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Rico:  Did you hear that Mom is supposed to be doing something for work where she asks people who know her to provide input about her strengths?

Mozzie:  Yes.  She’s not super gung-ho about asking people to provide her feedback.

Atlas:  I could give her a list.

Rico:  I think we all could, but she didn’t ask us.

Mozzie:  Mom’s like that.  She gets uncomfortable when people say nice things, and asking them to say nice things is even harder for her. She’s not like me.  I mean, really, when I stand there, people are going to just tell me how handsome and amazing I am, so I’m used to it.

Atlas:  Same here.  I am super popular at Dutch Brothers, and I even have friends who make me pupuccinos with extra sprinkles and extra whipped cream and bones.  They say I’m the cutest, fluffiest dog ever.

Rico:  People tell me I’m brave and have come a long way since I was rescued from that puppy mill.

Mozzie:  Mom’s got some strengths, too.  She can read my mind.  When I look at her, she knows if I want a treat, some petting, or a walk.

Atlas:  And she tells me I’m cute.

Rico:  That’s about you, not Mom.

Mozzie:  She does know how to treat each of us differently, so that we all feel special.  I think that’s a strength.

Atlas:  She has strong hands, so I can feel her pet me even with all my fur.

Rico:  That’s about you, again.  Try this:  Mom knows how to help me feel safe even when it’s super scary like New Year’s Eve or July 4th.  She even got me some drugs to help me cope.  Looking out for our well-being is a strength.

Mozzie:  Yes!  And she cares more about our happiness than anything.  I don’t ever have to pull a cart if I don’t want to.  I know Mom would like that, but she knows it scares me, so she doesn’t make me do it.

Atlas:  I think I understand now.  Mom knows where to order the best treats!

Rico:  That’s more like it, At-hat.

Mozzie:  We all know she’s awesome.  I think it’s mostly at work where people keep it a secret.  Maybe that’s why they have to do this activity.  I’ll be sure she adds our items to her strengths list.

Santa, it’s me, Ricola!


Dear Santa,

I know my younger brothers were very greedy and asking for all kinds of things for Christmas.  I’m actually pretty happy with what I have.  You see, Santa, I’m a rescue.  Some Amish people were running a puppy mill, and that’s where I was born.  They thought of me and my whole family as livestock and money makers, so we didn’t get names, get petted, or get treated well.

Once I got adopted, my whole life changed.  Now I get petted every day.  I get to sleep on the bed with my parents.  I have good food to eat, and I even get good toys.  My favorite toy is a Nylabone shaped like a dinosaur.  I share these with my brothers, so my mom usually orders these by the case so I don’t run out ever.

I also get a bully stick every day, and mom always gives me mine first because I’m the oldest.  I do get called Rico Freako because I’m not exactly built like a standard Bernese Mountain Dog, but I don’t mind.  I know it’s a term of endearment.

I really do not like to go places outside of my house and backyard, so if Mozzie and Atlas get a trip to Tahoe, it should only be for them.  I’ll stay home with my dinosaur and rest on the bed.


P.S.  If you bring bully sticks, will you bring them in a number divisible by 3?  🙂