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Meeting The Goat

Atlas:  Mozzie, I heard you met a goat at the wine event for Satyre.

Rico:  He didn’t say he met a goat.  He said he met The Goat.

Mozzie:  That’s right.  I met him first thing when we arrived.  He was the first one I met when I got out of the car.

Atlas:  Did he smell funny?  I heard goats smell funny.

Rico:  Where did you hear that?

Mozzie:  He didn’t smell funny.  He was wearing a cool hat.

Atlas:  Wait.  I didn’t know goats wore hats.

Rico:  Goats don’t wear hats.  The Goat wears a hat.

Mozzie:  And he was nice to me.  He even pet me.

Atlas:  What??  You let a goat pet you?  With his hooves?

Rico:  He doesn’t have hooves.

Mozzie:  Nope.  A hat, but no hooves.

Atlas:  What happened to his hooves?

Rico:  He never had hooves.

Mozzie:  The Goat doesn’t need hooves.

Atlas:  What does he walk on?

Rico:  His feet.

Mozzie:  He was wearing shoes.

Atlas:  But…what?  A goat was wearing a hat and shoes?  Are you sure you didn’t do more than just sniff that wine?

Rico:  It wasn’t A goat.  It was THE goat.

Mozzie:  As in the girl and the goat, like they talk about on the Satyre website.

Atlas:  You mean the goat is a person?  Like Nicole?

Rico:  Kind of like that.

Mozzie:  Yes.  His name is Ted.

Atlas:  OK.  I feel better that you didn’t let a goat pet you with his hooves.

Rico:  I’m glad we cleared that up for you.

Mozzie:  I still like Nicole more.  She was the one who invited me.

My First Wine Event

I was excited that my new friend, Nicole, is in the wine business and invited me to her event today for Satyre wines.  I really (!) hate riding in the car, but it was worth it when we got there.  I met lots of people.  Many of them, of course, told me how handsome I am.  Clearly, this was a smart and observant group of people!

I made the rounds, and I rested a bit while Mom and Dad did some tasting.  I know that part of wine tasting is swirling the wine in the glass and smelling it first.  *I* have a Super Sniffer as evidenced by my title in nose work (Level 1, Interiors).  I asked Mom if I could do some sniffing of the wine, and she agreed to let me sniff as long as I promised to keep my tongue out of her glass.  It was hard to do once I smelled the yummy wine, but it was FUN to sniff.

I had a really good nose for the vermentino, a white Italian varietal.  In fact, every time someone came by with a glass of it, I turned my head and sniffed.  It smelled a little bit like the ocean.  Mom didn’t let me taste it, but she said it had some notes of salinity.  I *told* you I had a good nose!

Before I left, I got to pose with the beautiful and talented Nicole.  In addition to being a sommelier, she is a dog mom, so she gets how important we furry people are.  Beyond that, she understands how amazing I am, so I was happy to pose with her.

All in all, it was a great day.  It was even worth being in the car.  Tomorrow I’ll have to share about meeting The Goat.





I’m Going!

After I posted about the fur discrimination going on, I got my very own invitation to go to wine country with Mom and Dad!  That Nicole from Satyre is super nice, and she invited me.

Mom asked me if I wanted to go.  She knows I’m not a big fan of getting in the car, but I always have fun when we get where we are going.  Besides, my only other option is to stay home with my brothers without anyone here to walk me, pet me, or tell me I’m handsome.  Really that isn’t a tough choice.

As a result, I’m going!  Mom says I have be on my best behavior, and we know that isn’t hard for me.  I can stand there and look handsome and help Mom taste buy wine.

Maybe this will be the first of many trips out there for me.  I think it will be really fun.



Wine Tasting

Mom is saying that she and dad are thinking about going to a wine event this weekend.  Apparently after all the awful fires in Sonoma County, the wineries are hoping people will come back to visit, and Mom wants to do her part to help.

Mom has been wanting to try wines from a place called Satyre, and they are having an event on Sunday, so even though it could be a day with ME, she’s going to go with Dad over there, deal with all that traffic, be tired at work on Monday, and more just so she can go.

It’s not the first time they’ve gone wine tasting, but what I don’t understand is why someone as handsome and well-behaved as I am has to stay home.  Obviously no one has to worry about me drinking and driving or anything.  I think I’d actually help at the wine tasting by attracting more people.  After all, I am a movie star!

I wish Mom would just order wine online and stay home with me or find a winery that didn’t discriminate against the fur-enhanced.