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Rico:  Did you hear that Mom is supposed to be doing something for work where she asks people who know her to provide input about her strengths?

Mozzie:  Yes.  She’s not super gung-ho about asking people to provide her feedback.

Atlas:  I could give her a list.

Rico:  I think we all could, but she didn’t ask us.

Mozzie:  Mom’s like that.  She gets uncomfortable when people say nice things, and asking them to say nice things is even harder for her. She’s not like me.  I mean, really, when I stand there, people are going to just tell me how handsome and amazing I am, so I’m used to it.

Atlas:  Same here.  I am super popular at Dutch Brothers, and I even have friends who make me pupuccinos with extra sprinkles and extra whipped cream and bones.  They say I’m the cutest, fluffiest dog ever.

Rico:  People tell me I’m brave and have come a long way since I was rescued from that puppy mill.

Mozzie:  Mom’s got some strengths, too.  She can read my mind.  When I look at her, she knows if I want a treat, some petting, or a walk.

Atlas:  And she tells me I’m cute.

Rico:  That’s about you, not Mom.

Mozzie:  She does know how to treat each of us differently, so that we all feel special.  I think that’s a strength.

Atlas:  She has strong hands, so I can feel her pet me even with all my fur.

Rico:  That’s about you, again.  Try this:  Mom knows how to help me feel safe even when it’s super scary like New Year’s Eve or July 4th.  She even got me some drugs to help me cope.  Looking out for our well-being is a strength.

Mozzie:  Yes!  And she cares more about our happiness than anything.  I don’t ever have to pull a cart if I don’t want to.  I know Mom would like that, but she knows it scares me, so she doesn’t make me do it.

Atlas:  I think I understand now.  Mom knows where to order the best treats!

Rico:  That’s more like it, At-hat.

Mozzie:  We all know she’s awesome.  I think it’s mostly at work where people keep it a secret.  Maybe that’s why they have to do this activity.  I’ll be sure she adds our items to her strengths list.

Smell the Roses

Mom’s always saying how she should make time to stop and smell the roses.  Apparently she’s been watching me sniff, and she’s seen how much fun it is.

Since we live in California, we have roses blooming nearly all year, including in January.  Yesterday when we were on our daily walk, I decided I’d add Mom’s idea to my usual sniffing routine.  There were some lovely red roses on our path, so I decided to go see what all the excitement was about.

Roses DO smell amazing and their petals are soft on my nose.  What Mom didn’t mention was that they also attack you!  She did warn me to take it easy and back off, but I was so busy sniffing, I tuned her out.  The next thing I knew, one of those nasty thorns jumped out at the bridge of my nose.  I’m usually tough, but yikes, that hurt, so I yelped.  Everyone looked around to see what was wrong.  Clearly they haven’t been attacked by thorns, or they’d understand what happened.

I warned Mom about those roses and told her to sniff at her own peril.  I’ll stick with smelling pee-mail and my friends’ posts.  They never attack me.



Atlas:  What’s a tradition?

Mozzie:  It’s something you do the same basic way over and over.

Rico:  Usually  it’s based on time.

Atlas:  So is eating a tradition?  We do that twice a day at about the same time each day.

Mozzie:  No.  That’s a routine.

Rico:  Good thing.  If eating were only a tradition, we’d starve.

Atlas:  So what’s the difference?

Mozzie:  A tradition is more like something parents pass on to their kids.

Rico:  Routines are things you do regularly, like daily.

Atlas:  Are they supposed to be fun?

Mozzie:  Usually.

Atlas:  So going to the vet isn’t a tradition?

Rico:  No.  That’s routine.

Atlas:  Now I’m really confused.

Mozzie:  My extra long walk with Mom every year on Thanksgiving is a tradition.

Rico:  Exactly!

Atlas:  But you said they were supposed to be fun.

Mozzie:  It was!

Atlas:  But you walked nearly 30 miles.

Rico:  They did not!

Atlas:  In dog miles, it was!

Mozzie:  We count it in human miles.

Atlas:  Is that part of the tradition?

Rico:  Yes.  It’s also just normal.

Atlas:  But that’s still not fun.

Mozzie:  It is for me and Mom.

Atlas:  This is still confusing.

Rico:  How about this — you know how you always get roasted carrots on Thanksgiving?

Atlas:  Yes.

Mozzie:  That’s a tradition.

Atlas:  But that’s a fun one!

Mozzie:  Not all traditions involve food.

Atlas:  The good ones do.

Rico:  You are so predictable.


Vacation Day Walk to Dutch Brothers

I love it when Mom has vacation days!  I get more time with her, and we always do fun things together.  Plus, because she’s on vacation, Mom is more relaxed than she is on work days.

Today when Mom got her magic shoes on, I was expecting a walk around one of my usual spots, but we went somewhere new.  It was a longer walk than a lot of days, and when we got there, I realized we were at the new Dutch Brothers’ location.  It’s a lot bigger than the first one in Elk Grove.  Most of the time when Mom goes, she’s on her way to work, or Atlas is with her and Dad, so he gets all the attention.  I don’t really like to ride in the car as much as I like to walk, so I usually stay home.

Today I got to go to the walk-up window, and get my very own puppiccino and got to share some of Mom’s ice water.  Some of my old friends from the other stand were working, and they were happy to see me again.  They gave me a puppiccino with extra whipped cream and more bones than usual, and I enjoyed every single bit of it.  Yum!

I was a little thirsty, so Mom even shared her ice water before we walked home again.  Of course when I got home, Atlas was jealous of my puppiccino breath, so Mom and Dad loaded him up and went back to get coffee for themselves and a puppiccino for Atlas and Rico to share.

Mom says that if she wins the lottery, we could do this every day.  I think I’ll look up locations that sell tickets and suggest we walk there next time.



Posting Again

I know I’ve really neglected my blog this year.  I’ve been busy, and Mom’s life has been, well, super stressful.  I am hoping she’ll let me get back to my blogging because I know my fans have missed me.

Recently, a new extension on my walking trail has opened.  I’m really excited because there are so many new places to leave pee-mail and posts!  Mom told me I didn’t need to check all of them, but I disagree.  It’s new, and I need to be sure everyone knows I live nearby the trail. I think that means I’ll need to drink more to be ready for all those posts.

One of the interesting things about the new trail is that it leads to a whole new area that includes Panera, Pet Club, and Mom’s 12-Step meeting…ok, not really, it’s a JoAnn’s, but it could be a 12-Step meeting place if she keeps buying yarn.

Anyway, there’s much to share, and if Mom lets me, I’ll keep sharing.  In the meantime, I am sending good thoughts out to another Berner, Zoey, who is battling cancer and to a human friend, John, who is also dealing with cancer.



I Need a Bath!


Last weekend, I competed in an agility trial.  It was windy and rainy and muddy.  I’ll have to share more about that another day.  When the weekend was over, Mom said I really needed to get groomed because I didn’t look as handsome as usual.  Today while Mom and I were walking out in the wind, I realized she might be right.

I had already checked my pee-mail, made a few posts, and sniffed lots of goose poop, water, and grass when a family approached us.  The little girl was on a bike, and thankfully her parents told her to steer away from me.  Mom was ready to veer off into the mud if necessary, but I’m glad we didn’t have to do that.  When the girls parents who were jogging along behind her caught up with us, they both commented on how handsome I am.  Of course, I am very used to this kind of compliment, so Mom said thank you (as usual).  The dad asked what kind of dog I am, and Mom told him (as always), a Bernese Mountain Dog from BERN (she really emphasizes the N), Switzerland.  Both of the parents again said I was very good looking, and I thought maybe I didn’t need to be groomed as much as Mom said.

Just as I was about to say something to Mom, the parents had this little exchange:

Woman:  “That’s the kind of dog Joe and Susan have!”

Man:  “No, it’s not.”

Woman:  “They look the same.”

Man:  “They have a Neapolitan Mastiff.”

Oh NO WAY!  Even on my worst day, I do not look like a Neapolitan Mastiff.  I am so handsome.  It was hard to hear.  I have never wanted to be groomed before, but I can’t have people thinking I look like a whole different, less handsome breed.  That is just wrong.

Cancer Research for Dogs


Atlas:  Rico, is it true that you are the oldest Berner Mom and Dad ever had?

Rico:  Yes.

Atlas:  But you are only six.

Rico:  Well, yes, but going on 6.5.

Atlas:  That’s not very old.  What happened to the Berners before you?

Mozzie:  Well, I’ve heard about Bogey, and he was only five when he got cancer.

Atlas:  Dogs get cancer?

Mozzie:  Yes, and many Berners die of it, especially this one kind called histio.

Rico:  But Mom’s favorite, Russ, was a Golden, and he also died of cancer, something called hemangiosarcoma.  He also had something called a mast cell tumor, another form of cancer.

Atlas:  Why does this happen?

Rico:  It’s a genetic problem, and it’s especially a problem if breeders aren’t careful.

Mozzie:  Elaine, my breeder, was very careful.  I’ll be around a long time.  You, too, At-yak.  Amy is careful to be sure her dogs are healthy.

Atlas:  Can they find a cure for this mean hissing cancer and the he-man Joe cancer?

Rico:  Do you mean histio and hemangio?

Atlas:  Yes, those kinds.

Mozzie:  Well, there is research going on to work on that, but it’s expensive.

Atlas:  I’d donate my bully bites if it would help.

Rico:  That wouldn’t help too much, but Mozzie and Mom are going on a walk to help raise money for research on dog cancers.

Atlas:  Are they going to walk to a  bank?

Mozzie:  No, we are going to walk in the Morris Animal Foundation walk next month.

Rico:  How does that help?

Mozzie:  Hopefully friends of Mom’s will help by donating to the cause at our website:  http://support.morrisanimalfoundation.org/site/TR/Events/General?px=1099104&pg=personal&fr_id=1440.

Atlas:  Do people need to be rich to donate?

Mozzie:  No.  Any amount will help.  People just need to donate now rather than getting around to it later.

Atlas:  How do we make sure they do that?

Rico:  Maybe if they think about the dogs they’ve lost, it will inspire them to want to donate to help the cause.

Atlas:  That sounds sad.

Mozzie:  It won’t be as sad if they find a cure.  That’s why we need donors.

Atlas:  Oh, okay.  I hope Mom’s friends get with it and donate.  Now.

Mozzie:  Me, too.


Good Day, Just a Bit Blue


Today was a good day.  As soon as Mom got up, we got to go for a walk.  It was still comfortable outside, so it was a fun and we got to go for a decent time.  I did see the evil man who made it so that I have to wear my leash all the time.  As soon as he passed us, I went and peed where he had been.  That will show him!

Anyway, Mom and Dad left for awhile and then came back with CHEESE.  LOTS of cheese.  I’ll write about that more tomorrow.  A little bit later, I got to go with them when they  left again.  I wasn’t sure where we were going, but it looked like we were going where I go to class.  We turned a few blocks early, and we arrived at some artsy place, but I was allowed to go inside!  There were other dogs there, and art depicting dogs was displayed.  Even better, there was a BERNER sculpture.  Mom said it was an accident waiting to happen.  I’m not sure what that means, but she didn’t buy it.

She did take me over to get my paw print tile made.  That all sounded like a good idea until these strange people made me put my paw in blue paint.  I am not fond of having anyone mess around with my feet, but I did it because Mom thought it would be fun to have the tile.  The first effort didn’t turn out too well.  It mostly looked like a blue blob, so they did it AGAIN.  Apparently this one looked okay, so thankfully I didn’t have to do that again.  I sniffed a few dogs and was just starting to enjoy myself when Mom insisted on wiping off my paw.  That was not much fun, but I let her get most of it.

Apparently the tile won’t be ready for awhile, so I’ll get to go back with Mom to pick it up.  I didn’t mention that Mom missed some of the paint on my leg.  I hope she doesn’t notice it, but I heard her talking about another bath, maybe as soon as tomorrow, and I’m guessing she’ll see it and scrub it off.  For now, it’s kind of like having a blue tattoo on my leg.  I can look at it and think about how nice it was to go on an extra adventure.  It’s good to be me.


Birthday Celebration!


Today was FINALLY my birthday.  I was excited when Mom got up so I could get my presents and treats.  I got to start the day with my Happy Birthday cookie.  It was about the size of a postcard, and it was yummy!  Next I got my presents:    a ball that looks like a globe and a Tuffy tug toy with three areas for tugging.  I think Atlas and I will have fun with that!

Next, I got go on a walk with Mom, Atlas, and Dad.  We had fun, even if we are still on-leash because of that evil $150 ticket guy.  As usual, people talked about how handsome I am (okay, and how cute Atlas is).  I came home and had a tripe treat (not a stripe).  It was great!

I rested up this afternoon while Mom did errands.  After dinner, it was time for my birthday cake.  It was about the size of the inside of the dinner plate, and it was very yummy.  I did leave some crumbs for my brothers because I’m a very nice brother.

This was a great day!  Happy birthday to me!