus and Elf Associates!

P.S.  We don’t have a chimney, Atlas might mistake your beard for an opossum, and Rico would bark like crazy if he heard you, so if you could drop things off when the vacuum cleaner is running and Rico is out back and can’t hear you, that would be perfect!


Barking Overtime

While Mozzie is bragging about going to work with mom, and Atlas is out hunting for opposums, I have to actually work.  Overtime.  You have no idea how many delivery trucks stop in my neighborhood this time of year.  It’s not just the usual chaos I’ve had to deal with since my parents joined Amazon Prime….I mean, really, just because shipping is FREE does not mean you have to order something every day.  No.  It’s complete pandemonium.  Trucks coming and going, delivery people dropping off packages, and our regular delivery of dog food from Nature’s Select.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that Nature’s Select brings my food, but this time of year, there’s just no rest for me.  SOMEONE has to be in charge of warning my family that there is a driver out there with something…or it could be someone trying to steal something off the front porch…or it could just be the neighbors five houses down coming home, but it is MY job to let everyone know that something is happening out there.  You can never be too alert.  Dad keeps telling me to knock it off, but HE can’t hear all the things I can hear.

Doesn’t anyone actually go out and shop and bring things home so that trucks don’t have to bring them things?  Monitoring all these trucks is a huge job, but someone has to do it.  I’ll be exhausted by Christmas.  I hope I get a new bed from Santa.  At least he doesn’t drive a truck.



Take Mozzie to Work Day

Mozzie and Midori Mozzie Cape




This morning mom surprised me.  First, she would not give me my favorite bully stick, but she gave one to At-hat and one to Rico.  I was upset and confused.  The next thing she did was take MY bully stick and put it in her bag for work.  Could it be???  Was she going to take my treat as a snack for HER??!?

She went toward the garage, and the next thing you know, she invited me to come WITH HER!!!!  Yes, Mozzie got to go to work with mommy today.  I wasn’t absolutely sure we weren’t going you know where (the VET), but once we were on 99, I knew it was going to be a good day.

When we got to work, mom made me put on that ridiculous Christmas cape.  Yes, the lights do light up.  Luckily, I resisted so much, she accidentally put it on inside out.  Heeeheee.  🙂  Anyway, I suffered that indignity, but so many people came to see me.  My friend Shänna came and gave me treats!  Yes, good ones!  Not those dangerous, made in China, you are trying to  kill me treats, but yummy ones that mommy said were safe.  I ate ALL of them.  I wanted to eat the bag, but mom said it would upset my tummy.  I was willing to take the risk, but she refused.  Oh well.

So many people came to visit, but guess what….my #1 fan, Midori, came to see me.  She loves me so much, she even got mom a gift with my image and name painted on it.  Okay, she also had Atlas’ name on there, but the “i” in Mozzie had a heart over it, so I know she loves me most.  I asked if I could get a picture with Midori without my ugly cape on, and mom said it would be okay.

Late in the day when mom was dealing with something (this means someone did something he should not have done), I snacked on my bully stick!  Yes, I still got mine!

I’m pretty tired from my busy day, but I sure hope there’s another Take Mozzie to Work Day soon.