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I Love Fall!

Fall is great here in California.  The best part is the cooler weather.  When it’s warm outside, I get too hot if I try to sleep on the bed with Mom.  Once it is cool, I can hop up on the bed with Mom and sleep there. . . at least until Dad comes to bed and tells me to move.

Just to be clear, I let Mom pet me for a few minutes, but then I scoot just out of range of her hand.  If I don’t, she will keep petting me, and I need my sleep to maintain my handsomeness.  Sometimes she is too persistent.  I’ll scoot out of range, and she’ll scoot closer and start petting me again.  I hate to hurt her feelings, so I’ll sigh really loudly and move AGAIN.  She understands what that means, and she usually says something like “Sleep well, Handsome.”

When it cools off even more and we get into winter, I do all of this, and I get off the bed when Dad tells me to, but then I can sneak back up and sleep at the foot of the bed where no one can pet me while I sleep in the comfort of my Sleep Number bed.

It’s perfect that the cooler weather coincides with the shorter days.  That’s ideal for sleeping!  I really like sleep.  Mom says she does, too, but because of her job, she doesn’t get to enjoy it as much as I do.  I’ll try to enjoy it enough for both of us.


Strange Windshield Covers


As some of you know, I moved to California from the midwest almost two years ago.  Winter in the midwest was normal —  we got snow and ice and really cold (nice!) weather.  Here in California, it rarely even dips below freezing, but it’s been unusually cold here this week.  Of course I think this is fantastic, and mom isn’t bothered by temperatures in this range, so we still go walking.  This morning, I noticed something really strange.  Lots of cars here have cardboard or towels on their windshields.  It sure seems like that would make it hard to see out, even with a rear view mirror and side mirrors.

Anyway, I asked mom what was going on with all of this strange stuff, and she explained that people in California do this because they don’t know how to use ice scrapers…or something like that.  Supposedly people here do this to keep frost (not ice, just frost) off of their windshields.  This seems really strange to me.  Really strange.  Not just odd like people wearing down coats when it’s 55 degrees outside.  Not peculiar like people wearing mittens when it’s 60 degrees outside.  Not even just notable like palm trees with Christmas lights.  Plain old strange.

Maybe I should take some time to create a training video about how to use an ice (or frost) scraper to help the residents in my new home state.  I’ll do that right after I go outside and nap in the lovely cool weather.  I wonder if I should wear a towel to keep the frost off of my fur.  🙂




Winter Arrives!

We are finally getting good weather here.  I don’t understand why so many humans here are wearing heavy coats when it’s finally nice enough to be outside.  And here’s another thing I don’t understand.  Mom got something called a “frost blanket” and dad cut it to some smaller size.  After that, dad put the blanket over two of our trees.  I’ve never lived somewhere that even the trees are wimps about cooler temperatures.  What is that??  The trees in question grow little balls on them.  Some are yellow and some are green.  They taste awful.  I think mom called them citrus.  Humans are just too strange.

We have another tree that grows balls on it, but they taste good.  Dad did not put a blanket on it.  Obviously I like non-wimp food.  That tree is cool because it has four kinds of balls on it.  Mom said they were stone fruits, but she’s crazy because I’ve never seen a rock even near that tree.  Two of them look the same, but one is fuzzy on the outside.  It makes my tongue feel funny.  The other two are smaller, and one of them is kind of fuzzy, too.  The last one is kind of purple.  I didn’t taste it, but it’s probably good because it comes from that non-wimp tree.

Well, I need to get back outside to the nice weather.