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“Trust Your Dog”

The thing that I always hear them say at Nosework (aka Scent Work) trials is, “Trust your dog.”  Of course people need to do that because canines are the ones who have the noses that can find the hidden odor in all sorts of odd places.

Luckily, this last weekend, Mom actually did trust me.  We didn’t get off to a great start because buried odor was our first event.  I am not quite sure about the point of that one, so I decided to gear up for the other three runs instead.

The good news is that exterior was next, and I was ready.  I went right to the odor and amazingly, Mom called it.  We came in second place for that event because it only took us seven seconds.  The judge even said something nice about our teamwork on that one.

After waiting for what seemed like a week, we had our third run which was an interior.  It was a little confusing because the doors were opening and closing, and it was a tight space (and I’m claustrophobic).  Still, I found the odor and showed Mom for sure, and she called it, and we were right.

Our last event of the day was containers.  They are supposed to be in two straight columns, but when we walked in, one of the boxes was not in the column correctly.  Apparently some dog before me had pushed it out of the right spot.  They reset the box, and Mom told me to go find it.  Luckily, she was trusting me.  I did sniff the box that had been askew, and it did have nose prints, and I knew Mom was thinking about calling it, but I could hear her thinking “trust your dog,” so when I went to the right box, she called it, and we were right.  Not only that, it only took us 22 seconds, so we got third place in that run.

It’s so much more fun to do this when Mom is paying attention and trusting me.


Windy Days

Yesterday Mom and I went to Lodi to do some nosework  which the AKC calls scent work.  Mom got all decked out in purple because it was the anniversary of the passing of our young friend Amelia whose favorite color, like Mom’s, was purple.  She even took the crochet afghan that she’s making in Amelia’s memory.  It was a day to remember her and to enjoy my time with Mom.

We were set to compete in four events:  interiors, containers, buried, and exteriors.  We were 43rd on the list, so we had a lot of sitting around to do, so I was glad Mom took my kennel because I don’t like staying in the car.

We did the interior first.  I showed Mom where it was, but she didn’t believe me, so she called “alert” in the wrong place.  She gave me cookies, and told me I did a good job, which I did.  No cookies for her.

Next, we went up the hill where it was VERY windy, and I had to check out the containers.  Again, I found the right container, but Mom didn’t believe me, so she called the wrong box.  You know, some days I just can’t get her to listen to me.  She’s great and all, but she really needs more practice.

I was a little discouraged with her performance since I was 2/2, and she was 0/2, and we had buried hides next.  I figured Mom needed time to regroup, so I just walked around in the area with the buried hides for two minutes until the timer said our time was over.  I made my point.  If you don’t listen, I am not going to show you where the hide is.

Last was exteriors.  The judge asked if Mom wanted a second to take a breath, but Mom declined, and we went ahead.  She did promise to listen this time.  We went through the search area, and I showed Mom where the odor was, and she said, “I hear you, and is it okay if we just check the rest of the area?”  I agreed, so we did that, and we came back, and I showed her the same spot I was before, so she called it, and, of course, we were right.

On the day, I was 3/3 that I attempted (3/4 of what we entered), and Mom was 1/4.  Luckily we went to class last night so Mom could get more practice doing her part.

We are competing again next weekend, so hopefully Mom will pay more attention.  She’s pretty smart, and I think she will catch on eventually.