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Atlas:  What’s a tradition?

Mozzie:  It’s something you do the same basic way over and over.

Rico:  Usually  it’s based on time.

Atlas:  So is eating a tradition?  We do that twice a day at about the same time each day.

Mozzie:  No.  That’s a routine.

Rico:  Good thing.  If eating were only a tradition, we’d starve.

Atlas:  So what’s the difference?

Mozzie:  A tradition is more like something parents pass on to their kids.

Rico:  Routines are things you do regularly, like daily.

Atlas:  Are they supposed to be fun?

Mozzie:  Usually.

Atlas:  So going to the vet isn’t a tradition?

Rico:  No.  That’s routine.

Atlas:  Now I’m really confused.

Mozzie:  My extra long walk with Mom every year on Thanksgiving is a tradition.

Rico:  Exactly!

Atlas:  But you said they were supposed to be fun.

Mozzie:  It was!

Atlas:  But you walked nearly 30 miles.

Rico:  They did not!

Atlas:  In dog miles, it was!

Mozzie:  We count it in human miles.

Atlas:  Is that part of the tradition?

Rico:  Yes.  It’s also just normal.

Atlas:  But that’s still not fun.

Mozzie:  It is for me and Mom.

Atlas:  This is still confusing.

Rico:  How about this — you know how you always get roasted carrots on Thanksgiving?

Atlas:  Yes.

Mozzie:  That’s a tradition.

Atlas:  But that’s a fun one!

Mozzie:  Not all traditions involve food.

Atlas:  The good ones do.

Rico:  You are so predictable.


Thanksgiving 2014


Atlas:  Did you go to a dog show today?

Mozzie:  No, why?

Rico:  You were gone a LONG time.

Mozzie:  I got to go on a longer walk than yesterday.  I went over 4.5 miles.

Atlas:  Why?  Were you being punished?

Rico:  No, he LIKES doing that.

Atlas:  Yuck.  It’s Thanksgiving.  I would not be thankful for that.

Mozzie:  I am thankful for getting to on ANY walk with Mom.  She even let me stop at Starbucks for a glass of cold water on the way back.

Rico:  We have water at home.

Atlas:  But Mom doesn’t let him drink out of a cup at home.

Rico:  True.  I’m thankful I don’t have to go on walks.  I’m even more thankful that I don’t have to live at a scary puppy mill.  It was awful there.  You have no idea how great it is to live here.

Mozzie:  That’s true.  I’m thankful for Mom.  And treats that Mom gets.  And walks.  With Mom.  And being handsome.  And people who notice how handsome I am.  And the fact that Mom loves me whether I leave the ring or get a great score or anything.  I’m very lucky.

Atlas:  I’m thankful for living here, too, though I had a great puppyhood.  I’m thankful to have two people who can pet me.  And great dog treats.  And toys.  Especially squeaky toys.  Oh, and possums.  I sort of am thankful to have you guys, too.

Rico:  Thanks, At-Yak.  You’re alright, even if you do deserve my crankiness sometimes.

Mozzie:  I agree with Rico.  You are okay as younger brothers go.  Even if you are a petting hog and toy stealer and possum killer.

Rico and Mozzie and Atlas:  Happy Thanksgiving!