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Smell the Roses

Mom’s always saying how she should make time to stop and smell the roses.  Apparently she’s been watching me sniff, and she’s seen how much fun it is.

Since we live in California, we have roses blooming nearly all year, including in January.  Yesterday when we were on our daily walk, I decided I’d add Mom’s idea to my usual sniffing routine.  There were some lovely red roses on our path, so I decided to go see what all the excitement was about.

Roses DO smell amazing and their petals are soft on my nose.  What Mom didn’t mention was that they also attack you!  She did warn me to take it easy and back off, but I was so busy sniffing, I tuned her out.  The next thing I knew, one of those nasty thorns jumped out at the bridge of my nose.  I’m usually tough, but yikes, that hurt, so I yelped.  Everyone looked around to see what was wrong.  Clearly they haven’t been attacked by thorns, or they’d understand what happened.

I warned Mom about those roses and told her to sniff at her own peril.  I’ll stick with smelling pee-mail and my friends’ posts.  They never attack me.


Barnhunt Clinic


Atlas:  What was that thing we did today?

Mozzie:  It was called a barnhunt clinic.

Atlas:  I didn’t see any doctors or nurses there.

Mozzie:  It wasn’t a medical clinic.  It was so we could learn how to do barnhunt.

Atlas:  I did great, right?  I mean, I found the barn.

Mozzie:  Well, I don’t know how to break it to you, but you were supposed to do more than find the barn.  You were supposed to find the rat, go through the tunnel made out of those bales, and climb up on the bales.

Atlas:  I didn’t see any rats at all.

Mozzie:  You were supposed to find them by scent, using your nose, not by using your eyes.

Atlas:  I did use my nose.  I sniffed a LOT of things.

Mozzie:  I heard you peed on one of the bales, too.

Atlas:  Is that bad?

Mozzie:  Yes, you are NEVER allowed to pee in the ring.

Atlas:  I was bored.

Mozzie:  But you didn’t find the rat in the tube.

Atlas:  If he’s in the tube, I don’t need to find him.  I can’t get to him to  eat him, and he’s not bothering anyone.

Mozzie:  But the GAME of barnhunt is about using your nose to sniff out the tube with the rat in it.

Atlas:  That’s dumb.  I’d rather do Pizzahunt.

Mozzie:  That’s why you will stay home tomorrow when I go back to practice it some more.

Atlas:  You will do anything for those silly ribbons.

Mozzie:  No.  I just like to hang out with Mom, and if sniffing out rats means I get to spend time with her, I will do it any day.

Atlas:  But she can’t even pet you in the ring.

Mozzie:  She can for a few seconds after I find the rat.

Atlas:  You mean if I found the rat, I would have gotten petted?!?

Mozzie:  Yep.  No petting for peeing on bales.

Atlas:  Do you think it’s too late for me to try again?

Mozzie:  See you when I get home, fuzz butt!

GRASS Valley


Today was an interesting adventure in my life.  Mom got up early, like for a work day, but then she got my treat cheese out of the fridge and put on the magic shoes, so I figured she wasn’t really going to work.

I followed her to the car and after we stopped at Dutch Brothers for coffee, we headed off to Grass Valley.  I was a concerned because the last time I was in Grass Valley, I had surgery, and I felt awful for several days.  I was not happy with Mom at this point because I figured she had just faked me out, but then we drove by that scary place and kept going.

We arrived at a fairgrounds, and I figured it out.  We were at a dog show in GRASS valley!  Mom said we were going to do Rally, and I like Rally, so I was really relieved.  Mom got us all set up in the building, and I practiced and got some cheese, so I was ready to go.  Mom walked over and looked for the right ring, and she didn’t see it, so she told me she’d be right back.

When she came back, she was shaking her head and muttering something about wasted entry fees.  Apparently the Rally ring was OUTSIDE.  No way!  I was really excited about that!  Outside means I get to SNIFF!  What could be better than being in GRASS Valley for sniffing?  Mom said she would not have entered at all if she knew it was going to be outside, but since we were already there and she had already paid, we’d at least give it a try.

So we went outside to practice, and it was actually sort of raining!  At least I think it was rain.  I haven’t seen it in so long, I wasn’t sure, but it SMELLED like rain.  I love smells.  I live for smells.

Mom wanted to do a little practice outside, at least I think that’s what she said.  I was already busy sniffing, so I couldn’t hear what she said.  I don’t remember much else really.

The next thing I knew it, we were in the outdoor ring.  I looked at Mom and told her I could not possibly do Rally Excellent when there was so much to sniff.  Nevertheless, we started.  The first station was what’s called an off-set figure 8 WITH DISTRACTIONS.  I decided I should sniff the grass and then saw that there were TOYS and FOOD on the ground, too.  I am pretty sure those were supposed to be the distractions, but after I looked at them, I decided to keep sniffing the grass.  I had a great time!

I vaguely recall Mom saying, “heel.”  Once I caught up with her, I realized I was supposed to sit, so I did.  Then Mom started moving again, so I decided to sniff again.  We did this through the whole course.  All 18 stations.  At the end, Mom was still really happy.  I could tell she was because she said, “I love you, Mozzie Bear!”  Then she said something else in a happy voice, but I was already sniffing.  I think she said, “That was really ugly, but I still adore you!”  People outside the ring laughed and seemed surprised Mom was still using her happy voice.  They don’t know Mom.  She loves me whether I sniff and NQ or don’t and get a 97.

Whatever she said, it turns out I didn’t have to go back in the ring to do Rally Advanced.  In fact, Mom said I could sleep late tomorrow and then just do a training session with Atlas and our friend Ozzie instead of going back there.  How great is that?!?