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Torture in Motion?

Atlas:  Did you guys hear that Mom and Dad are thinking about buying a torture device for us?

Mozzie:  They would never torture us.

Rico:  Well, they did refuse to disable smoke detectors, and we know they beep sometimes, or worse, screech out “fire, fire, fire!”

Atlas:  That’s not really torture.

Rico:  Speak for yourself.

Mozzie:  Are you talking about that Roomba/Shark Ion thing?

Atlas: WHAT?!?  I hadn’t heard they were considering buying a shark.  That’s even worse than torture.

Rico:  It’s not that kind of shark.

Mozzie:  No, Roombas and Shark Ions are self-propelled vacuums.

Atlas:  So we aren’t getting a shark?

Mozzie:  We might.  But we might get a Roomba.

Rico:  I have to agree with Atlas on this one.  A vacuum cleaner that can run by itself would definitely be a torture device.

Atlas: See!  I told you!

Mozzie:  It would give them more time to pet you.

Atlas:  How fast can it get here?