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Weak From Hunger

Atlas:  Why do you think Dad tries to starve us?

Mozzie:  He doesn’t try to starve us.

Rico:  At least Mom remembers to give us bully sticks in the morning so that we can avoid starvation before breakfast.

Atlas:  Do you think Dad can’t tell time?

Mozzie:  He can tell time.  Sometimes he just doesn’t think it’s time to feed us.

Rico:  He’s a human.  They do make mistakes.

Atlas:  Don’t you think when I’m collapsing from lack of food (like in the photo above) that should be enough?

Mozzie:  Hmmm.  How can we tell when you are lacking food and when you are in need of petting?

Rico:  He only needs food twice a day.  He needs petting if he’s awake.

Atlas:  Do you think I could train Dad to pet me while I eat?

Tips to Getting Petted in the Middle of the Night



Sometimes I just need a little more petting than I can get during the hours my parents are awake.  Don’t get me wrong, I am always getting petted when I am awake.  I have mastered the art of fitting into very small spaces, like the one on the loveseat between Mom and Dad.  I do have to nap sometimes, too.

Sometimes though, about 2:00 or 3:00 a.m., I need to get some parental attention, but both of my parents are sound asleep, and just jumping on the bed or nosing them will not get attention I need.  So here’s what I do:

  • Hop on the bed, making sure to land on at least some both part of Mom’s.
  • Walk around a little, making sure to step on a different body part.
  • Continue to do this until Mom says, “Atlas, lie down.”
  • THAT Is the invitation I need.  So then I lie down next to mom so she can pet me.  Then I roll over on my back for belly rubs.  Inevitably, she will fall asleep again, so I have to move to the next phase.
  • Scoot up so that my head is on Mom’s pillow and just enough fur is in Mom’s face to tickle her nose.  This will get her to pet my head in an attempt to smooth down the fluff.
  • If she gets annoyed, I just tilt my head back against her neck and use the “I love you Mom” look that Mozzie taught me.  It works like a charm, just like he said.
  • If I decide I need to go check on something outside, when I come in, I just start the process from the beginning.

I think that as long as I’m cute and fluffy, I’ll be able to get away with this.