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Nose Work 1 Trial

After so much training for nose work, I knew I was ready for the big nose work 1 (NW1) trial yesterday.  Mom had some questions about my work with containers, but that was silly because I have my super sniffer.

Yesterday after Mom fed me, she made me get into the jail in her car so we could head up to Citrus Heights for the NW1 trial.  When we got to the trial site, it was a church and Catholic school.  Mom got a great parking spot with some chickens on the other side of the fence.  It was cool and foggy which is the perfect weather compromise (I prefer snow, and Mom prefers cool but sunny).

Mom got me out to stretch my legs, and she was watching me sniff.  I was thinking I had found the perfect place to post something, but Mom told me I wasn’t allowed to post or send pee-mail on a  cross.  She said that was disrespectful, so I didn’t post there.

After what seemed like forever, I got to go check out the exterior search.  It was super easy.  I crossed the line, sniffed the bench, and within 15 seconds, I had showed Mom where they hid the odor.  That was easy peasy!  Next we went to check the vehicles.  There were three of them, and Mom said the wind was swirling which meant the odor could be confusing and harder to source.  I checked the first car, and there was nothing.  I went to the second car, and I could definitely smell the odor, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint it, so I took Mom to the third car.  I went to the farthest side, and it wasn’t there, so I went to the side closest the the middle car, and sure enough, it was there, so Mom called it, and we were 2/2.  It took me a little over a minute to find it, but we had three minutes, so I was speedy enough.

We waited around for a L-O-N-G time before it was time for me to go sniff again.  My next search was in a classroom.  I love classrooms. They always smell like food.  I hate for Mom to get too confident, and I knew the classroom would be something I could do off-leash, so as soon as I started, I sauntered in, then ran across the room to the *opposite* side from the odor and then decided I should check out a basket with stuff in it.  I could tell Mom thought that maybe I was working on some odor, and I didn’t think she’d call it, but just in case, I decided I should move along to the actual odor.  I went back near where I started and showed Mom, and in under 90 seconds, we were 3/3.

Last were the containers that Mom hates.  There were three rows of them!  We went in, and I didn’t want Mom to be stressed, so I went up and a row, then skipped a row and went to the third row and showed Mom.  That took 24 seconds, and we had done it!  We were 4/4 which meant I got my NW1 title.  I did all four searches in a total of three minutes.  That’s pretty fast!

Mom was really excited, and I was, too, because I knew that meant I could keep using my super sniffer and getting to compete and now work to get ready for NW2.  She says it will take some time to be ready, but I did get to bring home a big ribbon, and I know my favorite nose work teacher, Barb, was proud of me.  She even posed for pictures with me!

Mom says if it weren’t for Barb, we’d never have been able to get our NW1 title because she’s the one who taught Mom what to do.  I guess that’s true.  I am pretty sure *I* could have gotten the title, but you are required to take a human with you, so Mom did have to learn what to do.  So thank you, Barb, for training my Mom!  I know she’s not as good at this as I am, but I think she’s getting the hang of it.



Finished in No Time!


At last weekend’s agility trial, I was super fast.  In fact, I was so fast that I finished in “No Time.”  That must be because I am so fast.  I know that in the FAST class all the obstacles were there, but I just did a jump and some weaves, and then Mom told me we could go have a party.  I liked that because I didn’t have to go near that teeter.

In the Standard run, the equipment was all there again, even that evil teeter.  Mom knows I don’t like that thing, so I got to go through a tunnel, then over a jump, and before I had to go near that teeter, Mom called me, and we celebrated.

In our last run, Jumpers with Weaves, I started out super fast.  I did a tunnel and some weaves and a bunch of jumps, but then I decided I was ready to go home, so Mom told me I was a great boy, she hugged me, and we got to go home.

Before we left, Mom was with her friend Jillian (my girlfriend Luna’s mom), and was checking their scores.  Apparently my score said “No Time,” so I’m not sure why I didn’t get a blue ribbon or anything.  Surely no time is faster than some time, right?

I think Mom said something about needing to do the WHOLE course to get a ribbon, but I’d rather just do the parts I like and leave the ribbon there.  I think Mom knows that there’s something spooky in the agility rings, but only at trials, so she told me we’d just keep doing a few things until I felt ready to do the whole course again.  For now, I’m going to keep running the courses in no time!



My First Qualifying Score in Jumpers with Weaves


I enjoyed my first agility trial.  As you know, on Friday, my friend Cheryl came to see me, and I had a great time sniffing the new rings.  They really do smell nice.  I also go to see my pals Ozzie and Scout and their dad Mike.  It’s good to have friends.  Scout is super fast, and I am not sure, but it looked like she was flying.

Back to my story….on Saturday, Dad came.  It was the same temperature as the day before, but Dad said it was miserable.  I thought it was great, but I guess having that double layer of fur helps me.  I did pretty well in my Jumpers with Weaves run.  I didn’t say hi to the judge or anything, and I did nine whole jumps before I saw a spot I needed to go sniff.  When I left the ring, my friend Sandy from agility class was there.  She left Axel at home, but she came to cheer just for me.  That was really nice of her, and it made Mom happy to see a friendly face.

LONG after what should have been my dinner hour, I ran in the Standard course.  I was doing pretty well until I saw that teeter.  I decided sniffing would be better than risking my life on that teeter, so I sniffed.  I heard Mom calling me, and I even looked over at her, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go back over there.  Mom still celebrated with me when I left the ring.  She said I was her favorite Berner in the whole world and that she was proud of me.  I wagged my tail a lot, and I was glad she wasn’t annoyed about my sniffing.

Sunday my girlfriend, Luna the Australian Shepherd, came with her mom, Jillian, to cheer for me.  When Mom and Jillian walked the course before it was my turn to try it, Mom was going through what she’d say to me, and in this one section, I’m pretty sure I heard her practicing saying, “Mozzie, please come back.  Mozzie.  Here.  Mozzie.”  The judge laughed and she told Mom that I was having fun and that the sniffing thing would work itself out as long as I had fun.  She told Mom I had a really nice run (in Standard) the day before.  I had already told Mom that, but I think hearing it from the judge helped.

Finally it was my turn to go in the ring, and since my girlfriend was there, I really couldn’t do anything but show off a little.  I was fantastic.  I did all my jumps and weaves and a tunnel in the right order, and Mom didn’t mess me up by using the wrong hands or the wrong footwork, or anything.  We were a great team, and I didn’t see the judge waving, so I was pretty sure we did a good job.

Mom and Jillian talked about how nicely I ran the course, and I stood there and looked handsome.  It isn’t like Rally or obedience because the scores aren’t posted right there at the ring.  After a few minutes, we walked over to the score books, and Mom checked the scores.  It turns out I took SECOND PLACE in Jumpers with Weaves (Novice Preferred).  Mom checked the book again, just to be sure.  She seemed surprised, and I wasn’t that impressed with the ribbons, so she gave me a giant Zuke’s apple bone as a reward.  That’s better than the cheese I got as a reward on Saturday or the beef jerky I got on Friday.

I rested up because I knew I’d need to be ready to run Standard again.  I got off to a great start.  I did a tunnel, the A-frame, a bar jump, a broad jump, another bar jump and THEN there was even a tunnel RIGHT THERE after I came over a jump, but when Mom called me to turn around 180 degrees, I did it!  I went over that creepy high walk, jumped through the hoop and waited on the pause table just like I was supposed to.  Next was the teeter, and I just could not bring myself to walk across it.  Mom coaxed me to get on, and I did, but I opted to fly off about half way through.  That really seemed like a good compromise to me, but the judge waved his hands, and Mom had told me that if he waved both of them at the same time, it meant I didn’t qualify.  I didn’t care nor did Mom, so I finished the course the way I was supposed to (going over a jump, through a tunnel, doing weaves, going through the chute, and then over a jump).  Mom was really excited and happy, and my friend Jillian even recorded it so Mom could watch it again.  Mom told me I was the best, and that’s all I care about when it comes to agility.

I had so much fun that Mom agreed to sign me up again for another trial in December.  I will get to do THREE things (Jumpers, Standard, and FAST), so that should be even more fun.  Even better, Luna is going to enter, so I will have a friend there the whole time!

Agility is so much more fun that obedience.  I am glad I’m going to do more of it even if Mom says I’ll have to work on walking across the teeter, not flying off of it.  That seems okay to me.  Bring it on!