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My First Wine Event

I was excited that my new friend, Nicole, is in the wine business and invited me to her event today for Satyre wines.  I really (!) hate riding in the car, but it was worth it when we got there.  I met lots of people.  Many of them, of course, told me how handsome I am.  Clearly, this was a smart and observant group of people!

I made the rounds, and I rested a bit while Mom and Dad did some tasting.  I know that part of wine tasting is swirling the wine in the glass and smelling it first.  *I* have a Super Sniffer as evidenced by my title in nose work (Level 1, Interiors).  I asked Mom if I could do some sniffing of the wine, and she agreed to let me sniff as long as I promised to keep my tongue out of her glass.  It was hard to do once I smelled the yummy wine, but it was FUN to sniff.

I had a really good nose for the vermentino, a white Italian varietal.  In fact, every time someone came by with a glass of it, I turned my head and sniffed.  It smelled a little bit like the ocean.  Mom didn’t let me taste it, but she said it had some notes of salinity.  I *told* you I had a good nose!

Before I left, I got to pose with the beautiful and talented Nicole.  In addition to being a sommelier, she is a dog mom, so she gets how important we furry people are.  Beyond that, she understands how amazing I am, so I was happy to pose with her.

All in all, it was a great day.  It was even worth being in the car.  Tomorrow I’ll have to share about meeting The Goat.





I’m Going!

After I posted about the fur discrimination going on, I got my very own invitation to go to wine country with Mom and Dad!  That Nicole from Satyre is super nice, and she invited me.

Mom asked me if I wanted to go.  She knows I’m not a big fan of getting in the car, but I always have fun when we get where we are going.  Besides, my only other option is to stay home with my brothers without anyone here to walk me, pet me, or tell me I’m handsome.  Really that isn’t a tough choice.

As a result, I’m going!  Mom says I have be on my best behavior, and we know that isn’t hard for me.  I can stand there and look handsome and help Mom taste buy wine.

Maybe this will be the first of many trips out there for me.  I think it will be really fun.



Wine Tasting

Mom is saying that she and dad are thinking about going to a wine event this weekend.  Apparently after all the awful fires in Sonoma County, the wineries are hoping people will come back to visit, and Mom wants to do her part to help.

Mom has been wanting to try wines from a place called Satyre, and they are having an event on Sunday, so even though it could be a day with ME, she’s going to go with Dad over there, deal with all that traffic, be tired at work on Monday, and more just so she can go.

It’s not the first time they’ve gone wine tasting, but what I don’t understand is why someone as handsome and well-behaved as I am has to stay home.  Obviously no one has to worry about me drinking and driving or anything.  I think I’d actually help at the wine tasting by attracting more people.  After all, I am a movie star!

I wish Mom would just order wine online and stay home with me or find a winery that didn’t discriminate against the fur-enhanced.


Barrels Aren’t Just for Wine


Everyone knows I love agility and that Mom loves wine (and me, but not in that order).  The last couple of weeks at agility, there’s been a new obstacle.  It’s a barrel!  I think maybe they don’t use wine barrels because it would be too distracting to Mom.  They use some kind of plastic barrel.

The barrel isn’t for peeing on or anything.  I figured since it was on the course, it would be a no-no to send pee-mail there.  Mom told me to run around the barrel and come back to her.  I’m not sure what the purpose of that is.  It’s not like a tunnel or a jump which is just fun.  At first I wasn’t sure what the point was, but then I figured out I could run around it, and that is fun after all.

I also had to learn a new thing called “around.”  On one of the courses, I came zooming out of a tunnel and Mom stood in the way of the jump and told me “around.”  I went to the opposite side and then came back over the jump to where Mom was.  That was also kind of fun.

I like agility.  It’s nice to get to learn a few new things.  I’m doing pretty well on that evil teeter.  I can do those weave poles, too, but I sometimes lose count when there are 12 instead of 6.  Mom is thinking about buying some so I can practice at home.  I’d rather have my own tunnel, but Mom says I’m already really good at that part, so I guess I won’t be getting a tunnel.  I’ll settle for weave poles because at least it’s something I get to do with Mom.  Maybe one day she’ll try to weave, and she’ll see how hard it is.  That would be extra fun.




I got to go with Mom to work today.  I was pretty excited to get to go, and I was on my best behavior even though she was pretty boring today.

Mom did give me a bully stick to keep me occupied at work, but that didn’t really last long.  Luckily, a few people stopped by to pet me and tell me I’m handsome.  Clearly some people Mom works with are very observant.

Mom turned on her Pandora, kind of like when we go on a walk, but she didn’t have on her magic shoes, so I knew it wasn’t walk time.

Eventually one of Mom’s colleagues called and asked if I could come to her building to visit.  I was really excited, and I love it when people stop to tell me I’m so handsome/cute/fluffy.  It happens all the time, but it never gets old.

Anyway, we went to visit, but we couldn’t stay long because apparently the Grinch works at the same place Mom does.  Not the Grinch after his heart grows, but the “stink, stank, stunk” one.  I guess a few minutes of meeting and getting petted  is better than being stuck at home.

Mom’s day was better.  She got lots of work done and, of course, she got to pet me.  Then one of the people she works with brought her a bottle of wine.  I’m not sure why that’s exciting when she has so many bottles at home, so I asked her.  She asked me if I found bully sticks boring because I have so many at home.  Of course NOT.  Anyway, I guess this was like getting one of those monster sized extra long bully sticks because Mom said she was going to save the bottle for a special occasion.  I thought taking me to work was a special occasion, but apparently not THAT kind of special.

I get to go back to work tomorrow, but Mom promised we won’t have to stay as long.  Then we can come home, and maybe I can get a walk.  Or a bully stick.  Or BOTH!